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  1. This isn't really the place to discuss forum moderation I do hope a couple people come and vote one of those figures as a winner soon. So much dragging! They are both so great though
  2. Something to keep in mind is that LEGO isn't an action figures company, it's a building blocks company. The figures are meant to be a supplement to any set and and not the sole focus. I think even TLG has lost sight of this in some lines. That would be sweet. Then I could just pull it out and replace the headgear and be on my way!
  3. samurai-turtle is correct, Community forum doesn't add to your post count.
  4. As a new member, you are not allowed to post for sale topics. Star Wars is not the place for sales topic, and thus your thread is moved to the appropriate place, but contact information has been removed.
  5. Discussions about "not Lego" belong in community, therefore your post has been moved.
  6. What you've done here is basically put out a post which belongs in the B/S/T/F forum. As you are still WELL under the required posts, I'm going to shut this down and move it to the appropriate forum.
  7. Day one is unlocked, I forgot you guys couldn't quote from a locked thread.
  8. Not necessarily. I'd vote for either of the two current figures over the Faun any day.
  9. All of your reasoning seems a bit harsh. Elf is still the only of it's kind for people that don't use fleshies, he introduced that wonderful new bow, amazing print on body and shield. Overall a wonderful figure and in many people's top 10 or higher, based on comments I've seen.
  10. Please see LuxorV's response to the same question. It would have saved a lot of time for everyone if you'd at least glanced at the forum you posted in since the answer was right there. I've merged your thread with the one that was created only a couple days before yours.
  11. I hope they wake up in time for the game!
  12. Yes! Irksome for sure. I'll never complain about too many figures, accessories, hair, hats, there's never too much. I will agree that there are gaps, especially in tiles. However, 2017 and 2016 brought a lot to fill in those gaps, so it seems TLG does know what consumers want. Even us lowly AFOL.
  13. I wouldn't say that looks anything like the nexo knights shield which has no studs and isn't the same shape. Something like this already exists as a 3rd-Party product from Brickforge. Personally, I don't see much use or reason behind it, especially considering the cost. https://www.brickforge.com/Introducing-HEXIBRIX/
  14. Welcome to Eurobricks.