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  1. Too beautiful from the outside, but what a rainbow inside! Very nice set with printed pieces
  2. Impressive, rendering is really real !
  3. Back to old style, it's fine for me and i like blue
  4. Congratulations to the winners!. so many entry and so many different MOC !
  5. same on win7 & firefox and Android & the default browser.
  6. 3: 10 9: 6 19: 4 22: 3 24: 2 1: 1 hard to choose !
  7. Bonjour, ce forum ├ętant en anglais, il vaut mieux y parler anglais pour pouvoir communiquer avec le reste des membres!! This forum is english so speak english to understand all members!
  8. hello, Here are my storage: briefcases come from a French DIY store. the rest is in the locker shelves sorted by color and shape.
  9. Welcome to Eurobricks, can you put photos and a description. I have not tried to see the video in light of the above comments !!
  10. Look good but there is no vertical rotation when the tractor moves up or down, the attachment may twist ?
  11. too late, delete !
  12. Hello, this is my harrow, made to not let my Claas without tools! I did modeling as LDD and the file is available here: http://bricksafe.com...42054_herse.lxf http://bricksafe.com...higgins91/42054 I only have 4 "grab element" for the moment that the harrow is not over. Sorry for the photo quality
  13. I do not see the conveyor chains! I did like Error404 when I gathered mine, bag after bag