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  1. Great job. The locomotive is absolutely gorgeous. And the passenger car is great as well.
  2. Very nice. I like the mosaic structure. Really make this building special. Als the way you did the corner is very interesting and different than other corner building.
  3. Very useful. Thank you!
  4. Well done again! Amazing how well you captured those curved top ventilation? grills. Very clever and it looks really good!
  5. Very nice. What a daring colour. But it really works. And it looks like it has just rained a bit.
  6. Very impressive. The single photo doesn't do it justice. There are so many beautiful details.
  7. Great work. An absolutely fantastic creation. Some amazing techniques used there!
  8. Very impressive now in bricks. Looking forward to see it completed.
  9. That's looks really nice. The balcony especially is amazing.
  10. That's even more impressice than it already was.
  11. Oh wow. Very nice. Not only about being able to put all the PF in it, but the detailing is great as well. Like your solution for the windows
  12. Wonderful hat store. Great exterior style. It is fitting for a hat store. Love the yellow roof accent. I am not so sure about the "HAT" sign though, But other than that: Great JOB!
  13. And yet another beauty. Well done. Great colour scheme!
  14. Wow. Mindblowing. What a great piece of work.
  15. That's a great layout. And apart from that the cabinets and shelves look absolutely perfect. Now I know what to do in our next house!