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  1. I noticed the subtle difference. Lavender is better. Thanks!
  2. Team ANIMAL CONTROL. Vote now!
  3. There is a bearded pilot. I thought it was Biggs at first... but he's not. The force storm Bendu is unexpected. I wasn't even sure why Kanan asked help from the Bendu because I know he doesn't take any sides. Somehow making the Bendu angry worked. There is still no information on Ahsoka's whereabouts. I hope they will revisit that next season. Stormtroopers' tin foil armour is useless against Kallus... so I won't even doubt that Chitrut's staff in Rogue One made some serious damage. Can't wait for September 2017!
  4. I don't like the rest so I voted for Animal Control just because of the skunk and the torso print.
  5. It is the protruding part of the hood. It's likely it is scratching surfaces when you move them even if you don't hold that part of the hood. I'm glad when the designers get rid of the printing in that area for newer dual-moulded hoods but it seems the new hoods for the LEGO Ninjago movie will have prints on the forehead part... Cross fingers it's not easily scratched.
  6. All spoilers are real world information if that's your logic. Doesn't change the fact that for most people watching the show would like to know what's going to happen to the characters in the future season. You rob the people of suspense. But I get it that it's normal for you.
  7. It's really hard to compare the model-making hobby to LEGO because, on one hand, the medium is very different. Apple and oranges. LEGO bricks take the form of the model without any moulded plastic or resin that you can sand, smoothen or apply a special coating on. Yes you can do all these to your LEGO bricks as well but that's not the experience expected from building bricks. Decals on model toys are usually sprayed with an extra coating to last longer. This is what most of the gunpla aficionados I know do. That's how the decals last long. If left unprotected the decals are only as good as normal stickers. They do not stand normal wear without extra protection even though they look better or more "professional". Minifigure customisers know this much.
  8. Yes it worked.... it cracked me up when I read Samugo. LOL. I agree. The design language is really borrowed from a lot of super sentai shows that works very well with kids. Power Ranger endured the test of time, and so will Ninjago. It worked in many generations and this formula is proven. should have used spoiler tag, maybe?
  9. So true. I cannot count how many times the Simpsons had been rumoured ending and yet it is still being aired today. I'm one of a few who likes to get the more relevant characters from Springfield because they botched the Simpsons S2 if that would be the last one.
  10. Hi boss @ACPin I'm accepting donations
  11. busy doing MOCs... brb

  12. That's due to the box art placeholder seen in toy fairs. From initially reported 20, it appears we are only get 16.
  13. I already mentioned this in one of the older rounds thread but I will mention it again -- I like to recommend to moderators they lock the topics that are not currently open to make the voting clean and the forum index cleaner. If I remember my forum moderating days, it's just a simple multi-selection option to set the topics to locked. It's probably 2-step action at most so I hope it's not so big a request to be considered to the powers that be.
  14. He's got dual moulded legs, a dual moulded left arm, he's wearing wolfpack sigil and he has a newly design hood. Tell me what's NOT interesting among these? You just don't look at the bow and quiver.