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  1. Hi, i was looking for the set in the lego online shop in Italy but it can't be found. Is it being retired?
  2. Hi, thank you all for your appreciation. These are some more images. I took a booth from winter village market and modified it to make less tall and to add the "entrance"
  3. Hi, I'm glad you are liking it. The only technic pieces are a LegoTechnic, Axle 10 , i guess i should add something to manuallry rotate it and add some friction and the LegoTechnic, Plate Rotor 6 Blade with Clip Ends Connected (Water Wheel) at the back connected to the LegoSupport 1 x 6 x 10 Girder Triangular
  4. Hi, I would like to show you my wip moc of a ferris wheel for my winter village. I got inspiration from this one, expecially for the gondolas, but i spiced it up a little bit (6 instead of 4, top cover, etc...). Of course i still have to develop everything around it, this is just the wheel for now (and still need to add some more decorations). As I'm new to this forum and I'm back on track after a long dark age I would like to know your impressions and suggestions to get it better before ordering the pieces i miss.For example i have some difficulties to attach more firmly the white plates to the black technic rotor plate. Any ideas? The gondolas are connected via turntables, i guess that there is a little bit too friction on that but it's the easiest way i found. FRONT VIEW REAR VIEW Comments and suggestions are welcome