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Found 3 results

  1. Wardancer

    Dark Elves

    UPDATE February 2018: Boar Blocker Guards UPDATE January 2018: Cold One Riders UPDATE September 2017: WITCHES!! UPDATE MAY 2017: Wavebreaker Guards UPDATE January 2017: Harpy sisters attack Wood Elf rider in "Nightly Harpy Havoc" Dark Elves In times of peril, some Elves resort to calling upon darker powers to aid their endeavors. It is said that some of these unfortunate get lost in the dark arts. But do not be misled, this is not what happened with the Dark Elves. They have been simply... evil... as long as their stories were told. Their dark Gods are different from ours - and can never be harnessed for any greater purpose. Dark Elf Lord von MWardancer auf Flickr Dark Elf Lady von MWardancer auf Flickr Dark Elf Soldier von MWardancer auf Flickr Dark Elf Advent von MWardancer auf Flickr C&C welcome! Customized parts: - all male figs were (affordable!) keychains - Brickwarriors helmets and weapons - CapeMadness Capes - the lady's dekollete had to be painted white - dark blue gems are cut off antennas
  2. General Murcielago on Demagogue the Cold One Cold ones are the Dark Elves' mount of choice during all seasons, but foremost in winter, when shadows get frosty and the lizards thrive. General Murcielago and Demagogue share their hate of warm beings and flowers of any kind. General Murcielago on Demagogue the Cold One (1) by MWardancer, auf Flickr General Murcielago on Demagogue the Cold One (2) by MWardancer, auf Flickr List of customization techniques and products: - painting the beast: the Cold One is a knockoff brand mini Indominus Rex, they cost about 1 Euro, painted with thinned Citadel Games Workshop paint - always wear your hat in winter: head armor is a knockoff brand mini Triceratops head, sawed and sanded to fit, painted - you wear a hat, too, son!: the fig's helmet is made by Nicebricks, custom painted by me - look Ma, to eyes: the eyes are painted on yellow paper - Eternal flame: a Brickwarriors Naginata sawed off and combined with a flame - always bring your coat: furry cape is from CapeMadness - leg'o' lego: my usual fake leg technique for unmountable creatures: saw off legs, glue them on, conceal side with thickly painted paper - armore ohoo: armor and arm armor are from Brickwarriors, painted
  3. UPDATE 15.02.15: New Version 1C Falcon below DeadlySpearThrowers 1a and 1b: The Griffin and the Raven Elves usually do not trust in machinery - except when it comes to giant bows. Initially designed as a ranged cavallery killer, the DST has quickly spread through the kingdoms as an all purpose war machine. Put them on your towers, put them on your ship and neither man nor beast will harm you. Mimicing color and shape of well known predators such as the griffin and the raven, the DST 1 strikes with force beyond the power of a human individual and spreads peace easily. Quickly deployed and maintenance free, it is popular amongst factions with different concepts of moral. The Raven version of the DST1 enjoys excessive use by the so-called "evil" factions, but other factions also like to employ it for nightime objectives. If this is ever becoming available on brickling mocshop, I recommend to equip your army with one of the many colors available. . von MWardancer auf Flickr . von MWardancer auf Flickr 3 front von MWardancer auf Flickr 4 total with elf von MWardancer auf Flickr 5 perspective von MWardancer auf Flickr 2 total von MWardancer auf Flickr 1 above von MWardancer auf Flickr 3 front von MWardancer auf Flickr 4 front with elf von MWardancer auf Flickr 5 perspective von MWardancer auf Flickr This is a redo of an older moc of mine, but I did not want to revive a long dead topic. C&C welcome.