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  1. I fully agree with your assessment of 42070 (although I absolutely love the outriggers). As for the designer, I'm pretty sure he was pressured by marketing to follow some weird logic that has little to do with quality builds and plenty to do with TLG's bottom line.
  2. This is terrific! I'm struggling to wrap my head around it so I'll have to build it; but it looks like it should work once you figure out how to properly brace all the parts.
  3. I like it a lot - it has an unusual colour scheme I'd have never thought of and a rather aggressive look that lend it a ton of personality. Really great work!
  4. @Jim - If you want, I can go over your review before you publish it. Really looking forward to it and to your photography
  5. Not yet - but I started building a new crane, which is basically the same as a design I used on another tow truck. (I have no idea why Bricksafe keeps flipping the second picture - is it because it's too penile?).
  6. Thanks! Lots of credit goes to Herr Kossman's Arocs, though, since the cab is almost an exact replica. I tried a few designs of my own but they were all hideous. Thanks for the link - that's a real treasure trove of how-tos! I eventually managed to piece together a rubbish late-night vid using WMM but I'll definitely study that thread for my next video. Cheers mate Thank you! Yep, it's pretty much the same - I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. It works pretty well - those mini LAs can handle a lot of pressure. Thanks mate I knew my elder nephew would want to play around with it and he's a hands-on kind of guy, so I tried to stick to a certain logic in placing the nine switches: L-R on the truck are 1) rotate crane 2) tilt cab 3) side outriggers 4) & 5) tow fork 6) rear spade outriggers. Top to bottom on the crane are 1) winch 2) extend/retract boom 3) raise/lower boom. As an added bonus, you get to see lots of gears spinning away when operating the crane. Here's a very lousy video I hacked together. Will learn to do better.
  7. 8421 and 42009 had very long steering axles, too, and they were probably quite a bit heavier than 42068. It's good to see less common building techniques getting pushed.
  8. Anyone following Sariel on FB might have got a sneak peek of 42068's steering system. Looks like linkages are the common denominator to a lot of sets this year.
  9. Ha ha, thanks mate! Well, there are a lot of impressive tow trucks out there, so this one really pales in comparison. I changed some of the gearing in the crane. Here are some outdoor pics (only got a cell phone - no camera yet). First at rest: And then with everything deployed: Still struggling to put a video together but it'll come through eventually.
  10. Thanks! I guess it's easier to redesign the whole thing. This is a quick mock-up with central and rear locking diffs, high-low gearbox and live axles (notice the front diff mounted the wrong way - I've had those axles around for a while and couldn't be arsed to turn the diff around just for a mock-up). The trackwidth is narrower than 42070, whereas the wheelbase should be pretty close. (Edit: the wheels are all mounted the wrong way around, too )
  11. Hi Jim, do you think the track width could be any narrower without the wheels bumping into the chassis or the bodywork?
  12. Great review as always. Have to say the set is a massive let-down in terms of design, parts and building techniques, except for the awesome outriggers. (The Claas does have an M motor and a battery box.)
  13. Nice! Any belly shots?
  14. Someone mentioned upgrading existing sets. 42070 has tons of room for improvement, so that's one way to go. I've been working (very little) on a similar model for the past year or so - it's tons of fun.
  15. Hi I_Igor, thanks for the feedback Yeah, the white/blue livery was nice - in fact, I may change the bodywork back to those colours, although the red outriggers will stick out like a sore thumb. I wanted to get a feel for what a large red&black tow truck would look like for another project I'm working on. The model weighs around 3200 g, so yes, I'd say 3000-4000 parts is a reasonable approximation, including a ridiculous amount of gears (the crane alone has more than 40 of them). Here's a lousy front shot and a peek at the inner workings of the crane assembly: