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  1. Don't invite the parents over?
  2. There were instructions on railbricks on how to improve the running. The back issues are at: http://brickmodelrailroader.com/index.php/2017/01/06/railbricks-magazine-now-available-heres-to-the-first-successful-week-at-bmr/
  3. I had to double take on the Hanjin container, that looks to me the corrugated panel. I did not know they made them in blue now! I'm going to have to order some and redo my CSX containers.
  4. Nice!
  5. They are modified BrickStuff Pico LED lights. One cable is driving both lights and I used the PF power cable to run them off the same battery as the motor. I could have run 2 cables and been unmodified but I had some broken cables and thought this would be a good use to recycle the LED. I have been picking prototypes that show off the different livery colors of IC/ICG. I already have a GP-38 in that livery so I need to find another interesting one. If I make it non-motorized, it would be easy to build.
  6. Said wonderfully. I was thinking the same thing but could not put it in words.
  7. Damn... that is a good suggestion I'll try that later today.
  8. You get the switches that have the lever on the outside/straight side. The only one that would be a problem is the crossover switch where you get the one on the inside/curved side.
  9. Here's my first attempt at making a small switcher that is PF powered. There are no special techniques in play the design should be self evident in that the PF components drove the design, though I think it turned out OK. I was even able to put in working headlights though they are a bit large. and for good measure, here is my reference photo:
  10. ME models, BrickTracks is not shipping nor has a funded Kickstarter campaign, yet.
  11. You can't break the cardinal rule of gluing LEGO since these aren't LEGO bricks. I have glued all my ME bricks together and then ballasted with LEGO bricks, which aren't glued. I am planning on replacing my R104s with BrickTrack ones when they are available.
  12. Here's the video from this weekend. I will say the Big Boy handled the R88 Curves just fine :) We did not really test anything other than the R104 and R88s, though you'll note the R72 and R56s are in the video.
  13. Yep, I really wanted to have some keystone cops music playing...
  14. Bumping this old topic. ALCO joined NILTC this past weekend at the Geneva (IL) Library show and he ran a couple of his trains. Here's the first video of them in action