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  1. Benylin

    When does a theme become a classic?

    when it pass the test of time and stay relevant.
  2. Benylin

    LNER Class A4 4468 - MALLARD

    really well done, all those curves aren't easy to reproduce in the lego form.I dont't want to hijack the thread but I can't pass the work of a fellow AFOL , he made this version that I saw at the canadian railway museum.
  3. Benylin

    LEGO makes a non-ABS prototype brick

    your best bet would be a engine powered with a twisted elastic,but you won't go very far
  4. Benylin

    Transparent pillars

    it is pretty nice for something like this:
  5. I've ordered many times from s@h canada(from canada), never paid duties. all orders came from the Southaven,MS address.
  6. Benylin

    What franchise should Lego do next?

    I would like more LOTR sets, but also a serie of medieval "modulars" would be quite interesting.
  7. Benylin

    PAB Wall or Bricklink

    you could also use duplo for under structure
  8. Benylin

    Is there a MegaBlocks Adult Following?

    I don't know of any adult collector of MB but I must admit I was impressed at their expo, "the world in megablock" ( ) If you know anyone buying them, I must have 30lbs of MB and other clone brand, from yard sale surprises boxes !
  9. I moved my collection last automn, must be over 500 figs or more, they were standing on 32x32 plates in drawers. drawers were wrapped to prevent to loose anything. Worked pretty well.
  10. Benylin

    Would you open 34 years old MISB Lego?

    One option is to buy a used version of the set and keep this one sealed, or just treat yourself with that 1982 air when you'll deserve it
  11. Benylin

    LEGO as souvenir - ever bought any?

    Went to New-York and visited the empire state building, still in my dark ages, and saw the architecture set at the souvenir shop, it was not impressive and expensive so I passed. The same day I visited the lego shop and bought the Lord of the ring ship, so I brought back this souvenir,but mostly,it re-ignited my love of building with Lego bricks.
  12. Benylin

    newbie here

    Get one that you like, with plenty of sets released every years, there's many options! I would say,go to your local store and look for sets on sale that please you.
  13. Be warned, the lego train path isn't a cheap one !
  14. Benylin

    Unpopular LEGO opinions

    I'm with you, no weight, gravity or bending and infinite pieces
  15. Benylin

    What is your favorite lego series

    Blacktron , the first serie, the bad guys of space. Them being "modular" were a big fun factor and they had robots as well. And the colors ! Black with yellow and a Tri-Force. I wish they would bring back the theme !