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  1. Great job! I love this creation!
  2. Amazing! Absolutely fantastic my friend!
  3. Fantastic! Bruce would love it if he saw this! Haha in fact he and I are creating a flickr account, I make mocs of his items and Vic versa haha!
  4. Wow! Just wow! Great bat mobile man! I know Bruce would love it, he and I meet up a lot haha.
  5. Hahaha this reminds of a party I went to at Bruce's house! Hahaha he actually still has this bat mobile on display hahaha. Great rendition!
  6. Haha great pictures! Bruce would love them he's such a secret narcissist.
  7. Haha i know that LEGO made a set but its not very good for $40.00 US. I figured someone would have made a full MOC after the first Iron Man movie hahah not after the 3rd one hahaha
  8. wow! amazing! maybe do the hulkbuster from world war hulk? its a lot bigger ill tell you that much hahahah
  9. Very awesome! great rendition! best ive seen so far!
  10. The LDD design being editted here is amazing! I love it! However the MOC above with 2 mark 42 in it and 5 suit slots in the shop is incorrect. Heartbreaker (farthest suit on the right) was never displayed there, i kept him in the hall of armors directly below the shop
  11. Wow! Amazing! Just spectacular! Not to act like happy and be a stickler but the hall of armor is tube shaped haha, and i love the variety of armors you made! Very nice! great job on the details not only on the suits but on the hulkbuster as well! perhaps next you could build the thorbuster?
  12. well if you havent seen the movie yet that isnt the hall of armor, its just the northern part of my workshop where i display the first few prototype suits. The hall of armor is directly beneath the central platform where i store the other 35 suits. Anyway very very cool MOC blagnet, nice work! Maybe your next project will be the full garage?
  13. very cool MOC! this is good enough to be a real lego set! although im curious as to why no one has made a MOC of my mansion.