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  1. Oh yeah, that stuff. I thought you meant the post content. I don't think that would/has ever been done on a default theme (which is what we are using now), so even though I can't say it won't be, I wouldn't bet on it happening. I'm not sure when/if Mister Phes will be able to re-implement the fancy Pirates theme, but I hope so.
  2. Are you on mobile or desktop? I'm not seeing this issue on desktop, the text is black on white from my viewpoint.
  3. An additional word of warning: Doing this might break any and all links in the post you edit (only on old posts from before the upgrade). Always use preview before saving and be ready to fix the links. They will still look like links, but they will point to the thread you are in and not to the original destination. It's not completely dead yet. You can still use the basic BBCode most users already had access to, and most old threads should eventually be looking mostly ok again when the scripts are complete. You can still manually type out BBCode as well, but it's really unnecessary and more work than needed if you have any sort of rich text editor you can copy/paste from. Of course, if you want to keep your code clean you can do it manually and it will render correctly.
  4. Yeah, Flickr made it a bit unintuitive to find. Glad you found it, I'm so use to using it that I never thought others might not know how to get to it since they moved it.
  5. Yes it does, I refuse to build a Flickr tutorial in this thread. It is very simple though, you go to the RIGHT SIZE image and copy the URL. I guess you'll just have to wait for a step-by-step tutorial if you can't figure out what I've said the past few posts. Additionally, it sounds like your netbook is running the mobile version of the site.
  6. A woman covered in a dark green cloak and hood walks into the hall quietly. She looks at the empty quest board and sighs, mumbling under her breath. "Looks like I came back at a bad time." After stopping by the bar to order a dark brew, she relaxes in her favorite chair by the fire and sips the stout drink.
  7. It does, actually. You just go to the image and click "copy image url" and paste it in. It's not just Flickr, it's any image with a proper URL.
  8. It has been mentioned before, but to reiterate: tutorials will be updated for this new software in the near future. As for Flickr, it is much easier now as you don't need any share code. Just copy the URL for the image and past it into the post.

    You can use the "insert media from URL" on the post, or you can just paste the URL into the message and the board will render the image for you. Even though the BBCode still works, it might best to use the non-BBCode method because with the the lack of support for BBCode (essentially deprecated), I would guess that one of the future upgrades will render it unusable all together.
  10. Are you on mobile or desktop? The desktop version works like the old site with the bricks on the left when browsing a forum. When looking at "unread content" listing there is a blue dot to the left if each post which takes you to the first unread post. I'm not sure on mobile a t the moment but it does seem different.
  11. Yeah, it's really strange. I haven't figured out the pattern on when it says Save and when it said Edit Topic. While doing some work in BF&C, it was seemingly random. :shrug:
  12. Sometimes it does say "Save"
  13. Be sure to double check via preview first. There are times that the new system can create some issues that need to be addressed before saving your post. Extra line breaks and such.
  14. I'll see if I can fix your first post for you. Hang tight. Edit: Next time, you just need to grab the URL at YouTube from the browser address bar (not Share) and paste it into the post box here. Don't use any media tags or anything like that. Wait a moment for it to show up and then save.
  15. ASK HERE

    Yes: Help with identifying parts/sets!