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  1. I did! I thought it was interesting how lego threw that into the mail to promote it. PS: I got it a week ago if that means anything different, .
  2. I always kept thinking about how awesome a port would be! I can imagine lego creating the perfect 30th anniversary set by having buildings around the town that memorialize past pirate waves, for example a house for the admiral of the Caribbean Clipper, a mansion for Governor Broadside, and a troops arsenal. Of course this would be for the bluecoats because they were the original imperials that lego made. And the set could throw in a remake of the BSB, that would be updated to have a full captains cabin and a gun deck. Of course this is just fantasy but the set would be around $350.
  3. at my local toy shop I found the lego star wars microfighter AT-AT from series 2!
  4. I would presume so. My guess is that we will hear about official set descriptions late May to all of June, then probably pictures will follow around late July through August. It is crazy for me to hear that Kylo Ren's Star fighter might be more expensive than the First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. My prediction though for the minifigures would be Kylo Ren with an updated face print to match his scare in the movie and he would have the original style of cape according to some of the rumors on the film set (apparently he wears one of Darth Vader's old capes?), then Captain Phasma would have to come in this one or the Gorilla Walker and with that set already having two exclusive minifigures it would make since to separate the main characters out, then the last minifigure would have to either just be a normal FO Stormtrooper or a TIE Fighter pilot as we have seen lego put extra pilots in most star fighters in the past. If I am correct here I would presume that this set and the Gorilla Walker will be the most bought sets of the wave because of the minifigures.
  5. I see what your getting at here...I see why lego couldn't do this, but lego has never done more than two different ships in a wave...I can't imagine them making four main ships and some canoes for the islanders. It's just way to much to have for one and even two waves.
  6. Has everyone seen the new highwayman from theminifigure series? I think this is perfect example of the next pirate line...what I mean by that is the cloak piece along with the bandana. I would be happy to see these in future pirate sets!
  7. I would really like to see the French Troops that you design mainly because of my interest in French navel vessels in the 1800's
  8. These are really well designed! I absolutely love the Napoleonic war as well so seeing these minifigures just brings joy to me. Beautiful troops!
  9. I feel like your right kinda. Lego should have made their may the 4th promo to be a normal sized R2-D2 with more printing (side and back printing) and made it available to connect to the R3-M2 droid.
  10. I am personally not really excited for this R2-D2 promo mainly because I like having a collection of minifigures that vary in value. But at the same time I admire lego for changing it up this year. I think this build will still be for collectors for sure but I admire the fact that it seems kids can play with it as well. I hope lego does more polybags like this in the future but instead being able to buy it in stores
  11. Mine would have to be 7946 King's Castle mainly for memories sake. It was my first castle set ever and I got it for $70 at target when it was first released! But for build sake it would have to be 6918 Blacksmith Attack. Such an amazing build and accessories with such a cheap price! Has to be my favorite for sure.
  12. when you do please post your fixes! I would love to see it
  13. If you go to 19:55-20:11 he shows some pictures comparing sizes of the QAR and BP.
  14. Your right! I didn't notice this before you made me look for it. That's a shame because I also use those open studs to keep the oars safe. It's weird how lego would make a new mold just to get rid of that.
  15. if anyone goes to the lego store tomorrow and builds it I would love to hear your opinion! Im trying to get multiple opinions on the set before I rush into it