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  1. Celloguy

    Space Turtles! (part 2)

    Thanks! I made it a long time ago, and so it's satisfying to look back and see my use of more basic shaping to create an effective creature! Thanks very much! Cheers! I actually just remembered, that I did indeed try another animal... might have to dig that one up again and finish it! Thanks so much!
  2. Celloguy

    Space Turtles! (part 2)

    Trailing the smaller turtle craft, larger vessels can often be seen, with many more robot crew. What these serene droid ships portend is still opaque, but gliding impassively through the heavens, their tranquil, steadfast passage has a spellbinding effect on people lucky enough to observe them. Another space turtle I built around the same time as my previously posted ones. I remember taking hours perfecting the octagonal geometry and the head too, things which seem rather easier to contemplate now, having built far more complex designs. Again, I'm still quite attached to this one, though think it might be time to free up some shelf space. Part one is here.
  3. Celloguy

    Space Turtles! (part 1)

    "Recent reports of eerie sightings from the edge of the galaxy: turtles, swimming, soaring elegantly through nebulae, as if across liquid oceans. It seems that these craft are able to absorb energy and fundamental particles into their neon shells and then retransmit them through movable fins for propulsion in any direction. Piloted by a race of mysterious robots, these mechanical beings have chosen to replicate natural forms in the designs for their spacecraft." Something a bit different! I think these were amongst the first Space MOCs I built after my dark ages, and they're relatively simple, but I'm still keen on them so I just posted them on Flickr. They've been hanging out on my shelf for the last few years. Trans-neon green and dark blue were always my favourites as a kid. My building process usually involves trying to understand and accentuate (even celebrate!) the unique design of Lego elements, rather than trying to disguise their qualities. Even the unpopular large parts have a lot of fascinating possibilities geometrically and aesthetically, far beyond their usage in sets. What large Lego parts are you a fan of?
  4. Celloguy

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    There is lots of crap, but you can use tags to find things you might be interested in, then only follow those people who have posted builds which you admire. In a sense its similar to Flickr in the sense that you can look through groups to find builds which you like, and follow those builders whose work catches your eye. It's not as good as Flickr though because the image quality is so low.
  5. Celloguy

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    My suspicion is that instagram is stealing many people away from forums these days... There has been a boom in the Lego community there, to the extent that many have left Flickr altogether for instance, and Flickr is certainly suffering - comments there are far fewer and likes too it seems. These communities are invaluable though, so I am delighted that you are continuing to innovate and put in the effort to make this forum thrive.
  6. Celloguy

    [MOC] SP-55 Vigilance

    Absolutely lovely!
  7. Thanks very much! Cheers! I was pleased with it too. Cheers! I used the ale wagon in a build a couple of years ago which you can find on my flickr by clicking through the picture link :) thanks very much! It seems to be rather popular with everyone here - very glad as I had the idea for ages and it seemed to work out! Yes I really like adding classic smiley heads to things. :) Haha! yes, though luckily someone else did the crime, I bought them off bricklink all sanitised. It's like buying prepackaged meat at the supermarket, and not having to think of all the butchering and entrails! Glad you like the classic style too. Thanks very much!
  8. Celloguy

    [MOC] Red Walker

    real nice. Dark red plus dark bluish gray is a lovely combo. I particularly like the feet!
  9. Celloguy

    Neo Classic Space Delta-3 base

    Might be best if you download the photo and draw a circle round the bit you mean just to be sure! Cheers! Yes I love greebling the undersides of models. Always gives me great satisfaction to be thorough, and I always do it last so the difficult structural problems have been solved!
  10. Very interesting reading everyone's thoughts above. I recently wrote to the new lego Innovation portal. My suggestion essentially was a nostalgia line that released a 1 set in each of the classic space, castle and pirates themes each year to shut up AFOLs and make them feel listened to. This was the response I got: So now we know where they stand on that. I guess if they got a glut of the same sorts of requests through the portal that might make them reconsider, but I doubt it'll happen. Lego know that adults endlessly ask for retro themes to be reborn. I wonder if the success of the pirate bay and of Benny's space squad might mean they think about doing more one offs. The Dorling Kindersley £30 orange classic space man is a nod to that certainly! I don't think we should hope too much though. Best just stick with MOCs and keep scanning sets for useful parts. That said, I do have a lego ideas project coming soon. Reading up on it al, I know the chances of it getting to 10,000 without being an IP are rather low, but why not try? Something to do in these Covid times at least.
  11. Celloguy

    Neo Classic Space Delta-3 base

    A nightmare to build at times you are right, but the final model is very stable. If I understand you correctly Re: the arms - it's connected at the top with tiles and plates, and at the bottom with a double layer of plates. Thank you :) Thanks, man :)
  12. Celloguy

    A couple of Blacktron I MOCs

    Thanks! Yes greebling in black was interesting and fun! Cheers! Thanks very much, glad you like it. :) Cheers! Yes, I love combining parts from 50 years of lego history in the same MOC, it's just part of what the meaning of Lego is to me. Thanks very much! :)
  13. Celloguy

    [MOC] Space Castle

    Lovely work! Will support
  14. Celloguy

    [MOC] M-Tron Light Mech

    Lovely! Will you build it in real bricks? Not too many, shouldn't be too prohibitive!
  15. Celloguy

    Prototype or bootleg torso print at LEGOLAND...?

    Fascinating! I hope someone gets to the bottom of this!