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  1. Exactly my thoughts! The main reason I dropped out was because of the track setup/rules.
  2. Could you make instructions for the engine? I have always wanted to try one.
  3. Hi, I decided to make my own supercar after seeing numerous topics. My current chassis has a 4-speed gearbox and independent suspension.
  4. This is cool! What motor is rotating the zoetrope, I didn't quite catch that.
  5. This is cool! A very clever design!
  6. I hope this project is still on!
  7. @Myers Lego TechnicThere was a different pic before with an actual green interior of another car.
  8. This is awesome and has inspired me to attempt to make my own super car! What???
  9. Huh, I haven't used a camera like that for a while. I can search it up. EDIT: found something:
  10. I shoot my videos with my iPhone camera and it looks pretty good.
  11. Ok, sorry about that.
  12. @Offroadcreat1onsI like your setup! The way you sorted your panels is cool!
  13. This is interesting! Keep building! I like the green interior!
  14. @Offroadcreat1onsExactly!
  15. Also: Did anybody notice the 24119 in dark bluish grey under the front bumper of 42069?