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  1. This is a great train. I really like the sleeping car interior a lot.
  2. You can get the discount now even without a sticker since they don't put stickers on anymore. So all cups are usable for PaB discount
  3. The Council are Regulators for the Heroica forum, they can all manage the posts and edit as necessary.
  4. Why would they not want that? Those have been around for years already. I suppose they can only develop new cloth items once in a while, for some reason unknown to us little people. There was a rumor somewhere that a trench-coat might be in the works, that would be a more exciting to me than a smoking robe, more uses anyway.
  5. I'm not sure, the help documents say it is html but I've had no luck typing in html. I guess the developer just wants everyone to use the editor for some reason. Hopefully they will get enough customer complaints to add back some sort of editor some day
  6. I don't know off-hand. The best way to find out is to check Bricklink "by Color" for the arms. Though it's not always 100%, very new parts might not be listed yet. You might be able to locate this way: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogColors.asp?utm_content=subnav. It will take some time.
  7. Are you asking the community to design/redesign something that you are planning to sell, based on your own fictional world/story?
  8. Have you tried pasting BBCode into the post box? I still type code directly into the editor and it seems to work. From what I understand though, BBCode will be completely removed in some future release of the software. The plain text version of the editor doesn't exist anymore, it's not a matter of enabling it, it's been removed by the software developers.
  9. Big balls of snow~
  10. You can download the manuals in PDF form directly from Lego if you just want building instructions.
  11. I don't think it's going to be possible to get exact matches without your own factory One thing you can do is set up a watchlist on bricklink with what you want, even if something doesn't officially exist in sets in a color it will sometimes appear there for sale. Money might be a problem for those though.
  12. Pretty neat. I was thinking about a similar project myself at one point. It's a fun take on the monochrome figure craze.
  13. Beneath the Treehouse
  14. I can help out with the edits side until a new leader is chosen/announced.
  15. I really like the goofiness of those two figures, like the mighty micros line. They make me laugh.