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  1. Don't worry, I was in a bad mood yesterday so I didn't really mean what I said. I was a little curious as to why I wasn't there, but didn't know how to put it into words. As for my sigfig's legs and torso, you can literally use almost everything from any of the Kingdoms Dragon Knight armor to any of the LoTR/The Hobbit torsos and legs. Some CMF torsos and legs, such as the elf or the scary knight, if you have more than one of those, would also work. As long as my sigfig isn't dressed in the clothing of the opposite gender or reveals too much skin, that should be fine. If you're still unsure you can PM me if you want.
  2. I feel like everybody who answered on that thread of yours got a sigfig featured on there except me. It could just be me being really pessimistic right now, but I find that rather interesting...
  3. I may have missed something, but freebuilds don't have to be side challenges right? It's really hard to tell a good story if you're stuck with having to adhere to certain criteria.
  4. Like I've said earlier, please try using Bluerender. It improves presentation a lot. This could also use some more details besides just flowers on the ground. Trying using rocks and make the ground a little uneven.
  5. I like all the activity and minifigures, plus the layering and texturing. I also like the irregular base. Great to see Eltina getting some growth.
  6. My question about Category C.
  7. @Bregir Thank you very much for the advice. I will make sure to try it. As for the ship, I'm planning on creating a brick built hull instead of a molded one since I know what direction I'm going in with this ship now.
  8. The fort looks very imposing, great work. I like the sloped walls and the flags.
  9. I decided to begin work on my first ship, the Maelynn. Any feedback, suggestions? Ship WIP by Brandon Stark, on Flickr
  10. Thank you! Maybe you're just saying that because you're trying to defend the fact that it may be Dirk Allcock who nearly killed Brandon Lantell? Brandon Lantell does not find your slandering of Oleander war heroes amusing. That said, thank you for the compliments. I appreciate it.
  11. Are we allowed to collab for Category C? Like each person does one part of the story? Each person would have their own entry, but the entries would contain one part of a larger storyline.
  12. I love all those custom prints. Too bad they don't exist in LDD. Aside from that, the mortars are great, and so is the minifig posing. You also did a good job on the layering and texturing.
  13. Interesting ship design. The red makes the ship really stand out. I also really like the custom sails and rigging.
  14. Nice house and ship. The ship is great, but for the house I suggest you put some detail in front of it, maybe some rocks or foliage, or maybe a path leading up to the stairs. Otherwise, every part of the house is great.
  15. Fantastic ship you have there. I really like the purple sections, which really stands out, and the sails.