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  1. You never noticed those frozen Chima Stoneage Guys with rotting Limbs,Bones showing through etc :D Those Ninjago Minifigures are lovely.First Minifig i saw was Sensei Wu with Cornflakes Box and i thought "Hey,it`s the Chicken from that Ninjago Short :D Then i saw all those Guys with their Bowls.Just imagine,Sensei Wu,the Ninjas and Garmadon sharing a larger Apartment and all are kinda sleepy and mumbling "Good Morning" too each other and eating Cornflakes in the Kitchen and making Plans for the Day.... Garmadon:Uhm..i think i`m going to detroy Downtown today and maybe invade the Harbor...what`s your Plan for today Brother? Wu:Oh i heard about a new Tea Shop in Downtown,so don`t destroy it until 4 or i will send the Ninjas to stop you.
  2. Was anyone capable of doing some Screenshots of those Prototypes?There are some really interesting Vehicles in it.
  3. Hey,that Poster looks indeed great.Looks like Kai is too cool to watch at the People looking at the Poster :D And yes,Zane seems to draw his Bow with his Feet...why not. I`m very exited for the Ninjago Movie and the Sets.Recently bought the Tiger Widow Island used for a few Euros.Of course with no Minifigures but got two of them already.I also modified this Set a bit (added another Level and some sort of Belltower) and will try to find some Rock Pieces to extend the Cave a bit.
  4. Yeah,those were my Thoughts too.Still amazed by the Fact how easily they achieved the Look of a squeezed Tube of Glue with just a few Pieces (and a Sticker or Print) And again i regret getting into this whole AFOL Thing late enough to miss on the Lego Movie Sets and other cool Series like Jurassic World or those LOTR Sets...Eh,Stuff happens. And the longer i look at the Destiny`s Bounty i look the more i want it despite it`s relatively large Price.The funny Thing is it reminded me of a Picture i draw in 4th Grade with Ink.For several Weeks in Arts Class we had a Pirates Theme and of course every single Project had to do something with Pirates,like draw a Treasure Map (which i really nailed because my Dad got some cool handmade Paper and we put some Coffee Stains and burn Marks on it) or a Pirates Island AND of course,drawing a Pirate Ship with black Ink. Don`t know where i got the Idea from but instead of drawing a plain old Nutshell with a Jolly Roger on it i thought about those cool looking old asian Ships (are they really called "Junk" in english) but as a Pirate Ship.It got those Sails that looked like unfolded Dragon Wings,a long and sleek Hull and a mean Dragon Head with a Cannon on the Front :D Of course i got an A for that.... Guess if i really want that Set it`s canned Food from now on :D
  5. Those new Sets are amazing.I will definetely end up with many of them.Due to limited Room and Money i have to stick too the Ninjago City Chase (i just love three wheeled Vehicles and already have a Mod in planning),the Master Falls Set (that Bridge with Gate just looks gorgeous...),the Mech Dragon (i mean,it`s a Mech AND a Dragon,how cool is that,and in sand green...),the flying Jellyfish Thingy because it looks really cute and the Garmadon Mech. I`m not completely sold on the Water Strider,the Lightning Jet or that trapezoid shaped Ice Tank. @VaderFan2187 i had the same Thoughts about that Cop,he really looks like a Ninjago Version of Bad Cop :D But what on Earth is a Laser Pointer doing there?Did Garmadon managed to grab something from the outer World?
  6. Funny,went to the Lego Store yesterday to pick up a new Set (already bought the Bane Truck for 40 Euros at TRU) and looked at other new Sets yesterday.While the Two Face Vehicle looks great,the Box really feels light for the asking Price. Must be those Wheels and the Shovel that take up most of the Box :D
  7. Ha!I knew I saw the Truck in the weird,my Posting about it disappeared...meh. But IF they would do Harley's Canon Truck as a Set I really hope it will also have a Cannon. WWould be a brick-move from Lego if you need to buy the Batwing to get the Canon. But I agree, some Sets still need to happen...I still want my Bat Kayak,maybe as a small Set with Dick Gracy and the Shark Repellant Display...oh and of course another Batman.
  8. It was "Lego Cleaning Day" and everyone did their fair Share....even the Baddies helped out.But someone wasn`t too happy about swinging the Mop 939238_433951773639095_1537716473_o
  9. Alfred was the Best with making those Machine Gun Noises and the Film Crew shaking the Batwing :D
  10. Don`t get too schwifty about this one. This is actually just a Recreation of one of the best Rick and Morty Cars made from Lego that People have done. @hachiroku build the flying Car first and showed a Step to Step Guide on Youtube,i just collected the needed Pieces and cobbled it together. Of course i did a few tiny Changes like adding two Seats,closing some Gaps in the rear End,added some repurposed and cut Lego Stickers.I also added a printed Tile behind the Seats and made a tiny Portalgun. One Thing i`m still not very happy about is the Flag / Sail Thing in the rear Section.I didn`t want to make a brickbuild Version.Maybe some of you Guys have an Idea. 20170515_131113 20170515_131125 20170515_131135 20170515_131145 20170515_131204 20170515_131306 20170515_131320 20170515_131328 20170515_131539 20170515_131603 20170515_131610 The flying Car is still not completely finished,need to replace some Parts with other Colors,maybe adding some 1x2 inverted rounded Slopes to the Undersite to improve the Saucer Shape and maybe add some removeable Weapons,i mean this Thing could take down an entire Army of Cops and SWAT Units :D Credits go of course to the original Creator of this MOC and the Instructions.
  11. Armored Mercenary Van A while ago i was surfing through the Internet and was kinda curios what other Brick / Clone Brands have to offer. My Eyes fell on an interesting looking SWAT Van from the Clone Brand Enlighten. I really liked the overall Design of the Vehicle and so i started searching for better Pictures to pull off a daring Move: Cloning a Clone Brand Set :D Of course without actual Instructions i only could guess what`s underneath but i think i did a pretty neat Job.I added some Details here and there like Clips in the rear Compartment that hold two Guns and a working Driveshaft / Rear Axle with Technic Pieces. Towards the End of the build i noticed that i don`t have 3 black Roof Plates so i used one with a cool looking Sticker. So now it`s a Lego Mercenary Truck completely made from danish Bricks that are compatible to most Clone Brands :D 20170515_130533 20170515_130601 20170515_130615 20170515_130634 20170515_130656 20170515_130714 20170515_130825 20170515_130837 20170515_131048 20170515_130853 So,how do you like my Version?
  12. Glad you like it. When i get my Hands on the Bane Set,this will be one of my first Things i will do...maybe Bane and Killer Croc playing "catch the Policecar"
  13. Lego City Future - Hoverbike Chase Teenagers tuning their Scooters to be faster and louder is still a Thing,even in the Future.And like in the old Days,you can still get in Trouble for that. Lucille is an ambitious Mechanic and spends her Freetime working on her little Hoverscooter and racing it in every possible Location.No matter if the bustling Downtown,the dry Concrete Canals in the industrial Zone or the Scrap Fields outside Lego City. Of course she prefers the Scrap Fields since she grew up there in a small Street and she`s working in Beekerz Garage. But it looks like she has met her Master today when one of the Police Interceptor Bike Units noticed her. These are no ordinary Bike Cops.They are well trained and perfectly equipped for the rougher Terrain.... Let`s just hope Lucille only gets a Ticket for speeding. 20170513_221414 20170513_221421 20170513_221432 20170513_221442 20170513_221501 20170513_221523 20170513_221541 20170513_221554 20170513_221619 20170513_221643 20170513_221655 Hope you like my tiny MOC. Comments are welcome.
  14. Well,technically this isn`t a MOC but rather a Mod....well,heavily modded if i may say so.The lovely little VW Beetle you currently can get in Lego Stores was sitting on my Desk for a few Days now and i really like it. The bright Blue is really an Eyecatcher.I thought about modifying it so a Minifig can sit in it,but this prooved to be quite hard,all i could fit in was an armless Torso with a Head. Well,while the Beetle was already into Pieces,i decided to spice Things a bit up (also,i needed those Wheels) and turned it into one of my "Lego City Future" themed Builds. 20170408_154745 20170408_154758 20170408_154806 20170408_154828 20170408_154848 20170408_154901 As you can see,i added the usual Hovercar Stuff to the Fenders. I also wanted to make the Beetle look old and rugged so i put in some mismatched Parts.The rear End got a classic "Stinger" Exhaust with a Pedestal on it so you can either sit on it while hovering over a Lake or the calm Sea and so you can also reach the Junk on the Roof. But don`t worry,all original Parts from this Set are safely packed away in a little Ziplock Baggie. So,what do you think of my newest Creation?
  15. Yeah,me too. Or at least as a separate Set.I`m sure they would sell out faster than Batman could say "I hate Superman!" I`m also happy to see that everyone enjoys the Design. To extend this enjoying,i decided to upload the LDD File.Can`t wait to see what you Guys are up to with this Model. Get the LDD File here.