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  1. Thanks a lot for improving and making instructions for this great module!
  2. Thanks for the links. I could swear I checked the parts list before and couldn't spot the caps. Pretty reare and expensive. Out of my range unfortunately.
  3. Really a well made model! What kind of wheels are you using?
  4. @Gabi_BC Very nice renderings. Fascinating how a different color scheme makes the whole jet look completely different. @efferman The wings look a LOT better now. If you improve it even more I might consider to get one of the sets. I still think that the wing don't match the overall shape of the jet though. I guess it should radically different. Maybe something like the overlay used by Sariel in his review video.
  5. Thanks for the picture. There's still a lot unclear to me. I'll wait for the instructions :)
  6. No German, but a someone from Switzerland :-) I order my parts from Bricklink, Lego (Pick a Brick and Bricks and Pieces) and sometmes from eBay. If you need more information about ordering bricks then just create a new topic and we can discuss it there. We shouldn't float this topic with buying stuff ;-) Cheers, Thomas
  7. Would be nice to have more detailed shots of the gearing including the motor as well as from top of the start. And some pictures from below. Maybe you could as well show how a single element looks like (I assume they're all the same) Thanks! The surface of the individual elements where the ball travels is just flat?
  8. Great and unique build! Please share some detail pictures of it :-)
  9. @Blakbird Will you update the instructions for the spiral lift type 2 based on the photos akiyuki shared with 9v system? Would be just great :)
  10. Thanks for the photos. I still couldn't figure out though how it works :(
  11. Perfect! Didn't know they're all in the same folder.
  12. @9v system Thanks for the hint. The ball cleaner is too cmplex for. I'll wait until a final version appears... I was actually talking about pictures regarding the spiral lift type 2 :)
  13. @9v system Please share the photos you have. It's one of the modules I wanna build and any improvement is very welcome. Thanks.
  14. Cool, steering and lifting axle. I always wondered how this could be done. Would be great if you could share details about the mechanism. Thanks!
  15. Now that Lego announced another programmable Hub with its sensors and motors named Lego Boost I wonder how this compares with WeDo 2.0? Announcement: https://www.lego.com/en-us/boost