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Found 199 results

  1. Here is my model review of the Timmyton 5.5 robot shark built by Builderdude35. It is built using only one 31313 LEGO Mindstorms Ev3 set. Technical features: 1 programmable Intelligent Brick, 2 Large Motors, 1 Medium Motor, 1 Color Sensor, 1 InfraRed Sensor
  2. Hey guys, I've built several Lego vehicles with MINDSTORMS® and decided to use my experiences with previous vehicles to build a real car. I was originally looking at building a Ford Escape, but the blueprint scaler measurements came out all wrong, so I turned to a Cadillac CTS-V. I'm a fan of the CTS-V, mostly because of the luxurious ride and smoking performance fused into one car. Here's a picture of the real-life vehicle: Please note beforehand that I am building a model based off the Cadillac CTS-V, but not necessarily an exact replica, partly due to less than a total of 2,000 pieces and partly because I don't have a lot of pieces of just one color I'll try to share the blueprint with measurements tomorrow, and because I am already working on a few builds at once, starting this work on spare parts will be a bit slow for a couple weeks. I hope you guys enjoy the progress! If you'd like to, please check out my previous vehicular builds: Outland3r - Outland3r 2.0 - RX2 Thund3r Truck - AWD MiniKart - Chopp3Rod -
  3. This is haunted house built by my son and me. Powered by Mindstorms EV3. Regards Jack
  4. This tutorial shows how to increase the firmness of your LEGO tires! If your Mindstorms or Technic creation is pushing the tires down like a flat tire due to heavy weight, or if you want less rolling resistance from squishy tires, you've come to the right place! I hope this tutorial is a big help! NOTE: You will have to search around for the right size, depending on the tire. One size does not fit all. Typically, foam inserts from 1/16 scale RC vehicles should fit on tires from 42000 Grand Prix Racer, 8110 Unimog U400, or 9398 4x4 Crawler.
  5. At our Youtube channel, you'll find a video of our fully automated train layout. It will be displayed on Lego World Utrecht 2015 from October 25 (Sunday) until October 27 (Tuesday). The video shows the layout in our test room. The train layout contains eight EV3 bricks and one NXT brick to control all the Lego objects. The layout is controlled by a PC application (Microsoft.NET) that has been written by our team. Enjoy the video and maybe we'll meet in Utrecht. /Hans
  6. LEGO Mindstorms Programming General Discussion Welcome to the Mindstorms Programming topic. If you have any interesting information, tips, links or questions, put them here. I will update the Index of this post when new content is available. After every topic I will describe which programming environment is used. For a detailed list of the most popular programming environments refer to the Mindstorms Index. The software TLG includes with the retail kit and can be bought separately for the education kit is called EV3-G or X3. I will use the term EV3-G from now on. Pseudo means it's not specific for a certain programming environment. Is a generic article with coding examples and/or principles which apply to most environments. Line following Line Follower (NXT-G) PID Controller Tip! Great tutorial on PID controllers (Pseudo)
  7. Background With some colleagues of mine, I am working on a fully automated train layout. You can read more about this at our blog: The layout is always demonstrated on Lego World in Utrecht. We gave a demo at another event, as can be seen on the following Youtube video. One of the items I have been working on, is the Candy Rotation Stock. I made a working version, as can be seen on the next video: Redesign of the Candy Rotation Stock After building the final version of the Candy Rotation Stock, I transported the object to our office to integrate it with the other parts of the track. I found out that the CRS was not robust enough and it took some time before it worked again. Although the concept works, it was not good enough to run for a couple of minutes without problems. And I needed it to work for four days at Lego World! So I took the difficult decision to redesign it. In this thread you can follow the progress. The redesign will be based on the conveyor belt that I found on Youtube (user ssugawara1955): And this is my proof of concept: I have ordered some extra parts to make a complete square and two switch points: one switch point that will lead to the Crane Pickup location and one switch point where new containers can be inserted to the rotation stock. Some more photos of the progress can be viewed on flickr: . Enjoy. /Hans
  8. This is a fully automatic clock that was finished end of 2014. So, why do I call it "fully automatic"? - The clockwork runs as a normal mechanical clock with a pendulum and counterweight. - There is a motor that winds the clock every hour. - The speed of the clock is adjusted once a day using the Mindstorms unit. The speed is adjusted by changing the length of the pendulum. In total, the clock runs for itself without any assistance, and it shows the right time, even if it is build using only LEGO bricks. (Apart from the string to the counterweight) There have been many challenges in this design. My main focus, except the obvious goal to make everything to work, was to make this as compact as possible. The whole clockwork fits inside 14x14x14 studs. I did a short video to show the "action": The two sensors are used for: 1. Stop when the counterweight is fully winded 2. Give feedback from the minute hand rotation back to the Mindstorms unit. The counterweight is made out of 12 train/boat weights and is about 0.68kg. Winding is done through a differential to avoid interruptions during the winding. There are two medium motors inside the clockwork for the winding and adjustment. The Mindstorms unit is hidden in the base behind a hatch: WIP pictures Specially designed differential gear to reduce the friction between the counterweight and clockwork as much as possible. The winding motor rotates the large turntable gear: Clockwork prototype, without any automation: Very first prototype of the escapement:
  9. I have just got a Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 1.5. I have installed the software and running in on Window7 and am running it compatibility mode for Windows95. I have got to the bit to connect the IR transmitter with the 9 pin cable. It looks OK but nothing happens I think it needs software drivers. Do you have any suggestions?
  10. nerdsforprez


    I apologize if this has foung the forum before, I searched for "minds-i" and although a billion posts came up none that I could find had anything to do with what I am about to post. ANyways, I found this site and was astounded with the similarity of this company's product with TLG. How are they getting away with this? Has anyone on the forum any experience with these products? Good? Bad? Are they an alternative to Technic and PF?
  11. bazmarc


    Hi guys, Salut tout le monde, I'de like to share here some links to The NXT Step blog where is presented the ROBOT REMIX #1 challenge, where the MINDSTORMS team challenged some of the MCP (MINDSTORMS Community Partners) to come up with creative ways to remix a given Technic set and the Home edition of the EV3 set. for ROBOT REMIX #1 the Technic set is the brand new Sea Plane, a great Technic set that happens to be in the same color scheme ;) In this first post, is explained in a bit more details what is ROBOT REMIX Then this week was presented the first of 4 remix, this one from master Isogawa Stay tune for the presentation of the other 3 remix in the coming weeks. : . . baz
  12. Hey guys, I am serious considering getting the EV3 set for my kids, so they can learn a bit about robotics and coding - they are 10 and 7, so should be age appropriate. I am not at all familiar with the EV3, so hopefully someone can answer these questions. Can a Win 8/Win 10 PC be used to program the control brick? Will an old smart phone (deactivated) be useful for bluetooth control? Will this actually be a good introduction to coding? Aside from the EV3 set, should I get additional sensors or motors - we have plenty of bricks and technic parts already, of course. thanks!
  13. Hello all! I was browsing YouTube and found this awesome creation Copied from description: A technic pin sorting machine using compressed air for ejecting pins The pins are feed from the tumbler one by one and dropped on a fast moving conveyor. This ensures a minimum distance between the pins. Next they pass a color senor which measures the color, shape and length of the pin. These measurements are compared to the profiles of all types of pins and scored by similarity. The matching profile gives which output to activated and when to do it. Pins that don't pass the similarity threshold are ignored and drops in the container at the end of the conveyor. If only them made instructions so blakbird can review it NOTE: this is not mine!
  14. Good day everybody and let's continue with the boat mania!!! Today I would like to post my experimental NXT project- The Supra Yacht. It uses two Nxt motors for propulsion , but I disn't tested the propulsion system yet. It is built on top of two 1l plastic water bottles , and all electronics are on top.Because every NXT component is on the rear of the boat I built a long mast on the front for maintain the balance. The mast is connected to one Nxt motor. Here's the video:
  15. Hi there, I'm new, and this is my first robot on this forum! So today, I'll be showing you the EV3 Camera Bot! This robot is controlled by remote, and it can move by wheels, and even press the trigger by remote! It IS actually a pretty practical robot, as it can get into places where humans can't squeeze in, such as under a bed. Anyway, just check out the video below!
  16. I don't even know what to say. This is not mine, but I just saw it: As he says: It's LEGO, and it plays the guitar. I'm impressed.
  17. I recently got an old battery damaged RCX cheap. Moistly for its parts since the RCX was question. I cleaned it an it was working again with the sign of no firmware installed. But later when I finally found a copy of v2 RIS software it was starting to show additional signs on the display. That's before I could do anything with the software. When I turn it on it may beep a darker tone. The signs is just garbage. Not any real text beside the figure sign. If I try to turn it off, it would not shut down before I remove the batteries. I have also tried new batteries.
  18. This is a large short-course style stadium truck built with Lego Mindstorms Ev3. It features independent rear suspension and a front live axle with steering. One Medium Motor controls the steering, and one Large Motor drives the rear wheels. It also uses the InfraRed Sensor for Remote Control. The reasons I used only one motor in this model are: 1. I was attempting to reduce weight, 2. The chassis of the truck is even studs wide, not odd; not allowing a very easy placement of two motors, 3. This vehicle was built as a test vehicle for the new 4-stud wide differential I got a while back but never used until now. The drawbacks of this truck are: 1. One motor does not exert nearly enough power, 2. The old-type differential makes it impossible to not use more gears in order to transfer the power, 3. All the gears used decreases efficiency massively, 4. The rear independent suspension worsens performance, 5. A 3:5 gear ratio was used (a 1:3 would have been better), 6. The truck is very large, bulky, and heavier than most other robots that I have built. I extremely apologize for the audio/video sync issues, I have no idea why the video turned out that way. Music: [] Extra pictures coming soon! []
  19. Hey guys, I recently created a new channel trailer upon reaching 100 subscribers and decided to share it here
  20. Hello everyone, it's my first post here :) I wanted to show mindstorms robot I've build a while ago: skittle sorter. As name suggests it can sort skittles by color, very useful! video:
  21. So, this has been in my garage for a couple of years and was supposed to be a mega segway, sadly LEGO MINDSTORMS motors are not powerful enough however 24 of them will move someone. First working demo of it, 24 NXT motors, 8 NXT's pure overkill
  22. Hi all For our project "Fully automated train layout" (more information can be found here:, I have designed an automatic train decoupler. A video of the first test run can be seen here: .For our Lego World 2015 layout, we have adapted the decoupler (expecially more speed) but the basics remain the same: The wagon(s) behind the train are pushed away to overcome the magnetic force of the coupler Loco moves forward (this is needed otherwise the magnetic force pulls back the wagon if it is not too heavy like the one in the picture above) Because our train layout is fully automated, Mindstorms is used for the controls. But the same principle can of course be made using a PF motor and PF receiver. Enjoy. /Hans
  23. Hanso

    Modular Switch Drive

    Hi all, I have designed a modular switch drive. The powering can be either by a PF motor, a Mindstorms NXT, a Mindstorms EV3 L motor or Mindstorms EV3 M motor. To overcome the friction of the 'click' in the switch, I have to confess that the switched need to be adapted to remove the 'click'. If you're interested, please let me know (I can send you the LDD file). Best /Hans
  24. This is Daniele Benedettelli’s SENTIN3L…in an extensively upgraded form! I programmed an entirely new program for Blast3rDroid (mySENTIN3L) that enables Remote-Control of the robot! This robot is about 22% quicker than the original! The RC program has two channel modes: Channel 1 for regular usage, and Channel 2 for upgraded usage modified for quicker speed and more accurate turning! The color scheme has been revamped, featuring a lot of bold coloring (most of the black has been replaced with red and white). I added more panels and wider panels for improved aesthetic appearance. The COLOR CUB3 has been revised and now has four colors: black, red, white, and yellow.
  25. Hey guys, I have an update on the data loss I experienced recently. I have lost all my youtube video file archives, several important frames for my upcoming stop-motion animation, all documents of my book I’ve been working on, all videos for a Technic set review, a lot of pictures, and countless more. The bad news being said, I do have some good news (though not outweighing the bad). I am at a fork in the road considering my LEGO collection, and I really need your advice! The 45560 Lego® Mindstorms® Ev3 Expansion Set comes with 853 pieces (i.e. beams, pins, wheels and tires, gears and steering racks, panels, speciality parts). As for the other option, for $96 I can get two IR Receivers (V1), two XL Motors, one PF IR Remote-Control, and onePF Servo Motor. The spare parts included are as follows: four 3 Snap Gearbloks (Element ID: 4610378 / Design ID: 92909), two Cardan Cups with Cross Axle 2M (Element ID: 4610374 / Design ID: 92906), two 16z Gears (Element ID: 4640536 / Design ID: 94925), and six Slide Shoe Round 2×2 (Element ID: 4278412 / Design ID: 54196). Share your experiences, has anything similar ever happened to you guys? Also, which do you suggest I get? Thank you!