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  1. Finally - a redemption for Technic Line 2017. First set after Claas, that I will actually eagerly await to land on my desk. Thanks for a great review!
  2. I haven't read the text just yet, but the photos....the phoooootoooos man - I could eat them, they're so good!!! Despite the set is what it is, this review is a real eye-candy from top to bottom!
  3. Thank you all for your great work. I was thinking about replicating this cool module by myself, but you are way to fast for me ;-) Hats off to the original designer as well! Very ingenious idea and execution.
  4. Thanks for the review and for confirming my thoughts on this set. A missed oportunity for TLG to make the Technic line even greater...
  5. Fantastic design of the chassis and the body. I really don't mind the unrealistic suspension - it looks great and as has been said - it is really reliable and efficient! Thx for the instructions.
  6. Thanks, Well it depends how much have you put on the bed. I my video you can see how it managed with 1 kg of bricks on it. The winch is driven by worm gear (24:1 reduction) so M motor didn't struggle at all. Even with batteries worn a bit out, it managed to lift the bed, but significantly slower. It is crucial that the string sits well ont the pulley wheels below the bed. You must be also careful not to unwind the string to much as it will cause falling of the pulleys.
  7. Mindblown! Again! By! Your! Work! I have to admit that your Claas harvesters are still my favourite, but this one is breathing right on their neck! So a full 7 months for this build? How do you design? With software or directly with bricks? I totaly agree and second Milan on HOF! CONGRATULATIONS! And a "Pro" tag would suit you nice, but u fortunately that's not up to me...
  8. Wow, this a real treat!!! Congratulations on such a compact design of the functions and fantastic looks. I really like how good you managed to overcome that lifing hinge of the back part with three functions! 11/10!
  9. Hi again, after 1536 years and a couple of days I finaly managed to prepare a humble building photo sequence - a.k.a instructions and you can get them here. Enjoy. Best regars, Miha
  10. Fantastic! I really like it a lot! It looks like you plan to attach something more in front of the module (pins) - what is it? The gondolas system is really unique. What tilts them over on the bottom?
  11. It really flies through snow. Excellent! Any wear on the tracks or axles?
  12. Amazing MOC and an excellent upgrade. Makes me wanna play :-)
  13. Wow, very well packed, especially the servo. I don't mind slightly bigger tires, they give the cart a bit "chibi" look. Indeed looks like a lot of fun. How damaged are the L motors?
  14. I also couldn't resist 1k in our LUGs bulk buy a few years ago. I wanted to try out the wheel designs by Milan and I have a similar tracked vehicle waiting to be presented. @Sariel: Another great built as to be expected from you :-) Do small LAs only articulate the vehicle, or can they pull the front up and down as well? I used big LAs, which articulate and pull up and down. The only problem is, that the joint looks to big and unnatural. I managed to camouflage it a bit. My tracks are now almost one year on the vehicle and it seems as they stretched a bit, since the grip is not as good as in the beginning. They are driven by all 4 sprockets per cart.