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  1. 04smallmj

    Mysterious cargo bike set - Life of Budapest #2620

    I thought that too, Hungary (and Budapest) doesn't have a very high cycling modal share and it isn't known for its bicycle designs or manufacturing either.
  2. 04smallmj

    Mysterious cargo bike set - Life of Budapest #2620

    Interesting, thanks for the replies ;-). I wish this was real, but oh well, I'll make my own bakfiets :P. jfbat - I prefer the modern bakfietsen ;-)
  3. This set recently appeared in my Twitter feed and I wondered if anyone here could shed any light on it. I've searched for many words to describe this, including "cargo bike", "bakfiets" (a Dutch cargo bike, which it has a great resemblence to), "life of Budapest Lego" etc and nothing has come up. I've also tried searching for the set number on Google, Brickset, Peeron and Ebay, and it just comes up with part number 2620 and Duplo set 2620, which is a sports car released in 1980. Could this be a promotional set only given out at a convention or something similar? Any info would be great, as a big fan of cycling infrastructure in the Netherlands and of Bakfietsen, I'm very intrigued by this.
  4. 04smallmj

    Would Anyone Buy These Bricks?

    Sorry, none of them are available anymore. I have't chucked them away or have sold them, but I'm living at a university now and don't have access to my Lego collection .
  5. 04smallmj

    MOD: A woodchipper

    Thanks for the instructions Brickwild, that's very realistic and pretty simple! I'll make one later LOL.
  6. 04smallmj

    What Is This Part Used For?

    You are correct. A few wheels like the ones you mentioned came with the bricks. It's a pretty weird piece if you ask me, totally different from normal Lego axles.
  7. Hey everyone, I recieved a donation of bricks a few weeks ago. most of them were in good condition but there were also a lot of bad ones (probably about 30% of the bag it all came in). There are 3 main reasons why I don't want the rejected ones. 1. Broken pieces (These will probably go in the bin) 2. Nibbled/scratched/damaged pieces. 3. Faded/discoloured pieces. I know that nobody would want the broken parts, but would anyone want to buy damaged or faded pieces? And by faded, I mean really faded! The 2x6 brick is used as a comparison. Some bricks are almost orange! I don't mind chucking away the broken pieces but I'm hesitant to do that with the other ones. I also know that some people can restore the original colour of the white pieces and like to buy them cheap. What do you think? Shall I sell them? And where?
  8. 04smallmj

    What Is This Part Used For?

    Thanks, I never thought it could be an axle!
  9. Hey everyone, I found 2 of these bricks in a bag of Lego that was recently donated to me . It's a 2X4 brick but has holes on each side and has tubes inside the brick. It would be great if anyone could help me out with identifying it. I have no idea what they could be used for.
  10. 04smallmj

    MOC - Jet Ski

    Thanks for the comments. I didn't really notice that it looks like a classic town vehicle.
  11. 04smallmj

    Moc: the sky is beautiful tonight

    That's pretty cool! I like the pizza oven, it has a lot of detail. Not sure about the rock as the "moon" though. maybe you could recreate a glowing moon by using a white 2x2 round tile, if you have one. I really like the stars though!
  12. 04smallmj

    MOC - Jet Ski

    Hey everyone, I just thought I'd share my jet ski with you. The design is pretty simple. I would've used orange cheese slopes for the front, but I don't have any yet. I'll order a couple in my next PaB order and see if it looks better, although the "band" of dark bley looks good already. The next 2 photos show the jet ski lifted up. The engine piece came from my last PaB order (I knew it would come in handy sometime!). The bottom looks too big in my opinion, but I didn't really have any alternative. Plates don't look very smooth and inverted cheese slopes don't exist! I made do with a regular inverted slope instead. The last pic shows the parts I used. The main piece came from an Arctic set, probably from a snowmobile. When I thought of making a jet ski, that piece was the right colour and looked smooth enough to be used.
  13. 04smallmj

    MOC: Lego Beach

    Nice beach, you have a lot of room. I do have an idea for improvement though - maybe you could make an offroad lifeguard vehicle wih surfboard. That could be "stationed" next to the lifeguard hut. This is what I mean: I also like how you created a wave effect around the surfboarder!
  14. 04smallmj

    Is your town old school or new school?

    My layout is mostly new school: Sorry about the mess LOL. I need to tidy it up and I'm building a harbour type thing. I'm not sure if the pizzeria counts as old school though, it doesn't have a back wall and comes with a 4 wide car. Another old school thing is the baseplates. The baseplates shown in the first pic show all of my newer ones. I collected a lot of baseplates when I was younger and therefore have a lot of the light grey and green baseplates. The ones like these: I have 11 of those in total. I'm not sure if I want to spend money collecting the newer ones .
  15. 04smallmj

    REVIEW: 2824 City Advent Calendar

    "Day 14 - Woman with Baguette". That's so random! Great review DHCP1121, I like how you show pics of each model, unbuilt and built It looks like it comes with a lot of useful minifigure pieces, I like the sausages the most. Speaking of Christmas in August, I volunteer in a charity shop and we have had a delivery of Christmas cards already!