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  1. 1. Henjin_Quilones 2. TitusV 3. MiloNelsiano
  2. Thanks. That really helped.
  3. I am aware of that, but I was asking because I wanted to respond to the comments made on my own topic post. Would the same rules apply, or are there exceptions?
  4. Nice little fort. Is it based off the Kingdoms Outpost Attack set? Aside from that, the rocks and water are well done.
  5. Thank you for the fast reply.
  6. Good to see Oleon has begun to help the refugees from Malto. Let it be known that all refugees will be welcome in Blueton Colony.
  7. Agreeing with Garmadon, the tan mixes quite well with the brown. The flag on the building looks great, and so are the brown planks. One suggestion would be to place the building on a baseplate and building a setting around it, then placing the minifigures on it. It's only optional, as the building is great as it is, but it would look nice.
  8. A little bit of a stupid question, but about how many months after a topic is posted is it appropriate to still comment. As to not topic bump. I have a couple topic posts dating back three or four months I never had the chance to respond to all the comments.
  9. Thank you! Those greens and reds will tremble at the might of Oleon. Thanks! I love all those cow related puns.
  10. Our newest weapon. Full details are classified.
  11. This is probably your best build yet. The plants are nicely designed, and so is the rock formation. Additionally, the stairs leading up the rock formation are great also.
  12. Thanks! I'm honored that you agreed to the crossover. Thank you! Thanks! I think the tree could've used some more leaves too.
  13. My point still stands. Poor Eslandolans don't know how to make friends. Feel bad for them. Isn't the Oleander royal family related to Mardier's since that war several centuries ago?
  14. How can you make friends when your government is literally made up of three warring trade companies? Also, did that last war between Eslandola and Mardier not teach you that Eslandolans can't make friends?