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  1. That's pretty slick. Love the side air ducts by the canopy.
  2. In commemoration of our Sponsorship with Minifig.Cat, this Campaign's Winning Tag will be the EOD Tech.
  3. List updated. Countries were opened based on continent, not on alliance. There are still other continents available that have yet to be opened. There is one COAC country available right now, but COAC has a higher active player count currently.
  4. It is not. Please refer to the first post of this thread for a list of which countries are currently open.
  5. The more specific we make the game, the more rules we will need to make in order to govern it. I'd much prefer that we don't have to start calculating artillery ranges and plotting fire missions. As I said prior, I would ask that you use good judgement and make the appropriate decision on gauging any sort of distance. Do not exceed what seems reasonable to you.
  6. Advantage to you personally? No. However, your builds do influence where the game goes. We look at people's builds when creating new content for the game. So the outcome of your Recon mission could in a sense be worked into something later. So don't think of an outcome of a build as an advantage or disadvantage for you or your team, but it can enhance the overall direction of the game.
  7. Something else has been brought up: Regarding the scale and sizing of the map- The staff has not scaled the maps. The reason for this is simple, your focus should be on making a great build not the exact distance to a location. Too many details and definitions can detract from what we are ultimately trying to accomplish here. Be reasonable in your approach to your builds. With regard to the realism of certain equipment being used, do your research on a particular item and think about what you believe to be a fair representation of its striking capabilities based on what you've already seen here so far.
  8. Questions regarding the game should be posted in the General Discussion area. This thread is for players to introduce themselves and join the game. Thank you!
  9. If nothing else, this contest should serve as a benchmark for the number of different ways one can build an Imperial Leader's Chair.... hahaha. I've been looking at all the different ways each of us did it.
  10. Got a few requests from people here and in PM to see the whole build. These pictures are purely supplemental, they are not meant to enhance anything as the deadline has passed. Thrawn Contest by Jesse Beeze, on Flickr Thrawn Contest by Jesse Beeze, on Flickr
  11. I could attempt a second build if you'll allow it. Probably going to be stuck home for the weekend sick.
  12. Two Points: 1. I realize there are several side builds out awaiting scores. We will get to them I promise. We rushed to get the campaigns done and have CP3 built. There are some sidebuilds currently awaiting scoring that the builders may want to readdress for various reasons, most importantly, do you have the points to be building that? 2. A questions was raised in the COAC Chat regarding the upcoming campaign and how sidebuilds should be structured. This is my answer which I feel is benefical to both sides: "The campaign build should primarily feature your combat. Side builds can show some shots being fired but the missions have to stick to the guidelines. The primary focus should be the point of the side mission, not combat. Example: You do a recon build. Some where in the mission your recon team runs into a patrol or something. There is a small engagement. The point is, you should not be showing huge battles happening in side builds."
  13. Your build must meet that size as a minimum, does not need to be on a baseplate per say. I will ask that if you do something that is not dimensionally square, that it not be something too time consuming for me to sit there and count studs. Bottom line, we want a decent sized build for this one. We shouldn't have to sit there and count studs, it should be obvious that you've met the requirements.