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  1. You did it again: smallest crawling cars by PEGO
  2. Girl in black latex pants is
  3. So SXY bike!
  4. Thank you for EPIC creation, Madoca!
  5. Love that bike
  6. thank you dont't know exactly which set. Just bought it at BL.
  7. Thank you nothing, just motors, tracks and Buwizz
  8. no, only weared Buwizz body. It was placed between fast outputs of Buggy motors so two round shaped scratches
  9. Hello My ripsaw, inspired by Fast Furious 8 (but not a copy). Since Buwizz can handle 2x Buggy motors, I decided to build light and powerful tracked vehicle for snow. Vehicle for fun! Movie was filmed 3 month ago. We have summer now. TURN ON ENGLISH SUBTITLES I am not the first here with such powerful tracked vehicle. I can confrim that it is useless toy and hard to control. Thing for fun:) more photos http://bricksafe.com/pages/rm8/ripsaw Thank you for watching!
  10. Thanks Not really a problem since this are new channels with near zero subscribers and views. But it is a big problem to fill all forms when you want to claim that those videos are stolen from you. Really waste of time.
  11. You've got a lot of fun there,guys, and girls)
  12. AVTOROS Shaman 8x8 was introduced in last episode (7?) of TopGear show 2017. Here is the link to Russian verison, but I am sure you can find english also by yourself in your language start from 20:15 https://vk.com/rm8technic?z=video177639081_456239142%2F96b2ebbd890e6b5f51 And here is picture for those, who already watched it... TEASER
  13. yesss! Video is filmed. Absolutely crazy thing) Need some time to edit and share it.
  14. Thank you, that was interesting experience. I also did some researches.... And came to this...
  15. Have about 10 or more of them. Some of them installed in small cars, that I can always take off the shelf and have fun.