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  1. Like the others said, great story en_zoo. However, the build itself is great also and goes well with the story. I really like the layering, along the rock formations. The foliage and trees are also great additions too.
  2. Great build there. My favorite part of the build is the building itself, which I think fits well, though the kiln and pottery wheel are great additions. Again, I hope you don't mind me borrowing a few things, as your builds are among my favorites.
  3. Nice garden there. I especially like all the different trees, though the path and foliage on the ground is splendid. Good to see Eltina continuing to grow.
  4. Nice little build you have there. However, I suggest you add a few 1x1 or 1x2 translucent pieces, or 1x1 cheese slope pieces in the water to add more detail. You could also add some detail on the docks.
  5. Cow mounted artillery is great for taking on Redcoats! - I got this for posting a WIP pic of a humorous build on BoBS, based on a year old comment in the Oleon faction thread.
  6. It's not that I don't like it, which I don't. I have no problems with it. I was just wondering because a few of us Oleanders have used the torso in our builds, and I have used the torso with the red legs in my Fort Philip build, if you look carefully enough. In addition, I believe that a couple French soldiers in New France also wore the uniform.
  7. This build has a lot of nice little details in it, and I hope you don't mind me borrowing a few of them. The bookshelf is really nice with all the items on it, especially the candle. The design on the walls is also very detailed and probably my favorite part.
  8. Cool little harbor you have there. I like all the details in this small build, especially the docks. The stone section itself is nice too.
  9. I like how this building is simple yet elegant. The canal flowing under the building is a nice addition. I like the water technique too. The building itself is also really nice, especially with the roof technique. I would, however, suggest raising the second story a few studs, to make the building a little bigger. May I ask why there are two Oleander soldiers inside the building?
  10. Nice set of builds there. My favorite would probably be the labyrinth, but like Titus said, it's rather hard to choose. I like all the techniques used in all the builds. That being said, Avalonia is not going to swear allegiance to some Kaliphlin who can't even unite the people in his own guild.
  11. This is a really amazing challenge entry you have there. My favorite probably has to be the Albion streets though. However, the rest are also great. I like your minifig posing, which adds to your builds. Overall, stupendous job here.
  12. After looking through all the builds and reading the story, I'm nearly speechless. The detail in your builds is just amazing and far beyond my current capacity, so I hope you don't mind me borrowing a few ideas. I also appreciate you using my sigfig, and am incredibly honored with having my sigfig lead the Avalonian army. Overall this is a great set of builds you have here.
  13. That's fine with me.
  14. I'm okay building in real bricks. I mean, my character intro here was made from real bricks. I just feel more comfortable building in LDD, but I'm willing to step out of my comfort zone and try real brick building on a larger scale for once.
  15. I really like all your builds here. The story is also great, and I like how you included the lore of Historica. I'm also a fan of those masonry bricks, so it's nice to see you included them. I wish I had as many of those pieces. My favorite build has to be the gate, and I hope you won't mind be borrowing a few ideas for future builds.