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  1. In all honesty, I think if Lego were to produce a medieval fantasy real-time strategy game and have sets based on it, a medieval castle theme could become very marketable.
  2. I believe the Laketown Attack set from The Hobbit was the first set to include a black spring loaded missile.
  3. I don't know if this is the proper forum to make such a suggestion, but a castle theme with people riding dinosaurs would be cool.
  4. I thought Lego's Big Bang theme only lasted one set: Joking aside, as much as I would love to see a return to a medieval fantasy castle theme, I do like Nexo Knights and I hope it does get a proper send-off.
  5. What set of torso and legs are your using on the grey guy?
  6. He said in his first post that this is just module and not the whole castle. It looks really good so far, especially the doors. Keep up the good work!
  7. I'll definitely be buying the green dragon and the Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. Those sets just look fantastic. The statue dogs from the Ultimate weapon would go well with the Ghost Busters Sets too. :)
  8. I don't think castle and Nexo Knights would exist simultaneously as Lego considers Nexo a castle theme. EDIT: Just so I don't double post, I think it would be cool if Lego expanded the current palette of medieval weaponry. I'd love to see more variations on swords, axes and maces. I would love to see what an official Lego flanged mace looked like.
  9. Try naming your creations "Universal Sucks" and "I'll name my MOCs whatever I want" and "Funk Universal." EDIT: Movie Studios and Record Labels are known for being extremely petty copyright nazis. Angry Joe's review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still flagged for a copyright violation on Youtube and he just talks about the movie. No footage or anything from the movie was used.
  10. That's pretty cool! I would love to see you attempt the Helepolis.
  11. I personally like Nexo Knights, and I know a lot of other people on here like Nexo too. As much as I like that theme and would like to see it continue, it just doesn't scratch that classic medieval castle theme itch. I do think a medieval castle theme could survive in today's market. Just look at the popularity of medieval themed video games like Elder Scrolls and the WarCraft series. Not to mention that things like Magic: The Gathering and War Hammer are still quite popular, maybe more popular than ever. There is a market for a medieval castle theme, and Lego just has to figure out the how best to capitalize on it. BTW, with the 40th anniversary of classic castle and space coming up soon, maybe Lego could do a medieval knights vs space aliens theme? Just an idea. :)
  12. Great work on all your structures! Keep up the good work!
  13. Got the Y-Wing Fighter the other day from Wal-Mart for just $48.
  14. But anyway, I'm looking forward to the new movie. The new dragon set especially.
  15. I'm confused. So is Lloyd half gorilla?