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  1. You can't break the cardinal rule of gluing LEGO since these aren't LEGO bricks. I have glued all my ME bricks together and then ballasted with LEGO bricks, which aren't glued. I am planning on replacing my R104s with BrickTrack ones when they are available.
  2. Here's the video from this weekend. I will say the Big Boy handled the R88 Curves just fine :) We did not really test anything other than the R104 and R88s, though you'll note the R72 and R56s are in the video.
  3. Yep, I really wanted to have some keystone cops music playing...
  4. Bumping this old topic. ALCO joined NILTC this past weekend at the Geneva (IL) Library show and he ran a couple of his trains. Here's the first video of them in action
  5. Don't cross your streams! :D
  6. As a backer of the ME curves years ago I received all 4 radi. The R104 and R88 are the most used and popular in my LTC. I only just opened my R56 this past week. We have standardized on the 88/104 setup and I believe I asked for the R120s as a way for Bricktracks to distinguish himself from ME. If you want R56 curves, they are already available from them and very rarely out of stock. R104s are the hard ones to get.
  7. There are 2 options: 1) Space out the gaps between each 2x8. That is what I did. 2) Follow the l-gauge.org R88 Ballasting standard. - JimP
  8. +1 for black but I did IC instead:
  9. Correct the flanges should support the wheels for the gap in the track, we just have very precise tolerances. Hence the wear taking care of the issue. As for the CoNO, I think it derailed at the crossover part and not later at the recieving point. I can't remember if that point was thrown. I do know in later tests all the points were thrown but I *think* I did that for all the tests.
  10. The last 2 weekends NILTC has participated in shows, first at the Abbey in Fontana WI and last weekend at the Arlington Heights (IL) Library. We were given the first prototype R104 double crossover from Coaster to try out. Ballasting was straight forward as seen here: The track is sitting on 2 32x32 and 1 16x32 baseplates for a total of 80x32. I was nervous at first because the flanges of the train wheels were bottoming out. This could have been a problem because we had the crossover on the mains but this only seemed to be happening when the trains were switching lines. When we ran the trains on the straights there was no problem. As the show went on, we saw less and less issues with the trains switching lines. It was like the tracks just needed a breaking in period.I created a video from my phone of the different trains going over the crossover at the Abbey show. It got to the point I wanted to see how fast I could do the crossing and with the exception of the CoNO, speed did not seem to be a problem. Overall I am pleased with the crossover and look forward to Coaster's next iteration, which will have more studs on the stringers. Coaster, I saw in another thread that Shapeways does a polished 3D print. Would that be an option here? Thanks to the CrispyBassist CMF for collecting all the telemetry data.
  11. I use Rubbermaid Roughneck totes in the 3, 10 or 14 Gallon size and the use foam wrap to prevent rubbing and rolling around. Orientation is very dependent on the rolling stock. These work well for taking the trains to shows.
  12. I believe the standard IR receiver limits amperage to 700 - 800 mAh range, so swapping batteries probably will not show a difference. But it is good to double check this. If you want to be sure, you can get yourself a V2 IR receiver from bricklink.
  13. Why not just make your own with 2x6 plate and straight rail? http://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=3228c#T=C
  14. If you have multiple motors in one engine then yes it can, so can the LEGO receiver. If there are multiple engines then you will have a cabling issue and I would recommend two S-bricks
  15. You may want to get yourself some me model track. The problem with the track as parts is it falls apart too easily to be usable. Many of us wind up kraggling the track together.