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  1. Celloguy

    [MOC] Ares

    Wonderful build! So creative, wonderful lines and colour blocking.
  2. Celloguy

    Whomping Willow Micro

    Lovely build! Great colour use and shaping, and love the car!
  3. Celloguy

    Heavy Communications Rover (Classic Space)

    Thank you! Thanks so much! Cheers! I'm addicted to old gray, and the look of those early classic space ground vehicles which were all grey except the windscreens and wheels. I love the texture you can build up with only one colour :) Thank you - glad you like it! Yes, something like 35 years between the oldest and newest ones! I just love this about lego - I always try and include very new and very old pieces in my builds. Cheers! Hehe, cheers! Glad it was pleasing to you!
  4. Celloguy

    Space Team: Bubble Scouts!

    Here's another recolour - neo Ice Planet 2002!
  5. Mobile satellite links were extremely useful for relaying the findings of the Federation's various surface discovery vehicles straight to space stations and orbiting space craft. However, when dust and electrical storms made such communication impossible, the Heavy Communications Rover could send and receive messages seismically through a planet's interior. A network of four rovers would be enough to cover the entire surface of most planets, ensuring transfer of information from the planet surface to space without interruption. In the days of Blacktron raids, this tactic allowed the Federation to react speedily to attack. I had this old dark gray radar dish sitting on the shelf for years and decided I had to make something with it. This was the result. It's not obviously visible on the main edit, but the stacked dishes behind the main cab are meant to be a device to create seismic pulses, and also provide a pivot point between the can and the trailer. Also pleased that I used three trans yellow windscreens I’d never used before - particularly fun to discover that the inverted windscreen can accept two SNOT studs. I also used three different lattice parts in old light gray to tie the build together.
  6. Celloguy

    [MOC] My first neo classic ship

    Very nice! Complete with broken chin strap!
  7. Celloguy

    Space Team: Bubble Scouts!

    Thanks very much! Would be great to get all 3!
  8. Celloguy

    Space Team: Bubble Scouts!

    I did a recolour! :) Classic Space time...
  9. Celloguy


    Lovely work!
  10. Celloguy

    Dark Elf Cold One Reinforcements

    Brilliant work!
  11. Celloguy

    The Islanders....

    Love it! Wonderful mid 90s minifigures, displayed and captured beautifully!
  12. Celloguy

    [MOC] Reactor control room

  13. Cheers! Those newish 3 leaf pieces are perfect for grapevines, and hadn't seen them done like this before! Glad you like the hands - again I'd seen them all lined up in a regular manner, but I wanted them to look more chaotic for a slightly messy thatched roof! Thank you!! So glad it spoke to you. It is a Raven - would have to be as it's raven scaled by minifigure standards. Yes the tree is a cross section of the trunk, perhaps would have been better if I included the entire thing. :) and THANK YOU on the Bubble Scout Support - means a lot! Cheers, and you're welcome! Thanks for the nice comment. :) Thanks!
  14. Celloguy

    Neo-Classic Space LL-942 Star Fire II

    Thank you! :)
  15. The prices for many of these are eyewatering, it will be fascinating to see how it affects sales. Alongside the Mario sets, which are also insanely priced (the ones which don't include the new technology), this is a rather risky venture. We'll see how it pans out. My favourite new recolour is that curved blue corner piece that makes up the "eye" of the "hammerhead"! Beautiful!