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  1. They kinda reminds me of Kamen Rider design. It's probably the closes design we'll get for LEGO Mask Rider so I am totally on-board on these villains. The tone also feels more like Sentai show (think Power Rangers)? I think it's in the right direction if they want to prolong the timeline and story arcs but I'll save my judgement for the show when I see a few more episodes .
  2. Totally on-board with these villains. Thanks for the confirmation. I wonder what plot device they'll use to make sense of all the changes.
  3. Hi @Hinckley -- Is it possible to remove the border property in the CSS attribute below so that the images with link inside posts won't get those grey solid borders? See, usually when I embed pictures with solid white backgrounds they get the grey boxes around them instead of just seamlessly blending with the white background of the forum. I'm not sure it is a strong requirement to highlight linked images with borders but if possible to remove them, that would make it more pleasing to post pictures with white backgrounds, with links. .ipsImage_thumbnailed { border: 1px solid #E2E2E2; padding: 1px; }
  4. I feel like the reveal of the cat is unnecessary in the trailer because those people already looking forward for the film feels like it spoils the fun or the surprise element. However, I see the inclusion of the cat as an example on what 'real world' element we can get in this movie to stir the interest of those people on-the-fence. I really hope the trailer didn't give away so much as the voice actors hinted in SDCC panel there are more real world elements included in the movie.
  5. Nightmares I like the effect of Orca's head on the Shark Army Angler. It makes the stare more disturbing.
  6. Aawww! Thanks. Watch out for my other alphabet airship reviews on the way. I am just waiting for another round of sales to snatch another copy of this great set, if that will ever happen. Wink wink nudge nudge. ;)
  7. The words to parts ratio of this review is very high. Great job on covering this im great detail. Also, just to add -- there is another big droid from set 10215 for R4 astromech, but it is just the top dome. I also have this polybag but it's on my stash of sealed polybags I struggle to open. LOL
  8. Ooops, wrong choice of words. I was not referring to the headpiece. I meant the actual minifig head from Orca. I'd like to see all the creatures with that silly looking mouth.
  9. WhiteFang, I didn't know you're a Pokemon! Great MOC @Bob De Quatre - I always prefer the brick-built heads on all dragons.
  10. Great review from the master of all CMF reviews. N-Pop Girl really pops out as the most interesting minifigure here. She also looks like a chewable candy. But I like Jay the most. @WhiteFang can I request those sea creature army with Orca's headpiece please?
  11. I cannot really take Lloyd seriously in this movie (La-Loyd). Dave Franco is also starring as Oh hai Mark in Disaster Artist movie and it is just too funny. Hope the jokes will sell very well to the audience.
  12. Copy-and-paste oopsie... Btw, I am not really looking forward to this CMF even if I am a big Ninjago fan because I find the line up of the characters 'safe' and the civilians with the straw hats I was expecting were not included. Really bummed out.
  13. I have to vote for Jay. I like his hairpiece and orange scarf.
  14. But the Faun is half-human, half-goat. That's diversity built-in! Also he's GOAT. Greatest of All Time!
  15. Thanks Brickdad. Frankly, all I do is review what I already bought. I'm not reviewing to sell, so to speak -- but I'm glad and honoured that I can influence your buying plans.