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  1. If I go with the same build as seen in the movie I doubt there is sufficient bricks. I think a closed fist is achievable. I will try this weekend as I am busy with another set review.
  2. From title of this topic, It's almost certain someone will spill the beans one way or another.... maybe just stay away from here until the show airs in English?
  3. Don't play with fire here... you're not Kai.
  4. True that... but I can't really follow the story 100% on the new season yet because I watched the story in foreign language so perhaps they have a reason that I just didn't understand. I'm not going to elaborate further as I am not keen to bring the TV show discussion here otherwise we're bordering spoiler territory here. Anyway, thanks!
  5. I know I'll get this kind of reply but whatever... I can think of fight club, gym, training, etc... ?
  6. Hello. Didn't notice no one clarified this yet... as you may know the contents could be produced in Czech Republic and China concurrently (like minifigs, bricks, toy pad, etc) and depending on the region or distribution only then the content and the packaging are packed together to produce the finished product (those that come in brown cartons). So, to answer your question... it's not always indicative that when the finished product is marked from "China" that the plastic content also came from China, specially with 4-5 countries listed on the box. In addition, I only have 3 Dimensions Fun Packs.. and all of them are "R" (Mexico) because I got them from the US.
  7. I put the wrong axle length in the picture. It should have been part 15462 in reddish brown. Supposedly that part appears in reddish brown for the first time in 2017. Thanks for pointing that out. Value wise, this is truly better than most of the sets of the same price that's why I bought it.
  8. Yeah.. that lime green plate is oddly included. The set is average at best. The score of the small build pulls down the overall rating. Thanks for adding your thoughts on my review. Thanks. I agree the minifigs carry this small set more than anything. If I rated this set before seeing the new army building sets with 3 minifigures I could have been more forgiving with the score... But at the same time all the minifigs included in this set is not unique so in the end it is fair. I'll personally wait for clearance sales before getting more of these for army building.
  9. That would have been nice too. I like the dark red suit of Kai this time so I will keep as many of that like the Vermillion as it is.
  10. thanks for your insights too.
  11. Totally. For me, it's the most sitting-at-the-edge-of-your-seat episode. Thrawn can totally carry the meme "just as planned"
  12. The latest episode sent chill down my spine... just how strategic and calculating Thrawn is, and very capable in both unarmed and armed combat, too. If I am Fulcrum I will be running away so quickly....
  13. I sobbed when I saw your picture @WhiteFang -- I wish I returned from my dark age sooner... totally missed them by more than a decade.... Do re-arrange your classic Ninja collection and show off the entire army. Anyway, I referenced this in my Ninjago review so this is not "wasted" and it's hard to really grade the very old sets like this because of the time gap and rosy retrospection bias due to nostalgia.
  14. Thanks for taking time to read and reply. It encourages me to do more reviews.
  15. The LEGO Ninjago Movie does not come out in theatres until September 2017. While waiting, let's look at the NINJAGO sets from the latest TV season, Hands of Time. This is my 4th Eurobricks review - set number 70621, The Vermillion Attack. Overview Name: 70621 The Vermillion Attack Theme: LEGO System / NINJAGO / Hands of Time Year: 2017 (1H) Pieces: 63 Minifigures: 3 Price: USD 9.99 / EUR 9.99 / GBP 8.99 / SGD 19.99 / MYR 49.90 Resources: Brickset and Bricklink Introduction I’ll use the Forward Time Blade and I cut into the chase to tell you that the 2 main selling points of this set are the 3 minifigures and the usefulness of the parts that comes with it. This is essentially for army building if you consider Kai just a uniformed foot soldier ninja. Is this the best army building set currently out there? Read until the end to find out the answer. How can you get wrong when you get Kai, 2 villains, 5 red snakes, a time blade and a small tree stump with an egg? Looking at the front box art cover, we see Kai fleeing the tree stump with the Forward Time Blade. The Time Blades are the main collectible items in the Hands of Time season. Two Vermillion warriors namely Rivett and Slackjaw are armed with their weapon of choice. Behind the box we see how a lever behind the tree stump pops the egg open revealing several red snakes inside. At the side of the box it shows Kai in his new suit. Inside we get 2 clear bags without numbers and an instruction booklet. There is no sticker sheet (yes!) Build All parts laid down before building Before completing the build, I want to show you the internal mechanism that makes the egg pop-open. The technic pieces push the bottom axle upwards, forcing it against another axle attached with the top egg shell. Twisting the lever opens up the egg. Simple yet ingenious play feature. Popping mechanism Other than the egg, there is nothing to write home about the build. Admittedly, I find it so plain because it took me less than 10 minutes to finish the build. Obviously AFOLs are not the target market for NINJAGO so I asked my son for second opinion. His first reaction is to pop the egg open; it mesmerises him because it has a metallic finish. He also thinks that the snakes peeking out are "cute"... I think his playful reaction is due to his exposure to "surprise egg" toys. If your kids like surprise egg, then he/she will be amused with this set. Let's talk more about the egg. These are the same egg moulds used in Galaxy Squad sets but in metallic grey colour; instead of hatching alien buggoids, they hatch red snakes. In the show these red snakes merge together to form the Vermillion warriors. According to some interviews, the NINJAGO designers like to put easter eggs (pun intended) that connect the other LEGO themes with Ninjago. Perhaps this is one of those. They could have just used the new egg moulds used in Elves but they decided to use the Galaxy Squad eggs instead. In the middle of tree stump -- a chainsaw blade is used to hold the time blade in the middle. Kai's mission is to take the Time Blade from the Vermillion army. This is not accurate to the TV show but kids can use their imagination for the role play. The only thing that bothers me in this small build is that.... Tree stump is brown; the vines are dark green. Some olives are nice, but why the plate is lime green!? Colour me intrigued. I’ve watched the entire Hands of Time season already and the swamp is much darker than the vibrant lime green 6x6 round corner plate. It should have been olive or any dark shade of green. One more thing -- there are light bluish grey clips at the back of the tree which makes it attachable to the Iron Doom set. Nifty but not necessary in my opinion. Completed build Parts The only new mould in this set is the time blade. The other parts shown below are existing design elements in new colour. I'm surprised that the bar piece in metallic grey is only produced this year. Minifigures The Ninjago minifigures are now on-par with Nexo Knights. All the minifigures in this set have fully-printed front and back torso as well as very detailed leg printing. You can even see that the latest Kai minifigure (right) wears a jika-tabi (tabi boots) because the leg printing extends at the very tip of the minifigure’s legs. Comparison of the last 3 Kai design No armour, scabbard or headwrap is included in this small set but it comes with Kai’s hair and a bandana. I continue to believe TLG should always include the headwrap and not just the hairpiece. I guess you have to buy the bigger set (Dragon’s Forge) to get that, or borrow the headwrap from Kai minifigure in the Days of the Departed (centre) because that headwrap matches the new outfit. There is no 2nd face print; same old Kai face with a scar. . Why can't I have these both? Tell me. Why do I have to choose?? -- Kai The two Vermillion warriors are Rivett and Slackjaw. Just looking at the design of the headgear and chain mail armour, I can tell that the designers really put a lot of effort on these minifigures. The chain mail armour has a stud at the back so you can put attachment for other weapons or anything you wish to attach at the back of the minifigure. Both villains have identical dual head printing. The leg prints are also identical. Fortunately, the torsos are different. If you buy a couple of this set then you can mix and match the armour and headgears to make the other Vermillion warriors since the foot soldiers are just permutations of these 2. However, you still need to get the 2 commanders and General Machia from the other sets to complete the Vermillion army ranks. Fun fact: The Vermilions rely on their iron armours to hold them together in humanoid form so -- essentially they use them as exoskeleton. The 2 snake heads sticking out of Slackjaw’s headgear is a reminder that these Vermillion warriors are made of many red snakes that morph together. . Ekkk!! This is so gross! Below are pictures exploring the armour compatibility with hair piece and other head gears not included in the set. The chain mail armour looks good for custom samurai warlords but you need to remove the face cover because it is held upwards by the throat guard. In fact, in order to fit the headgear, I need to slightly pull the headpiece upward by a few millimetres so that the studs will attach to the anti-studs firmly. Using short hair piece should be fine. Headgears that cover the entire face like all the ninja headwraps are not compatible because they won't attach to the head due to the throat guard. By mistake I put the armour on reverse side and as you can see below, it still looks decent, reminiscent of the Chima armours with studs, but looks more badass. Conclusion In the history of Ninjago sets, this is the first time 3 minifigures are included at this price range. Usually you'll get 3 minifigures from sets that are 2 to 3 times more expensive. Consequently, some bricks need to go. The build is small but there are many good parts that you can use for your own creations. The premise of this set is that you'll stage a fight so that Kai can win the Forward Time Blade. Not show accurate but surely, the playability is a pass for kids. I just wish there is some kind of mechanism that entraps Kai or make some of the villains fly away to add more play features. For adult collectors, this is the best Ninjago army building set so far. Compared to other non-licensed themes (except City), its overall value is better than most. If we consider City starter sets as "army builder" because they somehow fulfil the same purpose, then I wish TLG can also release a similar Ninjago set with 4 minifigures at the same price as the City Starter Sets. I really miss the good old days when the army building sets like 4805 Ninja Knights have 5 minifigures included and it didn't matter if there was no build at all. Man, I wish the Time Blades are real. I need the Reversal Time Blade! Review summary Playability: 6/10 - The egg-popping feature is cool but that's about it Design / Building Experience: 7/10 - Kids in appropriate age will enjoy the build. Design is very simple but is expected for the price. Minifigures: 9/10 - the minifigures have top-notch prints. The villain armours and headgears are very well sculpted. Price / Value for money: 9/10 - Comes with 3 minifigures; good assortment of parts you can easily re-purpose for other builds. Overall: 7.5/10 - It's better than most army building sets but I wish there is 1 more minifigure & less fluff to make it a better army builder / army pack.