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  1. when you do please post your fixes! I would love to see it
  2. If you go to 19:55-20:11 he shows some pictures comparing sizes of the QAR and BP.
  3. Your right! I didn't notice this before you made me look for it. That's a shame because I also use those open studs to keep the oars safe. It's weird how lego would make a new mold just to get rid of that.
  4. if anyone goes to the lego store tomorrow and builds it I would love to hear your opinion! Im trying to get multiple opinions on the set before I rush into it
  5. Awesome design! Especially love how you did the back! Any interior?
  6. I would love to see the Armada again! I might be a tad biased because the fact that the Armada Flagship was my first lego ship I got. But your right it is a tad overdue since we got them.
  7. I think instead of redcoats they might do bluecoats again. If they are in fact celebrating 30 years and maybe rehashing Eldorado fortress. It would make more since for them to do the bluecoats again. Also in that build in video he describes that the sails were made of a similar material as batman's cape which is the new style of capes. We might be seeing lego no longer use the paper sails and do a nice soft cloth like material instead. I would also expect them to make a big pirate ship to celebrate the anniversary with. But instead of a bluecoat ship they might make a big pirate ship which most of us have ben wanting for a long time. If they unfavorable do this I would not be surprised if they make a gun deck with the normal cannons but use the cannon build on the silent mary for a top deck design. I could honestly see it and I debate putting that cannon build on the top deck of my flagship.
  8. I don't think this was talked about but is it just me or are you guys curious on why lego didn't include any sword belts with this set? As far as I know those molds were owned by disney and lego had no rights to put them in any other themes. So why would lego not include the mold when they had the chance?
  9. interesting thoughts here. I support all of these and will gladly be wanting more of these parts in the future. You also forgot to mention the new black cutlass's released in the silent mary. I could see lego using them for the pirates and having the traditional grey ones for the "good guys". We do know that the next pirate line will be released in 2019 being the 30th anniversary in all so I could see maybe the new corner round smooth tile pieces in more sets, such as in banisters as used in the silent mary.
  10. I am on the same boat as you. I have one room to put a ton of lego's in. What I do though is keep all the stuff out that I am in the mood at looking at and box the other stuff for later. So I guess you can say that I am seasonal.
  11. Are you talking about the expense that it might be? Thats what I got worried about but now I just decided to buy the whole set.
  12. So sadly no captains cabin...kinda figured but I was really holding out for one. It's disappointing how the one play feature in the set is kinda fragile. After looking at this review I think I still am going to buy this set, mainly for those sharks and the minifigures. And besides it's good to have some diversity among my Imperial Flagship. And it does look like a great display model. Also we all have to remember that lego is never going to make a ship like this again, so if you kinda want a ghost ship you need to buy this one. Thank you GoldenNinja3000 for finding this review and thank you the brothers brick for making this review!
  13. This is really exciting! I have to admit im curious for how the shark dropping feature is going to play out in the movie. And I really dig the fact that they made the instruction manual similar to the lego ninjago's temple of airjitzu by showing some character descriptions along with a brief history of the model itself. And the book looks great! Finally we have a page piece that could be used in other themes and looks right. Overall I am getting more and more pleased with this set everyday! Also I am still holding out for a cabin but I feel like its not going to happen. On a side note is it just me or do I see a moving rudder? When you look at the ship it looks like there is a technic piece that connects to the steering wheel.
  14. I think the sandbox is still there you just have to unlock it first.
  15. For PC you do get a free music soundtrack and a ball cap that says Tt on it so you character can wear it around in game.