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  1. Please see LuxorV's response to the same question. It would have saved a lot of time for everyone if you'd at least glanced at the forum you posted in since the answer was right there. I've merged your thread with the one that was created only a couple days before yours.
  2. I hope they wake up in time for the game!
  3. Yes! Irksome for sure. I'll never complain about too many figures, accessories, hair, hats, there's never too much. I will agree that there are gaps, especially in tiles. However, 2017 and 2016 brought a lot to fill in those gaps, so it seems TLG does know what consumers want. Even us lowly AFOL.
  4. I wouldn't say that looks anything like the nexo knights shield which has no studs and isn't the same shape. Something like this already exists as a 3rd-Party product from Brickforge. Personally, I don't see much use or reason behind it, especially considering the cost. https://www.brickforge.com/Introducing-HEXIBRIX/
  5. Welcome to Eurobricks.
  6. Yes, it says AC/DC in the Ninjago alphabet. It was covered in another thread at one point.
  7. I'm way more excited for this series than I thought I'd be when it was first announced. There are some really great new headgear and torsos here, and accessories! Thank you for the wonderful and detailed review, WhiteFang
  8. Current vote tally 1 vote for Gopher PA (Zepher) - tariq j 6 vote for Bob Fosstud (Patrat) - Kintobor, Rider Raider, Shadows, WhiteFang, Dragonator, Umbra-Manis 1 vote for Roger Ebrick (Lord Duvors) - Actor Builder 2 votes for Finn Foley (Tariq J) - TinyPiesRUs, Zepher 2 votes for Brick Affleck (Actor Builder) - jluck, mediumsnowman You still have 3.5 hours left in the day. A majority vote (9) is required to lynch a player.
  9. Looks pretty neat, but could really use some more detail photos here. If you link the images instead of trying to attach them to your post, you can put as many as you want in the thread so we can check it out.
  10. The catalog on Bricklink is pretty solid. You might be able to figure out just what you have there. Modulex (100) Modulex, Brick (39) Modulex, Tile, Decorated (894) Modulex, Window (58)
  11. On the other hand, I'd only have to buy two sets instead of two boxes if there are no new accessories.
  12. I never got a shipment order, it simply arrived.
  13. My order came in today. Hopefully will call again this week and try to get some tigers, if I'm lucky.
  14. "There was an incident on Backlot C. Unfortunately, Steve Studds is no longer available to help investigate Mr. Iger's murder." "However, we have managed to wrangle help from Brick Affleck, so no need to worry!"