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  1. For most folks, the space required for a figure 8 with a bridge or similar is way to great. You would need a tone of space. Much more than a 2.5% incline and you start running into steam locos not working so its more about small hills and such on most AFOL layouts. When you get into the huge LUG layouts, they are using different height table to create the clearance for bridges and such.
  2. I know that the recommended max slope is 1 plate per straight so you have a 2.5% incline. I think that producing a set of straights that have sloped rails but perpendicular sleepers would be ideal. then you need a slope start and a slope end and how ever many in between to over come the obstacle.
  3. Thank you!!
  4. That looks great! If you want the engine to actually power these wheels, I posted some LXF's here:
  5. That looks awesome do you have any more pics of those great looking well cars!?!?
  6. Regular Car Reviews is great hahahaha
  7. WOW! These look great!
  8. This is awesome! I have backed the project!
  9. Do you have a link to the facebook group?
  10. Here is an updated diagram showing that the Siding Curve works with the same 2-2/3 stud spacer to complete the yard ladder. I hope this is helpful! I really want to get a versatile solution to get the most support possible!
  11. That is what I am saying that the "split track" could be 8 studs shorter on the straight side to allow for more geometries. Then if the traditional 32 stud straight, you just add a half (8 stud long) straight. The yard ladder is going to need a custom piece no matter what and a 2-2/3 straight makes more sense to me that an entire set of custom parts.
  12. Does this help visualize better what I mean? The 24 stud makes so much more sense and the standard switch can still be created by adding an 8 stud straight.
  13. Thanks for the response! I really do think that the Yard switches should just be 8 studs shorter with a 2-2/3 straight to make up the grid difference. This will give the most flexibility and the 8 studs fits nice in the grid with everything else so you could re-purpose them for different geometry. I can make a couple more drawings if you need to show what I mean.
  14. Lots of info there. Here are some basics: Large train drivers like what you see on the L motor frames and on other steam engines are typically placed in Flanged/Blind/Flanged configuration. The radii of TLG curves are too small for all the wheels to be flanged. The other smaller wheels you see on steam engines are called the bogies and they come in many different forms.
  15. This doesn't look like it will. It would require another turnout "Split Track" section (part after the switch mechanism) that makes a total length of 24 studs for the turnout. Then it will require an odd ball 2-2/3 stud straight to make the ladder tracks work. You can see here how it would work here. The spaces are 2-2/3 long and the farthest space to the right is 2 of those together for 5-1/3: I hope that makes sense. @Lowa, would this be something that could be added to the kickstarter or as a product after the kickstarter? Its one new "Split Track" piece and a yard ladder straight that is 2-2/3 studs long. Another option would be to have all of the "Split Track" sections be shortened by 8 studs and then use a half or full length straight to make traditional geometries. It would also open up to more geometries because the straight section of the track is 24 studs instead of the traditional 32. I really like these and I will definitely be backing the kickstarter.