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  1. Thank you all for your nice comments. Now i am searching for another italian historical engine, more suitable for these coaches that my E444
  2. Nice work, your instructions are simply and easy to use.
  3. My last moc is a Carminati & Toselli, an historical Italian passengers coach builded from 1915, here in livery brown-isabella with balcony on both sides. Built in 7 studs wide is also fifty studs long and required 842 parts to be completed. Now it's the right companion to my previous one, the 1945 Corbellini coach. Carminati Toselli 1 by Claudio, su Flickr Carminati Toselli 2 by Claudio, su Flickr Carminati Toselli 3 by Claudio, su Flickr Carminati Toselli 4 by Claudio, su Flickr Carminati Toselli 5 by Claudio, su Flickr Carminati Toselli 6 by Claudio, su Flickr
  4. Thank Mesabi for your words but at the moment the interior is empty. Thank for your comment ColletArrow, and yes i tried to reproduce the brake gear. Thank a lot for your nice words KlodsBrick and I hope nobody throw objects out the window
  5. Thank for your words Lego Train 12 Volts and thank again for your advices with my E424.
  6. Hi everyone. With this Corbellini, an Italian passengers coach, finally my E424 locomotive found a nice partner, with the same brown-Isabella livery. Also this model was built with 7 stud width, because I think it's the best compromise between details and dimension, and it take about 1000 Lego parts to complete. Enjoy the pictures. Corbellini 1 by Claudio, su Flic Corbellini 2 by Claudio, su Flickr Corbellini 3 by Claudio, su Flickr Corbellini 4 by Claudio, su Flickr Corbellini 5 by Claudio, su Flickr
  7. First at all my best compliments for such a well-made program. I'm using it on my pc with great satisfaction and very good results. I have just one question: can I apply a background custom image to all of the pages in your instructions, perhaps taking advantage of the possible override of the LDD db.lif contents?
  8. Original and inspired work. Deserved support.
  9. The interiors are awesome, very good job.
  10. Nice work: i couldn't bear a SantaFe crushing...
  11. Never seen a steam like that but your moc is very good and I like it. By the way, dark green is one of my favorite colours.
  12. Very impressive moc: the parables then give a sense of great actuality to the work
  13. Impressive work, as usual, and very exaustive collection of some of the best italian trains. By the way, i am waiting for a large picture of your trains, not just the LDD version. p.s. Why you posted here and not in Lego Train Tech?
  14. Very impressive and well built train, at whom Helos's decal give a more realistic look. Anyway, four metres length at 8W, are a lot of stuff.