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  1. Dragonstone Art and Culture by Brandon Stark, on Flickr With his settlement continuing to grow, Brandon has begun to build numerous art and culture properties throughout the city, showing that Dragonstone is not only for economic purposes, but is now a settlement for living and enjoyment. Thus, one of the first culture properties is the statue of Brandon Stark, patriarch of the House of Lantell, and who was the lord of Dragonstone in the distant past, of which Dragonstone is named after. After returning from time spent with the Oleander aristocracy on Le Bellan, Brandon and his fiancee Maelin Couture decide to tour the growing settlement of Dragonstone, which is showing signs of becoming one of the next major cities of Oleon's colonies. In front of the nearly finished Government House lies the statue, shipped from Ladros, and newly placed. On their way to the Government House, Brandon and Maelin stop to admire the statue. @blackdeathgr Notice anything?
  2. I know I'm not the one to make decisions, but I will say that that is a really good idea. I was going to create my own topic for something like that but having a single topic sounds better, and more organized and efficient.
  3. Nice warehouse; I like the detailing with the walls. Now, a little nitpick, which I kind of do with everyone , is to add some detail on the ground. Tiling the floor would be really good, and so would building a brick-built stairs. What I don't get is the Shell logo on the wall. What is that for?
  4. It's more of getting rid of the license than moving the license. But I guess I would say I made a mistake in licensing it.
  5. It's not that I don't want the license. It's just that I thought the building could be better fitting at some other location. The location is still close to its original location though.
  6. Question: Is it possible to "de-license" a property? Like remove the license on it?
  7. Welcome to Oleon and BoBS! Really interesting sigfig, in story and minifig both. I look forward to seeing how the story progresses.
  8. Nice walls and ground there. Like Titus, I really like the minifigs that make it look like a battle.
  9. Thanks! Thank you! In fact, you just gave me an idea for my Category C entry.
  10. Thank you! Thanks! Your advice is great, I'll make sure to do that. As for the lines, I think it is possible with Bluerender v0.006, which I haven't downloaded yet.
  11. Great build. I like how the house is angled, along with the roof.
  12. Please top taunting me with your amazing LDD builds. You're killing me. That being said, great build. I really like how you showed the low and high tides. The look of it is perfectly fitting for a new settlement and also in a tropical setting.
  13. Nice set of interiors so far. I can't wait to see the other builds. By the way, is that my sigfig in the second build? If so, I thank you for going out of your way to include me.
  14. What do you mean by "horizon"? And how do you stay under it?
  15. Thanks! The second windows are the same height as the first.