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  1. Welcome to Eurobricks
  2. I keep stickers packed away for use. I don't typically use them on the sets they came with, except for certain things I keep built or if they are cool (like the haunted mansion). Often when making a BL order I will add a lot of stickers to my order if I can imagine them being useful for MOCs.
  3. Are you able to close your poll or does that take higher power?
  4. I really like all the details and tightness of the build. The light in the furnace is a great effect!
  5. Your image is broken. You should just set a price for what you want or look up each figure and see how it goes Price to set usually depends on how fast you need or want them to sell.
  6. When I asked a TRU that was shutting down about taking some of the Lego display items (not sets, just decorations), they told me they had to ship them back to Lego. Sometimes you can find them on Bricklink and eBay.
  7. Great work, setup and editing.
  8. I feel bad for the zombies with the helmets on, they'll never get to feed! Poor lil' guys. Nice team design and a unique theme too!
  9. Man, it is terrifying to think of that undead riding an undead steed. At least it doesn't have wings! It's neat how you worked in a Chima head, I've been toying around with the idea myself but never came up with a working model for my theme.
  10. Nice group and stage. I especially like the one in black, he looks ready to kick some rotting zombie butt.
  11. I really like your guitarist, he looks so LOUD.
  12. I like the varied crew you've created. It would be nice to be able to see some more details on the front, if you could get some light and tighten up the photo a bit. Levy's mustache is great! Very quirky group there.
  13. (Left to Right) Russell Taylor - the leader of the family, he takes security seriously and nobody ventures out alone. His ability to track seems to indicate some sort of investigative background, but nobody knows for sure. James Cole - previously a member of the military, he is amazing with navigation. He doesn't talk much about his before life, but his skill with mapping and direction have been invaluable to the group. He never seems to get lost, even in the dark or underground. Owen Brady - rescued by the group when he'd somehow managed to scramble onto the top of an armored car. He was surrounded by the dead with no way down. He had dropped his crutch, had no weapon, and was trying to fend them off with an antenna he found on the roof. Sandra Steel - in a former life she was a middle school teacher. As part of the new family, she has shown she can be just and fair when there are issues to resolve. She fights and protects as if all those around her have always been her family, showing no prejudice or malice to anyone but the dead. Aaren Walker - not much is known about him, he's one of the newest to the group. His combat skills are unmatched though, and he is a valuable asset. He prefers a blade or even blunt weapon over a gun and is surprisingly stealthy for his size. I had a really hard time trying to decide on survivors or zombies for this category. I actually already created a group of zombies but after finishing my human team, decided they might be a better way to go. I might change my mind though, who's to say. There are actually 7 on the team, but the rules only let me show you 5. All minifigure parts are official LEGO brand. Bloody weapons are from Brickarms a few years ago, not painted. Gun, I think is Brickarms. Crutch is Brickwarriors.
  14. Flatbed UV printer is the least expensive/easiest way. They start around $2500 plus inks.
  15. I don't see that happening, it would not make any sense for TLG to create an America-specific CMF series like that. Possibly world leaders, but even then it seems like it could create some issues (who was left out and why?).