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  1. This is amazingly realistic! Great job.
  2. Wow, that looks great. Like this the trains look like they are running very realistically. Amazing how smoothly it all goes.
  3. Brilliant work! This is an absolutely amazing park.
  4. Great build! It captures all the features of the real train. Well done! And detailing with some nice and clever solutions.
  5. This is absolute brilliant work. Not only the funicular itself but the whole scene. Great buildings too!
  6. Nice shed. The interior is really well done. I especially like the typical industrial sloping roofs.
  7. Great job. The locomotive is absolutely gorgeous. And the passenger car is great as well.
  8. Very nice. I like the mosaic structure. Really make this building special. Als the way you did the corner is very interesting and different than other corner building.
  9. Very useful. Thank you!
  10. Well done again! Amazing how well you captured those curved top ventilation? grills. Very clever and it looks really good!
  11. Very nice. What a daring colour. But it really works. And it looks like it has just rained a bit.
  12. Very impressive. The single photo doesn't do it justice. There are so many beautiful details.
  13. Great work. An absolutely fantastic creation. Some amazing techniques used there!
  14. Very impressive now in bricks. Looking forward to see it completed.
  15. That's looks really nice. The balcony especially is amazing.