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  1. can you share LDD file?
  2. any chance to share the LDD file or instructions
  3. I thought these were legit official coming soon when I saw the pics on Reddit. They look great
  4. I want one If it doesn't happen share the LDD file
  5. New sw advent calendars x 2 The albino chewie is great
  6. Between double points and toysrus and the bricktober promo time to plan my purchases and start saving
  7. Can we assume with this on Lego ideas you won't share LDD file?
  8. grabbed this set for $50 my son built it and the build is cool and the sparxx monster is cool too, somewhat like a mixel build definitely a great set
  9. any idea if toysrus or target will have this online for sale? I can get the 5% off with target redcard and have some giftcards too or target/TRU ebay for that matter
  10. really wished these came out today. my local retailers, mostly target still have lots of the monster series to clear though
  11. picked some of these up for my son this am just being put out at Walmart and TRU Target refused, claimed the set date was 1/3