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Found 2 results

  1. Deep under the icy mountains of Marden, a cold planet at the edge of the galaxy, Kawashita Group create a new laboratory for studying the depth of geology... A few minutes before, he had spoken with the board, the CEO in person, Narbilu, and the Second Branch Executive, Mister S, they were really pleased by his work there and looking forward to the experiments that will be carried on. "The CEO is happy by our works, men!" he announces entering the first room: the laboratory was carved in the cold stone of the mountains of Marden, some rooms had been covered with concrete and plastic, others had been left rough. There were laboratories and storage rooms, dorms and rest rooms; the laboratory could house a few dozens of people, from the security personel to the scientist in charge of the experiments. Alexander announcement was welcomed by the satisfied comments of his crew, they had worked hard to prepare everything within the limits set and now it was recognized their effort. Now the laboratory is ready to starts its work... = = = = = = = = = = Here we are with my build for the Tecnology Tree and about Geology! I hope you'll like it! Enjoy!!!
  2. ---------- ID // Virtual Space -- C09 x 1000bpis -- Acess required // // Access granted -- Log K1 required // // Secure channel -- KG property -- Enter pswrd A70 // / *****-**/ // Access granted // // Open stream // ---------- SCIENTIFIC OUTPOST Location: Orinshi, Area 6 Status: Active Welcome new member, We are happy to add you to our dear family of the Kawashita Group, where excellence is rewarded, pride and honor, celebrated. You chose well and we promise you a bright future. May Kawashita bring fortune to you and your close ones. Oops, I forgot to introduce myself. I am ISEE-4, automotivated AI based on Orinshi. I will guide you through our science installation of Area 6. As you know, science has always been at the heart of Kawashita, from the very first creations of our great leader Osamu Kawashita to the extraordinary discoveries we are making today. The Andromeda System is full of new paths to explore. It is our duty to lead the way and understand what we are surrounded by. Everyday, scientific outposts across the Pearl of Jade (C09 Orinshi) help us get closer to these goals by analyzing the thousands of samples sent by our courageous explorers across the galaxy. The Area 6 installation is specialized in biotechnologies and robotics. There, you will help our best scientists understand Orinshi's ecosystem to push the boundaries of science with our understanding of artificial intelligence. (...) You can easily and quickly reach the outpost with our elegant monorail system, which now covers up to a quarter of Orinshi! Enjoy the view and don't miss the famous Gincolx flyers and gigantic Eden trees. Or you can hitch a ride in our impressive "Bat" B57-model Carrier. It's usually crowded with laboratory packages, but the crew should let you slip in a crack with no problem (as long as you don't sing!). If you need fresh air, you can always borrow a land vehicle from our hangar bay and go safely explore the endless jungle. But don't forget to bring back samples! Before you leave, don't forget to say hello to our physicists and engineers! They're always working hard to bring you the latest data in the impressive TWIN complex. Who knows, if you get them on your side they may let you in on well-guarded secrets, or even grant you access to the Radar Tower! Thank you for reading this log, read the annex for more details. I hope you will enjoy your stay at Area 6 Scientific Outpost. May your journey be safe and exciting in the KG family, To Honor and Glory, ISEE-4 // End log // ---------- P.s: I have a problem. Since the image size limit on Eurobricks is 800x... (something like that ), I upload images on Imgur of the same size (originaly 4000 pixels reduced to 800 pixels) so they fit in the limit. However, there's no link to any gallery, so it's not really possible to see bigger images. In this case, details get lost, as you can't zoom in without losing quality and getting blurry zoom-ins. Say I want to get a fine look at the build, is it possible to deeplink a big image (2000 pixels) but make it small (800 pixels) in the post, then click on it and it opens in another screen with the original size? Or do you have to use Flickr so that people can go to your gallery and enlarge the picture? Sorry if it's not clear. It's just bothering me.