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Found 51 results

  1. TenorPenny

    The CV-Tiburon

    CV-17 Tiburon The Tiburon-class Corvette the capital ship workhorse of the Gnobo League. Similar to corvettes belonging to other races and groups, the Tiburon’s main role is to escort and protect larger ships. The Gnobo ship is remarkable in that it features zero point defence weaponry; it’s offensive capabilities centre around a pair of double-barrelled particle cannons. The ship typifies the gun-ho Gnobo tactical approach. There is no finesse in it’s electronic systems, it’s shields are strictly average. These are not features the shipwrights prioritise. Instead, reinforced bulkhead and integrated armour plates mean the Tiburon is built to take a beating. This means the Tiburon can go head-to-head with frigates and destroyers and come out the other side in one piece. It’s obvious vulnerability is to enemy fightercraft, so the Gnobo mercenary brigades usually field the ship with an escort of Gun Skiffs. This Tiburon-Skiff combination is the most affordable option to most people looking to buy Gnobo assistance; it is not uncommon to see these corvettes fighting against each other on behalf of their respective employers, such is their prevalence. Manufacturer: Various Gnobo Shipwrights Role: Ship-to-ship assault, escort Length: 46m Crew: 19 Weaponry: 2 x Particle Cannons (double-barrelled, turreted) Shields/Armour: Light/Heavy FTL: Capable
  2. TenorPenny

    [MicroMOC] Washburn City

    Washburn Washburn is the US capital city of New Kansas, Kepler System. True to it’s namesake, New Kansas is a fertile farming world from which a wide variety of crops are cultivated and animals raised. Settlements range from small, old fashioned farms to large, mechanised outposts of synchronised machines and technology. Typical Washburn city block, complete with florist, house, bridge and traffic. Washburn is the hub for all manner of activity; business, education and pleasure. It is the port by which New Kansas feeds a large proportion of the Core Worlds. The city is home to several of the top biochemical and veterinary colleges of their kind. A giant spaceport sits on the outskirts of the city, big enough to accommodate the larger interplanetary barges for the transfer of crops and livestock. There is also quite the lively nightlife; most of these bars and cantinas centre around the American Cool Revival trend. They feature music and décor reminiscent of American days gone by. There exists a quiet acrimony the settlers who reside solely within Washburn and the more isolated farmers. The latter consider their city-based fellows stuck-up and pretentious. The former consider the farming population crass and uncultured. Above: a typical Washburn home The city is home to the New Kansas Senator, when she is not involved in democratic discussions back on Earth. Although officially neutral during the Pan-Eurasian War, several of the large farmers sold food to the under-siege Coalitionpopulation of Kepler II. One side of the story paints the farmers as saving the lives of starving children. The reality was that rich agricultural groups made huge profits breaking a neutrality clause set by the government. The US investigation into the food smuggling found no person or organisation culpable is considered a whitewash by the Coalition.
  3. TenorPenny

    [MicroMOC] Gun Skiff

    Gnobo Gun Skiff by TenorPenny, on Flickr More available here. he S-91 is the most widely produced of the GnoboGun Skiffs; filling the operational role of fightercraft, assault shuttle and ground attack vehicle (amongst others). It’s distinctive profile – two horns meeting a central body – makes for an instantly recognisable silhouette. The shape isn’t only for show: these two ‘horns’ bracket the landing ramp, meaning armed Gnobo infantry can quickly exit the ship under cover from both sides. The Gnobo mercenary brigades are famously rugged and hard to break down. If their large ships and infantry form the structure, the S-91 is the glue that holds it all together. It’s first role is that of a fighter. It is big and unwieldy by the standards of humans; who tend to rely heavily on a mix of different fighter types. It tends to suffer when pitted against more agile opponents, but it’s thick hide and potent armament gives it a competitive edge. It’s ability to travel Faster-Than-Light also grants a tactical advantage; akin to that of the human strike fighter. It also serves as an armoured shuttle for VIPs and infantry; it’s reputation for difficult landings and extractions is legendary. The Gnobo homeworld is mountainous and perilous; their warriors train on the most hazardous terrain that other races might consider near vertical and impossible to traverse, nevermind fight on. S-91 pilots are disciplined enough to drop and collect their soldiers on such terrain. It’s final role is that of a ground attack craft. Accurate terrain assault is a relative breeze compared to the difficulty faced in deploying soldiers in hazardous atmospheric conditions. It’s armamentof fragmentation cannons and multi-warhead missiles means it can cause chaos across large swathes of enemy terrain, disrupting industry and troop formations alike. It’s thick armour hide means it can shrug off a certain amount of anti-aircraft fire, too. A standard S-91 mission might be to deploy troops strategically and then support them from the air, but it can be seen throughout Gnobo tactical deployment. Length: 17m Manufacturer: GNSW Role: Fightercraft, Shuttle, Ground Attack. Crew: 4 Weaponry: – 3 x Fragmentation Cannons (forward firing) – 2 x Warhead launchers Armour/Shields: Heavy/Medium
  4. TenorPenny

    Hirudin Blackfin

    Blackfin The Blackfin is the first ‘crew-lite’ ship put into service by the Hirudin. Named after a ferocious carnivore of the Hirudin homeworld which was for hundreds of years the apex predator; until the Hirudin gained their powers of manipulation and brought it under their control. The Blackfin is designed to be swift and deadly; able to operate independently and mostly undetected until it decides to reveal itself. This stealth is achieved via technology and tactics; clever ECM and sensor-ghost shadows forming the cornerstone of ship systems. The subset of Trinaxenslaved by the Hirudin are viewed as cowardly thralls by their masters; it’s true that they have little stomach for battle and will flee at the first hint of defeat. The Blackfin is unique in that it features a collective of Hirudin – usually 4 or 5 individuals – as it’s captain. They control ship systems centrally via an advanced neuro-techno interface; any manual labour is performed by on-board drones. These robots require no life support, meaning the ship can prioritise other systems. Blackfins are the smaller end of capital-scale, technically, but operate more like their namesakes than naval assets. Sometimes they stalk prey alone from the safety of their sensor-shadows. Sometimes they work in packs to track and trap convoys of precious cargo. The mere threat of Blackfin attack is enough to make a seasoned merchant panic; the ship’s name is spoken with hushed tones. Hirudin – like the Wun’Tux – have no formal peace treaties with any species. They are known to probe and test at the border shared with the European Union colony worlds. The Blackfins avoid formal combat and instead sneak around, engaging isolated ships when conditions favour them. The axillary pre-War warships of the Union lack sufficiently clever and advanced sensors and fire control to hit the Blackfin very easily and several of the Cassardclass have been crippled in such an engagement. The newer Union ships have turned the tide against these insidious invaders, using advanced fire control and detection to track and outfox the Hirudin. The ship’s flaws are not difficult to discern; her weaponry is potent, but short range and unsuitable for prolonged engagements. Aside from it’s ECM and stealth abilities, it has little protection from fightercraft. What armour it has is angled to deflect enemy sensors and integrity suffers accordingly. Additionally, due to their insistence on ‘seeing’ space, the Hirudin ship masters’ bridge is visible on the surface of the vessel. It is made of a transparent metal alloy but remains vulnerable. “Smash the fish bowl, win a prize,” is a Union Navy jape frequently used.
  5. Alkinoos

    [MOC]Blacktron starship fleet

    Têta Fleet of the Alki's Corp. have an opponent in the Legoxie : the Blacktron Fleet. The technology of these starships is old in comparison with the Alki's Corp one, but his firepower is great. So is experienced the crew of the ships. The main ship is the battleship with many gun, in particulary 3 triple turrets guns. 2 cruisers with a smaller firepower but greater mobility surrond it. 2 fighters and a "beetle" complete the Fleet. =>Yamatorax battleship: => 2 Blacktron cruisers => 2 fighters assits the fleet
  6. TenorPenny

    The Wun'Tux

    Wun'tux Clanship by TenorPenny, on Flickr The Reptilian Wun'Tux hail from a mid-Rim, high-temperature solar system and have spread from it throughout the galaxy, seizing territory and power in equal measure. Since their initial expansion, the design of their primary warship has remained predominantly unchanged. Solidly built and remarkably low-tech, the Clanships are like Viking Longboats from old Earth times. One under-slung photonic shell cannon is a devastating anti-material weapon. The ship packs four flak-turrets to augment this potent weapon, making the Clanship a hard target for capital ships and fighters alike. Smaller, more nimble capital ships can out-flank this unturreted photonic cannon, but the Wun'tux clans delight in surprising their enemies and having the upper hand. Notorious slavers, the Wun'tux clans use the pressed labour of other species to both build and crew the Clanships. Lives under the yoke of a Clan'head commander are short and brutal, and at the end of a battle most Clanships board and press gang any surviving enemies into their crew. Most defeated crews are quick to activate their self-destruct before this happens. Crew: 10 Wun'Tux, upto 40 slave crew. Weaponry: 1 x Photonic Shell Cannon (forward facing) 4 x Flak Turrents (doral and belly pairs) Special: Duranium Armour plating, easily modified and replaced. Clan Gunship by TenorPenny, on Flickr Larger and longer ranged than a standard star fighter, the early Earthling colony and military forces used gunship-class vessels to protect and expand their new homes. Early in their conflict with the Earthlings, the Wun'Tux found themselves confused by the concept and translation. Folklore says a particularly unimaginative Wun'Tux created their very own Gunship to stay true to the name. Build around a heavy, armour piercing cannon, the Clan Gunship is built to fire, fire and fire some more. With little targeting finesse available, the main cannon (along with four forward firing frag-launchers) is designed to destroy slow moving targets in it's crosshairs. It also has the ability to ram and board similarly sized vessels. Usually operating in packs, the ship is defenceless against fighters and has no guns covering sides, aft, dorsal or keel. The clans operate the gunships with half loyal, half slave crews. In the heat of battle, more than one collection of slaves have taken advantage of the distraction to stage a mutiny on the ship, therefore a significant number are in Terran and private hands. Wun'Tux Clan Pair by TenorPenny, on Flickr Clanships form the backbone of the reptilian Wun'Tux's martial forces. Most of their warrior caste live to serve on one, to use and abuse slaves on one, to engage in battle at it's helm. The crews of the smaller Gunships are envious, but protect their larger compatriots with much vim and vigour. After all, veteran gunship crews are the first in line to be picked for clanship duty.
  7. Alkinoos

    Microscale starship fleet

    Hi, I signed up for 3 years but it's the first mocs I have post on Eurobrick's forum (I'm shy and it's hard for me to write in English). I have put the photos of these mocs in the eurobricks FlickR group since many days, but I never present them in the forum. I started slowly this mocs for six months. At the beginning, I have'nt planned to create an entire fleet, especially the vessel carrier. I had a lot of fun with the fisrt starship, so I continued up not having more ideas... So here is the Têta starship fleet : => The main starship : The Asimov class vessel carrier: => The battleship : => The "U-ship" : => The cruiser: => countermeasure corvette: => Light corvettes Luna A & B : => Supply vessel : => stealth bomber : => F-76 fighter F-76 fighter par Alkinoos_38, sur Flickr => F-78 fighter F-78 fighter par Alkinoos_38, sur Flickr => I have more photos in my FlickR album : microscale starship
  8. Topsy Cret

    MOC: Dawnstar - 1st Fleet

    First MOC I've posted on these forums, so bear with me. Last year I saw, as I'm sure most of you did, Red Spacecat's USS Saratoga. Link: Not having built LEGO for some time, I was inspired to build a similar version. I started working on it late August when I found out instructions had been released, thus making my life a lot easier. His inner structure has thus been completely plagiarized in my version, as has the bridge, but the rest is my own imagination. Enjoy! For those of you that like stats, the build took me somewhere in the region of four months to complete, and cost approximately $400 in Bricklink orders before I was satisfied. The element count is, if I recall correctly, just above 4000 pieces. Luckily, most of these are extremely cheap and readily available, meaning I don't have much incentive to disassemble her. I'm quite happy to keep her displayed for years to come.
  9. The border between the prosperous Galactic core and the more lawless Rim is loosely defined, but most legitimate traders use the American colony world of New Washington as the unofficial border. The spaceport is clean and and well kept and the bribes are low. Many different classes and types of ships, on either side of the law, pass through New Washington, including Hangar B-51. Below are some of the security-cortex images. [[OOC: I was a little bored of taking photos of ships on a blank background, and wanted to test out creating a backdrop with some character to it. Below are the results. Click on the images to get to more pictures and details of the ships involved.]] The Keepsake-class Fighter by TenorPenny, on Flickr The N-V-class Enforcer by TenorPenny, on Flickr Hangar 27 by TenorPenny, on Flickr Hangar 27 by TenorPenny, on Flickr Hangar 27 by TenorPenny, on Flickr The Gen-7 CIV by TenorPenny, on Flickr
  10. TenorPenny

    [Micro MOC] Widowson-class Courier

    Widowson-class Courier by TenorPenny, on Flickr Widowson-class Courier by TenorPenny, on Flickr Widowson-class Courier by TenorPenny, on Flickr A Dutch design, the Widowson space frame was constructed as a pleasurecraft, originally, marketed at the super-rich seeking something more stylish than a shuttle, and smaller than a yacht. The stock model is decidedly average in the performance stakes, slow to accelerate and of limited top speed. Desperate to elevate the appeal, the Dutch makers paid a fair sum of cash to have the Widowson placed into a modern action holo-vid, with astounding results. Sales skyrocketed, and soon unlicensed engine augments and upgrades were being released onto the market, with young rich kids and oligarchs paying large sums to have their Widowsons "overclocked". After upgrade, the ship could reach sublight speeds unheard of by other ships of it's class. Illegal racing circuits sprang up, with the racers pushing their ships closer and closer to the edge. Some pilots even died in their attempts to win, only adding to the mystique and attraction to Widowson circuits. Crew: 1-3. Armament: Stock: None. (After upgrades: wild variations.) Engines: Utrect 640-combination. (After market kits: variable.) Computer: Personal Data Engine, 2.3.
  11. TenorPenny

    [Micro MOC] Diplomatic Shuttle

    Swiftsure-class Diplomatic Shuttle by TenorPenny, on Flickr Swiftsure-class Diplomatic Shuttle by TenorPenny, on Flickr Swiftsure-class Diplomatic Shuttle by TenorPenny, on Flickr Decked out white, the universal colour of peace and neutrality, the Swiftsure is used in times of war by the great Solar Navies to ferry important diplomats and personnel from place to place, with all organised military forces having agreed to never attack such a shuttle, on pain of court martial. Two ion engines make the shuttle as quick as it's namesake, whilst the roomy interior has room for a head of state and their entire retinue to travel in comfort and style. The Swiftsure's reputation has been tarnished just once, when the Italian Fascist League stole one, loaded it with explosives and managed to get close enough to the Earth defensive net to destroy half of the New Washington solar platform, with significant loss of life. Ever since, the Swiftsure computer cores have been upgraded to carry layers and layers of code, in order to confirm and double confirm identifies of the crew and people on board. Crew: 2 pilots, 1 comm-tech. Engines: 2 Rolls Royce 'Whirlwind' Nacelles. Weapons: *PROHIBITED* Computer Core: Hakumi Positronics X7
  12. TenorPenny

    [SHIPtember] The Yaguchi

    The Starscorn. by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Yaguchi-class Siege Cruiser by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Yaguchi-class Siege Cruiser by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The Yaguchi is a Japanese-made cruiser designed to master the galactic battlefield. At over 400m in length, the ship is armed with several conventional ship-to-ship weapons able to outgun most capital ships. The real sting in it's tail comes from the Starscorn-class Siege Cannon, a dual-barrelled, fixed-fire rail cannon which, when charged and in adequate range can punch through the armour of the most hardy opposition ships and stations. In a synchronous orbit, the cannon can even precision target planetary opposition with devastating effect. Although deadly and dangerous, the Yaguchi (roughly translated to 'Arrow Mouth') is very expensive to purchase and maintain. It's many weapons require tonnes of ammunition and fuel to operate for an extended period. It also requires outside protection from enemy snubfighters and bombers, armed with only nominal AA weaponry. Length: 404m Crew: 200, including marinces. Role: Siege, ship-to-ship, battleship escort. Armament: 2 x Dual STS Cannons 2 x Armour-Piercing Plasma Cannons 2 x 'Longshot' Frag Cannons. 2 x AA-Ion turrets 1 x 'Starscorn' Siege Cannon, fixed.
  13. TenorPenny

    [Micro MOC] The FG-10

    SyncTech FG-10 Missile Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr SyncTech FG-10 Missile Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr SyncTech FG-10 Missile Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr SyncTech FG-10 Missile Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Sometimes, a navy wants a rugged, old-fashioned capital ship which dish out punishment and take even more. The newer navies and militaries consider this view quite out of date, and the FG-10 is a successful product of this modern warfare. SyncTech, a Sweedish-Korean company, produced the vessel for their respective navies, but it has been produced under licence for several other states, and the idea copied by even more. A true stand-off weapon, the ship is minimally armed for conventional ship-to-ship (STS) and anti-fighter warfare. It's main potency comes from the four cruise missile launchers, able to fire in serial or in sequence, at other ships, at space platforms or planets. Although slow enough to be destroyed by specialised point defence cannons, the FG-10 is able to destroy much without having to get into cannon range at all. At close-range, the Frigate is no match for a ship as small as the BB-22, but with proper escort and intelligent use, it can be used as an anti-capital ship threat, as well as to destroy space platforms and assault entire planets. Length: 220m Crew: 74. Armament: 4 x fast tracking ion turrets, 2 x Quad STS flak cannon. 2 x dual Sorsvig-class Cruise Missile batteries. Limited ammunition. Computer: Siemens Y2-modular. ((Destroyed as part of my lust for white parts for my SHIP. Sadface))
  14. DarthNick

    Micro Starfighter trio

    It's nice to be able to finally upload a high-quality (at least in my opinion ) MOC. Enjoy!
  15. TenorPenny

    [Micro MOC] The Yoshikuni

    The Yoshikuni by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The Yoshikuni by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The Yoshikuni by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The Yoshikuni by skapunkplaything, on Flickr When Siro Hatzuki graduated from clandestine supplier of weapons to Outer RIm pirates to legitimate member of the Merchant's Guild, he was told that he no longer had to be the ostentatious figure he once was. Being rich enough to ignore pretty much all advice, he went on to construct his pride and joy, the Yoshikuni, ostensibly his 'yacht'. However, with a scale and defence suite rivalling most warships of similar size, it is far from a simple pleasure craft. Length: 225m Crew: 102 (50 passengers, to boot) Armament: 2 x STS Cannons (Wing-mounted). 2 x Single-mount Frag Cannons. 4 x Flak turrets. Computer: Hitachi XT-80a. [[Realistically, This has been built for a long, long time and I've been too lazy to photograph it. I need to take it all apart, for the sake of SHIPtember.]]
  16. TenorPenny

    [Micro MOC] Union Bulk Cruiser

    Union Bulk Cruiser by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Union Bulk Cruiser by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Union Bulk Cruiser by skapunkplaything, on Flickr With the galaxy as it's oyster, mankind began to forget about Earth. The European Union, floundering in bureaucracy, was left behind in the colonisation in space. It was only when a charismatic Chairman, Mr. Jaanhaven, united Europe with the resource rich remnants of the Russian state and formed The Union that their luck improved. A late comer to the space age, the Union lacked the fancy technology of the Americans, Chinese or British. Instead, their ships were made large, unwieldy and rugged. Their mainstay was the aptly named Bulk Cruiser, used for everything from planetary assault to convoy escort. With weapons more suited for neutralising enemy capital ships, the UBC needs lots of fighter cover and lacks hangar space. However, in groups of three or more, even a determined group of snubfighters would think twice about going toe-to-toe with the UBC. Length: 210m Crew: 100, minimum. Weapons: 2 x fore flak turrets. 1 x dual plasma battery. 2 x STS batteries. Computer: Hitachi 7TT (under licence)
  17. Tigerhound-class Corvette by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Tigerhound-class Corvette by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Tigerhound-class Corvette by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Named after one of the most dangerous predators on Honorous VII, a Rimward colony world originally settled by Eastern European and Japanese colonists, the Tigerhound is as rugged as it's namesake. A modular internal construction allows the ship to take quite the pounding if it's shields fail, though a smart commander of the vessel will utilise the potent, long range cannon to harass enemy capital ships at long range. It's primary role is that of a scout, commerce raider and escort. During major fleet actions, the Tigerhound can screen larger ships from the assault of enemy fighter swarms, and is nimble enough to stay close and redeploy quick enough. However, in short-range combat with any capital ship of Frigate size or above, a wise commander would withdraw, lest they test the ruggedness of this vessel. Length: 95m Crew: 39 Armament: 2 x flak turrets. 1 x Long-range STS cannon. Computer: Hitachi 76-t-1.
  18. Pennyroyal-class Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Pennyroyal-class Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Pennyroyal-class Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Pennyroyal-class Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Pennyroyal-class Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Pennyroyal-class Aft by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Modern space-based navies strive to find a balance between starfighters and capital ships. Unlike with the BB-22, which was meant as an anti-fighter platform, the British Royal Navy designed a Frigate capable of engaging other capital ships of similar and larger sizes. Armed with two underslung anti-fighter flak cannons to combat fightercraft, the Pennyroyal relies on it's three dual-cannon turrets to deal damage against similar-sized craft. Thin and tall, with two engines for thrust and two to help manoeuvre around, the Pennyroyal is mobile and reasonably nimble. Although large at 160m, the ship can last for some time without resupply, and is a frequent sight patrolling colonies and trade routes on the galactic rim. Few pirate raiders can last a pound-for-pound tussle with the Pennyroyal, which have made it a firm favourite amongst it's crewmen. However, with no fighter compliment or missile loadout to speak of, the ship can be overwhelmed by many small craft. Crew: 63. Armament: 2 x flak turrets. 1 x double plasma turret. 2 x STS cannons. Computer: Rolls Royce X-31.
  19. TenorPenny

    [Micro MOC] AS-27 Escort Shuttle

    AS-27 Escort Shuttle by skapunkplaything, on Flickr AS-27 Escort Shuttle by skapunkplaything, on Flickr AS-27 Escort Shuttle by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The '27 was first commissioned for the wealthy gas traders of Saturn at the turn of the century, but has seen widespread use in a number of areas since. These traders were highly prized targets of kidnappers and pirates throughout the Sol System and beyond, and soon realised that if they failed to travel well armed, they might as well not travel at all. In that vein, the '27 was designed and put into production by the military arm of Lockheed-Franklin. With a thick, duranium armoured hide and three (one heavy dorsal, two underslung medium) plasma cannons, it was at first deemed too well armed for civilian use. A couple of bribes later, and the AS-27 was rolled out and bought in droves by wealthy VIPs, traders, governments and NGOs. It has since, of course, made it's way into more unscrupulous hands and has been used as a boarding craft, gunship and loot-boat. Length: 39m Crew: 2. Passengers: 25, or 12 armoured marines. Armament: 1 x Heavy Plasma Cannon (dorsal). 2 x Medium Plasma turrets. Computer: MS2700H (under licence)
  20. TenorPenny

    The Black Belle

    Black Belle by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Black Belle by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The 'Belle is a privateer gunship with an immediately noticable paintjob. That being said, stealth is not the ship's strong suit. With two giant engine inlets and variable weapon loadout, the Belle - and it's female crew - elicit laughs at first, but they don't last long.
  21. TenorPenny

    The Ebon Duke

    The Ebon Duke by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The Ebon Duke by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The Ebon Duke by skapunkplaything, on Flickr There are fighters, bombers, interceptors, gunships and then... something bigger. The 'Duke may look like an old-fashioned Earthling fighter craft, but it is, in fact, the hot-rod, custom built steed of the man known only as Deckard. An infamous mercenary and gun-for-fire, Deckard travels mostly alone, although sometimes recruits extra crew members to co-pilot or look after his beloved ship. At home in space as well as atmosphere, the 'Duke packs danger, technology and menace into it's rather large package. It's size can make it vulnerable, however, to smaller fighters and so Deckard often travels with escort fighters and interceptors. Length: 19m Wingspan: 18m Crew: 1-3, mission dependent. Armament: 2 High-Output frag-cannons, forward facing. 2 Micro-Mine launchers, wing-tip mounted.
  22. TenorPenny

    BB-22 Corvette

    BB-22 Corvette by skapunkplaything, on Flickr BB-22 Corvette by skapunkplaything, on Flickr BB-22 Corvette by skapunkplaything, on Flickr BB-22 Corvette by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The BB-22 is a modern twist on an old classic. A jack-of-all-trades workhorse of any navy or pirate fleet. With a dual-frag-turret on it's bow, and tracking ion cannons fore, aft and dorsally, it is capable of holding ground against both capital ships and fighters, although not both and not in great numbers. The BB-22 is usually found tightly tucked into escort position around a larger ship, or screening a cargo vessels from assault. Length: 175m Crew: 55, 4 officers. Armament: 1 x Dual Frag Turret. 4 x Fast-Tracking Ion Cannons, 2 x Mass Driver Turrets. Computer: TecCore Positron Matrix, linking the main bridge (aft) and the gunnery bridge (fore).
  23. TenorPenny

    The Red Wench

    The Red Wench by skapunkplaything, on Flickr (Click the picture for more views, of course..!) The 'Wench is an 'Ugly': an amalgamation of different ships to form one, odd whole. With the central core of a ore loader and the surrounding hub stolen from a Russian stealth gunship, the 'Wench mixes a rugged centre with a high-tech ring around it, the latter able to cycle power levels at the whim of it's captain and fire it's main weapons for sustained periods. A commerce raider, the 'Wench is often employed by the highest bidder in trade conflicts between the Sol cartels. It's exclusively female crew are famous for their fidelity to a contract, whilst never forgetting a double-cross. Length: 133m Crew: 24-40, mission dependent. Armament: 2 x fast tracking ion turrets, 2 x Armour-Piercing STS cannons, 2 x forward-facing M-66 Pulverisers. Computer: Kolnanov XV (Salvaged from the ship's hub)
  24. TenorPenny

    The Daresay'd

    A product of years of modification, The Daresay'd is a half-freighter, half-gunship of meticulous and difficult design. The reactor runs right through the middle, four independently tiltable engines slaved closely to it, able to transfer power to it and each other at will. The pilot and the co-pilot sit in rather cramped conditions above this set-up, the latter responsible solely for power management and boost manipulation. Carrying on the theme, the ship has two tracking ion turrets, effective against fighters, other gunships and smaller capital vessels. The personal steed of the Dread Pirate Val'sofilees, The Daresay'd is spoken of in hushed tones throughout the fringes of the galaxy. Sometimes travelling alone, but often with two highly trained swingwing outriders, most freighter captains drop their cargo and run at the sight of the ship's IFF signal alone. (I had a lot of fun with this design. Especially trying to avoid the use of Dark Bley, which I think a lot of sci-fi builders can rely on too much. C&C welcome..!)
  25. TenorPenny

    A fistful of fighters.

    FB-22 'Scimitar' by skapunkplaything, on Flickr A cutting-edge Fighter-Bomber hybrid, the FB-22 turned around the ailing fortunes of the ailing EarthCorp-Lockheed group. With four weapon hardpoints, a sturdy hull design and good all around performance, demand for the ship rose in the Earthling military and beyond. As ever, a small number fell into the hands of pirates and mercenary forces. X-33 'Golden Gear' by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Piloted by the notorious leader of the Gearhead gangster group, the X-33 is a one of a kind ship. Behind the bling-bling paint job lies an experimental power core more suited to a small corvette than a fighter-gunship. Accordingly, the Gearheads murdered the research team before the technology could fall into other hands and diminish their advantage. F-12 'Swingwing' by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The F-12 forms the latest step in a line of snubfighters designed to be affordable but effective, given decent pilots and superior numbers. The basic model features standard cannon and shields, as well as a tree-shaped air-freshener as standard. For fancy things like rockets and jump capability..? You're going to have to pay extra. G-20 'Flying Saucer' by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Combining multi-vector engines with a potent arsenal, the G-20 became an expensive toy favoured by well-fed mercenaries and executive bodyguards in Solar corporations. Capable of taking on four regular fighters single-handed, the G-20 cost eight times as much. Many people skipped the math, leaving the 'Saucer a rare sight. *** Apologies for the terrible photo-quality, my camera is currently out of service, but I wanted to share regardless.