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  1. Just my 5 cents to this thread. it look like this thread is going in the wrong direction, maybe we have to let a moderator to lock it before it gets to far ???
  2. TechnicHead41

    [TC10] Volvo Bm LM 620

    Thanks alot, well not so sure about the unimog tires. Maybe the new claas tires instead. But then again i would have to build it even bigger.
  3. TechnicHead41

    [TC10] Volvo Bm LM 620

    Well after some requests in here i have finally got some new pictures of the finished Volvo loader. Here is the firs picture. And a close up of the linkage system, it took me several attempts to get it right Pallet forks. Belly shot. Engine compartment. Driver cab with working steering wheel. And finally a back shot. Tell me what you think. Link to the rest of the pictures.
  4. TechnicHead41

    [TC10] Volvo Bm LM 620

    Mocpages is up and running again ! Added a few more pictures. What do you think ? And of course in the final version i have changed the engine block to the right colours and added a few more things.
  5. TechnicHead41

    [TC10] Volvo Bm LM 620

    Sad news, it looks like Mocpages is down for the moment.
  6. TechnicHead41

    [TC10] Volvo Bm LM 620

    Hello klirre. Yes the machine is completed and yes it have self leveling bucket on the front. I think when you see it in finished form i look more like the 620 rather than the 218 model.
  7. I think it is about time for me to show what i have build for this contest. Please let me introduce the Volvo BM LM 620 front loader, a great old school front loader from the late seven tees. These pictures is only early wip, the entire machine is already finished. The rest will be uploaded as soon as possible... Plase feel free to comment and tell me what you think. Just added some more WIP pictures.. http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/432762
  8. It looks great efferman, but it was not Claas who was first with a sattle tractor.. But the Deutz 2006 tracktor. I hope that one day i can build this one my self.
  9. So all i have to do is to create a wip topic with my model that is nearly finished ?
  10. Okay thanks. My model is almost finished, just need to tinkering some small parts on it.
  11. Jim, how early is it allowed to post a contribution model ?
  12. Thanks alot Jim. then i think i have got a head start already ;)
  13. So if i already got a moc that is almost finnished but yet not presented, can use that as an entry in this contest ? It has pneumatics V2 and uses a handpump.
  14. Well then ! I have a great moc already, but it stil need a little more tweaking here and there. The only hint i can give away now, is that it uses some of the new pneumatic V2 and it's yelllow.. Stay tuned ! Oh and i think it might end up in HOF Thanks alot Jim.