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  1. Wow, this is fantastic! Did you work by any reference material or did you just try to get that Jedha style of the architecture?
  2. Yeah, and that small battery of the size of the PF receiver should be able to power a small village, right? It seems FW upgrade gets stuck for the first time by many. I wasn't so patient, so when that 'minute' was over, I imediately restarted the phone and the app and it when right through. If I'm not mistaken, this was the recommended procedure by the Buwizz team a couple of pages back...
  3. All my parts are spare parts :-) I find it to expensive just to sit on a shelf... about 60k of those spares - well some are not technic...
  4. Great work! THe finished orange one looks superb! Was it difficult to replace the u-joints?
  5. Really cool trip indeed, thank you for sharing and congratulations again!
  6. Hi guys, Roni made it possible for me to test buwizz as well and under same conditions as Cwetqo. I was lent two units as well and received them in same package as seen on the photos from Cwetqo. I must say the boxes are prety neat - I like it a lot as it has nice prints on all sides ob the box showing the buwizz dimensions. First impression - boy this Buwizz is small! With connectors of the motors attached, it is still a LEGO plate lower than the original AAA box (without the connectors on) and has the same length and with. I tested the two units on LG G3 running on Android 6.0 and works like a charm. Managed to test on LG G PAD tablet with android 4.4.2 for a short while and there were some issues as the tablet seems to have to be available to be seen for other devices...but when I got it to connect it, worked as it should. Have to try some more on the tablet. The App really is quite basic for now, but I find it quite intuitive to use and defining commands to certain port is prety straight forward. There are three preset profiles which use different combos of a joystick button, and vertical sliders. No horizontal sliders, on/of buttions for lights or gyro controls for now though, but I guess that will all be available in time. 1st: Racing car with a round yostick button command for one handed driving and steering. 2d: 42009 ultimate crane setup with two buwizz 3rd: 8275 ultimate bulldozer with two buwizz I tested on two of my MOC yet to be presented, a TT crawler (L motor for drive and M motor for steering) and an arctic tracked wehicle with two L motors for steering (2xLA) and 2xXL for drive) For the crawler I tried 1st setup, but I prefer my steering and driving on separate commands so I modified setup no 2. Works great, proportional driving and steering works flawless and with no lag in transfering commands from app to buwizz. For now, the app doesn't provide the ability to add 2 or more ports on buwizz to one command, so I tried 2XL motor on one port for driving my second MOC - I am impressed - Motors were driven with no problems even in fast mode - on a regular PF system there seem to be cuts of power even with one XL motor per port, but no cuts of power noticed on buwizz with 2 XL motors on one port! Good job buwizz team! Now regardind the speed modes - my specimens have thre speed modes and work as it should. Slow mode is reall slow, normal mode seems a bit stronger to me than the regular PF system and the fast mode is FAST! That ludicrous mode should be really insane if they do implement it :-) So I don't know why Cwetqos bricks have only one FAST speed :-) Maybe something to fix in iPhone App... That's all from me now, I hope I manage to make videos of the two mentioned MOC asap, but I'm leaving for a short vacation so nothing to expect in next two weeks... Regards, Miha
  7. @aminnich: 4 motors on one port are definetly your problem. No way that IR receiver can take all the current so it shuts down to prevent from melting :-)
  8. Exelent colour choice and the 4x4 sticker really adds to it. I also like the photo environment - seems you've vacuumed that concrete really thoroughly ;-)
  9. I like the idea of elimination tournament as @Jeroen Ottens suggested. It would prolongue tje voting period though.
  10. I guess the sponsor would be at least delighted if not thrilled to see a category with his competitions' product . This is the first time I actually saw some battle bots wars on YT, It seems most bots have one or two weapons. Does someone know if that is somekind of rule in real life competitions? As I see it, the more moving and exposed parts the real bots have, the more are they vurnerable to getting "killed". Indeed looks a thrilling hobby, those bots are indeeddeadly!!! And the arena looks very cool (and deadly) as well.
  11. The printed parts look really good!!! - unfortunately I think to good actualy. I mean no disrespect, but I think it is to much, kinda kills the whole point of LEGO for me. Why use original parts at all then? Ok, a part here and there, but this is the essential part of the truck here... I realy liked the original arm much much better.
  12. The new front headlight is much much better than the old googly eye. I wonder how it would look if youd finish it with this part:in black of course.
  13. Impressive 12 hour build, I wouldn't come pass the axles in that short time. I really like the agressive stance of the car, the only thing I'm not envious about are the front lights. I don't like how they stick out and IMO should be wider and somewhat more integrated into the mudguard. All in all - this is, again, great creation!
  14. Sorry efferman if this is an odd question, I admit I haven't read all the posts here - Is this orange version a total redesign of your competition model or only recoloured version. Well the cabin is obviously different, but did recolouring also demand redesigning due to parts availability? So far, I like it better, than the competition version.
  15. Fantastic creations. I especially like the control levers in the pickup. The "speeder" seems relly fun to play with. Maybe I am not too fond of the colours, bu that's just me :-)