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  1. Tobbe Arnesson

    MOC: Ball Maze (Labyrinth)

    Whoa, neat! Well done! :)
  2. Tobbe Arnesson


  3. Tobbe Arnesson

    MOC: Charming Shadow

    Whoa! Super, just super! I need to remember this and give it a try, will work great hung on a wall with the light on (yeah, the bricks need to be glued but so what)!
  4. Tobbe Arnesson


    Haha! Well done!
  5. Tobbe Arnesson

    MOC: Russian winter

    I like it all, the story and the MOC. Well done! Also, the English is perfectly understandable. :)
  6. Tobbe Arnesson

    Three Laws of Robotics

    Cool idea and very well executed!
  7. Tobbe Arnesson

    MOC: Minifigs ain't always nice...

    Well done!
  8. Tobbe Arnesson

    MOC: Meow............Happy Valentine's Day 2012 !

    Agreed! But the kitteh form is splendid. Marvellous really! Well done! Perhaps white radar dishes with a black plate 1 x 1 round as pupil would be better - in a "cute but not creepy"-way. But that would of course not be as much fun!
  9. Tobbe Arnesson

    MOC: LDD Soyuz-2 Rocket

    Perhaps 30407 Hinge Plate 1 x 8 with Angled Side Extensions can be used for the taper?
  10. Tobbe Arnesson

    MOC: flower II

    Haha! Lovely!
  11. Tobbe Arnesson

    9398 - Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler

    It's named 4 x 4 x 4 for a reason.
  12. Tobbe Arnesson

    Scimitar Tank

    Oooh! Well done!
  13. Tobbe Arnesson

    MOC: FbtK-es21

    Thanks, I had guessed it was glued in there or something. Gonna give it a go, like you say it's a whole world of possibilities.
  14. Neat! Can certainly come in handy!
  15. I built a holder for electric toothbrushes many a moon ago: