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  1. I am honestly in love with this ship! To be honest I am surprised in myself. When I heard they were doing the silent mary I got heavily disappointed that it wasn't the BP or FD. But now that I look at it I love it! I am honestly disappointed with the lack of the same scale spreader around (mainly the "doors"). I am also really confused how lego didn't throw in any firing cannons! Not like I wanted them badly or anything but it shocks me that in an official lego set theg would use brick built cannons. The design and price is amazing and you can tell that the lego designer was not slack in off with this one! Buying this ship pn the first day for sure!
  2. I wonder how there going to make salazar as a minifigure. I can almost guarantee you he will have a new hair mold. Also is anyone else wonder I what Jack sparrow will look like? The original one back in 2011 looked really good with the hair mold and the printing. I don't know if they can make him much better. Also congratulations Scarilian for getting 1,000 posts!
  3. I didn't notice that before. Interesting. I guess he is a ghost so he must've got his eating cut off before he died? Or maybe it just fell off. Beats me
  4. Interesting. It will be interesting having exclusive DLC's for this game. I am also very interested in the lego worlds soundtrack, along with the easier building techniques.
  5. Where did you find this?
  6. I think it depends on how big of a part it has in the movie. If it's like the flying Dutchman's triple guns they really need need make them fire. But if its just decoration and never fires in the movie then I can see them skipping out on it.
  7. Interesting i nver really looked at that. We might get a new double cannon mold. Or they might just put two original cannons back to back. I can't see lego making those cannons that might be on the under deck if there not supported by anything.
  8. Does anyone else have the feeling that we might be getting a new cannon mold? There is no gun deck on the silent mary so the only way lego can add cannons is to put them on the top deck which they are if you look at the movie set picture. If I know lego's ship width that they normally stick to. Have in the cannons on the top deck will barely allow enough space for the deck itself to pose figures. Just an assumption.
  9. Even though we might be only getting half a actually ship because of the entire hall and middle mast missing. Im still most likely going to buy it just so I have all the characters and a great looking display ship. I would also be buying both of the brickheadz. Jack just to have a jack sparrow brickhead and the Salazar one so I can display him in front of the ghost ship.
  10. can anyone post a link to the reddit post? I can't seem to find it?
  11. I know its off topic to be talking about hammocks on the pirates of the caribbean forum but I can definitely say that I am bricklinkinga ton of those pieces
  12. I am 100% with you here. I really want to see something that goes down in the books. But I feel like the Flagship will hold its crown as king. Looking at the trailers I just can't see a proper gun deck on that "ship". I have a deep gut feeling that this might be one of those lego moments where they give us something that is ridiculously priced along with a small amount of minifigures.
  13. Its true honestly. When you look at the sail plan for the two ships there even identical.
  14. I'm going to guess 1.Jack 2.Will 3.Barbossa 4.Salazar 5.Will's son 6.Gibbs? 7.crew 8.crew