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  1. hhcBrick

    [MOC] Neo FX Star Patroller

    BrickShady, davidroberts01341 -- thanks very much!
  2. hhcBrick

    [MOC] Neo FX Star Patroller

    LittleWorlds, ikba, BrickJagger -- thanks very much! BrickCurve -- thank you, yes it is swooshable. I did quite a lot of work to make the structure strong enough. You can pick it up by the neck close to the rear section and carry it. Most of the weight is in the rear section, so the neck is designed to support the front section. The angled wings on the rear section are braced underneath so they don't flap about. The most fragile part is the blue tower at the back, if you tip the ship from side to side too quickly it can unclip and fall off, but apart from that she is pretty solid. I forgot to mention the dimensions of the ship: 88cm long x 50cm wide x 31cm tall, I believe this counts as a 100 stud 'SHIP' although it was originally intended to be a medium-sized model.
  3. hhcBrick

    [MOC] Neo FX Star Patroller

    - thanks very much. I couldn't find a link to a picture of your E-Wing in your posts, please could you give me one?
  4. hhcBrick

    [MOC] Neo FX Star Patroller

    PaddyBricksplitter, Leonardo da Bricki, Space Police XVIII ā€“ thanks very much!
  5. hhcBrick

    [MOC] Neo FX Star Patroller

    I haven't posted anything on Eurobricks for quite a while (Sorry!)ā€“ I've moved from building mainly Town and City models to Space models over the last couple of years. This is a re-interpretation of the 6931 FX Star Patroller from 1985, but quite a bit larger and in the 'Neo-Classic Space' style. Neo FX Star Patroller by Alec Hole, on Flickr The spacecraft was completed just over a year ago: there are some more photos in this Flickr album and I've just got round to writing a blog post with some more information.
  6. hhcBrick

    MOC Enlarged Maersk Ship

    Thanks! As I said earlier, I have 3 Maersk ships and some additional parts, but I was able to build another smaller model using all these pieces. You might be able to get away with 2 Maersk ships, some extra Maersk blue parts and some extra windows and white bricks for the superstructure.
  7. hhcBrick

    MOC Enlarged Maersk Ship

    Thanks! I used 3 sets, plus a Bricklink order, but I was also able to make a smaller ship that carries classic 4 x 8 containers from these pieces. I think it might be possible to make the large ship from 2 sets but you would need some extra 1 x 10 Maersk blue bricks.
  8. hhcBrick

    MOC Enlarged Maersk Ship

    Thanks very much everyone!
  9. hhcBrick

    MOC Enlarged Maersk Ship

    Here is an enlarged Maersk Ship which carries containers from the Maersk train. It also fits minifigures on the bridge. Maersk Ship 11 by hhcBrick, on Flickr Maersk Ship 7 by hhcBrick, on Flickr More about the build on my Blog.
  10. hhcBrick

    Dockyard Display at the Egham Royal Show

    Thanks for your kind comments everybody!
  11. A few weeks ago I took part in a Brickish Association display at the Egham Royal Show in the UK. I've posted some of my harbour MOCs before, but here are some pictures of the harbour display featuring some classic Town sets as well. There are more pictures and descriptions on my Blog.
  12. hhcBrick

    Voyage to Planet X

    That's super! Lovely retro feel. Hope you'll do some more images/MOCs in this style. An evil professor would be great.
  13. hhcBrick

    Q's Eternity

    Nice ship, it has a very purposeful look about it. Not sure Iā€™d like it dropping out of the sky at me!
  14. hhcBrick

    [MOC] Executor-Class Super Star Destroyer

    Amazing model! This is one of my favourite Star Wars ships, it's nice to see such a good Lego model of it-- if only TLG would release it!
  15. hhcBrick

    MOC Catamaran

    Thanks for all your kind comments! Cadder: glad it looks realistic to a professional! mookage: If I get hold of a series 2 minifigure lifeguard she'll probably be too busy tanning on the sun deck to keep an eye on safety!