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  1. Do you know or anyone else know if it's anywhere in Sweden yet?
  2. That's not entirely the case, the Saturn V had a launch escape system incase the rocket beneath the command module during the initial staging began to fail. The tower above the command module housed a rocket and would launch off with the command module, this encapsulated the CM in a white cone housing. The LES was jettisoned once the Saturn V began to near orbit and thus the aluminium casing of the CM would be exposed.
  3. Some of you may have seen my Peterbilt 389 I posted a few days ago, it inspired me to do something a bit bigger. I'm from the province of British Columbia Canada, (currently living in Sweden), and one of the most important industries is the forest industry and it's by-products. Paper is made from wood chips left over from sawmills, something we have a lot of in BC, so naturally there are a lot of paper mills in BC as well. These paper mills have wood chip dumpers which unload the wood chip trucks. I based my model build off the following. You can see a video of a woodchip dumper in operation here... I've remodeled my Peterbilt 389 slightly to give it a bit more rounded nose, I feel a bit lazy using the same model, but I really wanted to show you guys my progress. The trailers are a typical AB double commonly found in Western Canada, these woodchip trucks are streamlined so the doors to the front trailer open into the rear trailer and dump out of the back. I'm not sure how to accurately represent this as I can't actually find any good pictures or video of how this works so I just made a simplified representation. One thing I need some tips with is how to accurately represent the hydraulic lift, the big yellow cylinder in the middle that lifts the truck. I'm not sure this is possible at this scale in Lego, if it's possible at all. Also one thing that's not finished is how the truck is secured to the platform, it's hard to tell from photos and videos how this is achieved, I've done a simplified version of this under the truck.
  4. Can I ask you, or possibly someone else on this thread, how much it costs to acquire the necessary parts for the build?
  5. You're arguing that PC is not worth it because it can't outsell the sum of all consoles while the guy above makes a good point... if they made a PC version, I'm willing to bet it would outsell the Wii U, hell, even the PS3 and Xbox360 most likely. Now that 360 games can be played on the Xbox 1, the 360 is officially a relic, Lego is going to regret it.
  6. Why Lego chooses to be stubborn is beyond me, hell even Rockstar put GTA V on PC
  7. Is one of the versions going to be portable to the PC? This is going to flop if they don't make a PC version. If they did I'd buy it all, but I've never bought a console and never will, especially not for just one game.
  8. Looks like no city sets for me... they look so underwhelming and pretty much have no unique qualities. Reminds me of how lego town went in the late 90s after a golden era in the late 80s early 90s, the look of everything is just cartoonish and cheap.
  9. I second the motion on more OT and less everything else.
  10. Moe's, Kwik-E-Mart are the two that come to mind for me, full buildings with 4 walls! What I don't want to see are a bunch of "scene" sets that have polluted the Star Wars line for the past 5-10 years.
  11. Sounds like you need a new wife, I'm lucky, mine enables my addiction, she thinks I don't buy enough! hehe. Though, I haven't liked a lot of what Lego has done the past couple years with town so I haven't spent as much money as I used to.
  12. Scary how much that minifig looks like Beatrice Arthur.
  13. 649 regular price? Any Swedes in here remember the original price point on that one? I don't think I paid more than 400 for it.