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  1. Yoda's hutt??? that is beautiful and maybe only $30!!! Must buy for sure!
  2. Well may I just say a warm welcome to Eurobricks! Also glad to see you have interest in it! It looks like an amazing set and one that I will certainly not miss out on! But remember once you buy one...your going to want more Lego
  3. I feel like lego might have some challenge with this new gorilla walker. There normal AT-AT has enough problems with the walking pose but now that the gorilla walker has longer legs. They would have to do more of a technic frame to fet the support that is needed. Idk about you guys but I feel like it would have a more curved back than the AT-AT because of it being called the gorilla walker. Probably more like a V shape and I can definitely see some struggles for lego with support and functionality.
  4. I would love to see some armada troops again! And a dream come true would be a ship and a fort for them! I would also not mind to see some bluecoats again especially because I feel they got ripped off in 2015 with only having two sets belong to them and of those being very weak and small.
  5. I haven't finished it yet but I am working on a modified version of my Imperial Flagship that I built from scratch. Same as you I bought all the imperial flagship sails on bricklink (back when they were still cheap). But I wanted to make a spanker sail for it. I read this one topic on eurobricks where they talked about making sails that feel just like the lego ones. If it works out and feels like a lego sail I can give you the details so you can make one for yourself.
  6. I really appreciate this moc! It really looks like the Imperial Flagship (guessing that it was your original intention) Also if I may ask two questions. How did you make your sails on this ship? Also Why didn't you include a spanker sail on the back?
  7. Not necessarily. Hot wheels came out with a line not to long ago where they sold gold models or the millennium falcon and slave 1 which I own both and they almost feel like a $20-$30 model and it was only $5! Back on topic though I actually like kylo ren's star fighter. Its different and I think thats good. It separates the two different trilogys. And I am most definitely lookin forward to lego making this.
  8. Yeah I saw it recently I'm probably going to get it mainly because of the nice sails and design.
  9. I'm going to be building the launch pad and the car that Carried the rocket
  10. Supper excited about this!
  11. I am especially excited for this set indeed, the way it is designed is almost perfection. All I can say is that im glad I didn't get the silent mary because this is a way better set. I am also really excited about this because it is such an amzing leap in human history. Also I want to work for NASA in that future so it makes it 10X better for me.
  12. Hey I don't know if this already been addressed but does anyone know how tall it is?
  13. I did! I thought it was interesting how lego threw that into the mail to promote it. PS: I got it a week ago if that means anything different, .
  14. I always kept thinking about how awesome a port would be! I can imagine lego creating the perfect 30th anniversary set by having buildings around the town that memorialize past pirate waves, for example a house for the admiral of the Caribbean Clipper, a mansion for Governor Broadside, and a troops arsenal. Of course this would be for the bluecoats because they were the original imperials that lego made. And the set could throw in a remake of the BSB, that would be updated to have a full captains cabin and a gun deck. Of course this is just fantasy but the set would be around $350.