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  1. These are looking great. Quite a collection of very nice rolling stock and a beautiful locomotive.
  2. Nice cars. I love the minifig scale Ecto 1.
  3. NIce. The pantographs definitely look better. I like the simple solution of using the existing train window with the angled front. Looks good.
  4. Oh, that's a long bridge at 13.5ft (=4.1m). I am impressed. Really impressed. Good to see you used cross bracing. I think it only makes sense to do this with such a long span. I did a (just 2.4m) bridge with cross bracing over the entire length of the bridge. You may consider that. I think it would make it even more realistic:
  5. That's big. A real joy and very impressive. I like the mix of the classic and modern LEGO trains. And it seems to work really great. And I love that bridge.
  6. This is stunning. What a beauty! (again) The curves, the details. All perfect! I need some extra time to look at all of it. I also like that you can put the model on display with the full hull or remove it for the diorama. And that harbour looks amazing as well.
  7. Looking nice as usual. Very clean with the curves of the model.
  8. Great work. Nice detailing all around. Very fitting style and not overdone. Impressive!
  9. That's a beauty! Great attention to detail for such a small locomotive. The couplers, the whistle , the...everything.
  10. Oh WOW. it is a bit big... But other than that it is amazing. The detailing is stunning.
  11. Brilliant work. It looks small and simple, but it is quite intricate.
  12. Nicely done! Great work.
  13. Impresive ! Really good work hete. Quite some clever thinking to get something this small look good and work perfectely.
  14. That boxcar looks great!
  15. That really worked out well in bricks. And I think it looks better than the LDD version. I always find it hard to judge if I only see a digital version.