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  1. 11th alternate- forklift moc
  2. @LEGO presented their variation of Ken Block's Hoonicorn machine for the Gymkhama video. So I decide to have a reverse engineering challenge of the brick model. Could not find any rear photos so went for a freestyle build in the rear part. Full how to build tutorial in the video! Thanks for watching!
  3. 3rd alternate from the 75873 set- Audi R8 turned into a pick up moc
  4. 10th alternate from a single Speed Champions set- the 75877 Future Hypercar
  5. one more variation of the 60150 set
  6. Building tutorial for a custom 60117 Coupe Sportscar
  7. Tutorial video for the custom 60150 City off road car
  8. Alternate models made using only pieces from the LEGO Speed Champions 75873 Audi R8 set Drift car Formula Truck Thanks for watching!
  9. 10th 60117 alt- Articulated dump truck 11th 60117 alt- Tow truck
  10. 9th remake of the 75877 set- hot rod alternate
  11. 5th alternate is ready and the Pizza Van gets turned into a supercar service scene
  12. Next alternate- Speed Champions 75877 Helicopter moc
  13. here comes the 7th alternate from the 75877 set. It's the most alike with the original model but I just could not resist to make this curvy shaped and stylish looking sportscar moc.
  14. Thanks for the comments. Yeah the Pizza set is not just a great original set but also offers some creative extra options :)
  15. These are various alternate models I have made from the LEGO City 60150 Pizza Van set 1st- Sportscar & snack bar 2nd- airplane & air gates 3rd- Cargo truck 4th- JUNGLE off road car Thanks for watching!