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    <p> Trains are my favorite. I just bought the bucket wheel excavator </p>

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  1. Goldenmasamune

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I'd gladly pay money for instructions for that c model
  2. The people falling for this are the elderly who know nothing about the product and want to buy a gift for a family member
  3. I don't know if there is any way to actually do anything to people in China. Sucks this is happening though.
  4. That's good! I binge watched hours of your videos yesterday. Good stuff!
  5. How many hamsters do you have? I like the use of them in your videos. I used to have hamsters. Do they ever pee on your sets?
  6. For those who still need it you can buy the arocs for retail price from
  7. If you already have the Mercedes Arocs, is the Unimog worthwhile to have? The Arocs seems like it's a bigger, more complex version of the Unimog.
  8. What this set really needs is for the boom raising/lowering mechanism to be moved to the side (could be easily done with a couple gears) and then toss This piece on it so you have a nice crank to raise and lower much faster. i put one of these on my BWE and it was much better than spinning a gear. You also could probably fit this in that back part, and have both the light and your new crank be able to lift/lower the forks. Or you could use gearing that will make it raise/lower faster. I'm shocked the set wasn't designed like this to begin with
  9. It's sad that the only time I see a "hot topic" on eurobricks it's about theft like this.
  10. Can you copyright instructions? If so, could you sue the people selling them online? I know that it doesn't help with international sellers, but local ones you could get some money out of
  11. How does the Mobile crane Mk 2 compare to the new heavy lift crane?
  12. Goldenmasamune

    [MOC] Ultimate Muscle Car

    Beautiful car! i love your use of both technic and system parts. You did an amazing job hiding power functions too!
  13. I really want to see a side-by-side of the new loader and old loader. I'm leaning heavily towards the old version mostly due to PF, but I could probably add PF to the new loader too.
  14. I recently got into technic. I've been really enjoying the really large technic set builds. So far I have the Bucket Wheel Excavator, the Volvo excavator, the Mercedes Arocs, the Porche, the Bugatti, and the newest forklift set. I've been really wanting the old Volvo powerfunction loader. I've really enjoyed all these builds so far. What are some of the other must-have ones? I've also kind of had my eye on the big motorized excavator from 2009, but it's really expensive now.
  15. Hi, sorry to bump an old topic but I have a question.i just bought the set new, and only one bag is numbered: the bag with the pneumatic parts. It's number 11. Is this normal?