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  1. Thank you Slam its all over on FB. Scamming all over .
  2. ^^^^^And its 100 percent lego no garbage ripoff?????
  3. Sweet!!
  4. Awesome job!!I would add this to my collection anyday. Fantastic!!
  5. Lmao Bee Gees Staying alive now that is funny!!
  6. ^^^^ Thats going back..
  7. I dont think he expected the response he got from people.I'm sure hes swamped and it's a bit much at the moment.
  8. Be nice if Lego sponsored you.I think they should!! Your a special kind of talent.
  9. Have you ever thought of doing the dish ????
  10. Always be careful of the scams !! Good job!
  11. Real nice great job!!
  12. Glad I'm not the only one that feels TLJ SETS and FO sets are just not right. They look like a mess poorly done !!
  13. Epic!!!! A masterpiece!!! Thank you for posting your gem!!