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  1. Got a few more Stormtroopers the other day. I lost count how many I have bought... but should not be less than 20 so far. Small army only... I know.
  2. Is this a wishlist topic or can we stick to rumours discussion for S18? Please correct me if I am wrong. Anyway, we should get more information when the LEGO Ninjago Movie minifigures come out already... and so far, all that we know about S18 are merely speculation. Am I right?
  3. Embargo still in effect. ... Published prematurely. Now pulled out. You can still find it from FB groups in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  4. Official images are out there now. Official set number is 10257
  5. Great job. I want to create my own Jedi council as well... but I am still waiting for more updated Jedis... I hope LEGO will re-release (redesign) more.
  6. Alien Villainess has more villainy sound to it. She gets my vote! Sorry Mickey...
  7. I appreciate the reveal... but I don't appreciate the secrecy behind it. If the marketing team is experimenting on generating more interest in this series I think they could have done it without concealing this mystery character. I actually like this minifigure but it I just cringe at the idea that it is a mystery. I don't know if I will be getting a box of 60 for this series.
  8. How come you use a different name @Itaria No Shintaku Something different registered in my head when you put Alien Queen. But Alien Queen = Alien Villainess ... at least in Brickset.
  9. You got me there... I was going to vote Mickey but now I have change of heart.
  10. I thought Batman never loses to the Joker!? Why is the Sad Clown leading?
  11. You cannot quote Brickset with the final set number without supporting evidence because sometimes @Puffle Pal26 edit back the names to {?} and it can lead to confusion. Over in the Ninjago forums we debate that unconfirmed names should not even appear in Brickset even if they got the squiggly / curly brackets in their name because it is supposed to be a database. For now, always check the change log in Brickset.
  12. If you haven't noticed guys, WhiteFang is already voting in our polls