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  1. Bran of house Ilu

    As a small child Bran was sold by a Hutt to the house of Ilu. A traders family on Jakku who treated her very well and gave her the freedom to develop to a true scavenger and appraiser of scrap. As she turned to an adult, the master of house Ilu set her loose for good, if she would keep working for their house.

    Early in the Battle for Jakku, the Ilu family was struck by Rebel crossfire and everyone present in the house was killed. Bran was the only one not around for the drama. She saw the whole scene from a short distance. First she cried, then she had mixed feelings. Now a few years after the battle, she met a trader who would give her passage to Ryloth.


    Currently she is living in a remote dessert on Ryloth where she scavenges debris of the clonewars that rot there in the savage grounds. She and her crew are about to finish a transporter vessel to roam the skies and head back to the trade where Bran’s heart lies, gaining enough wealth. She is an impartial party, the one paying the most will gain her trust and she would do anything for a few bucks.

    A short while ago a representative from the Imperial Triumvirate recruited her services for their benefit. When her ship is ready, she would open a trade route from Ryloth to other Triumvirate territories. Her loyalty will be compensated with riches beyond her imagination. It took her seconds to convince her crew to take the challenge. So in a few short months they will start their journey.

  2. Note: Didn't have much time, but I just wanted to start this storyline with the build for challenge 2C

    Bran was summoned by his dad, Narbilu lord of Avalonia, to meet him in the alley of the far east corner of Kashgar... nothing is known what the two talked about, but it will have consequences for the loosing party.


  3. Although the Khaor family thinks that anything cultural is a waste of precious time, they can't let the golden city of Kashgar live without the grandeur of a theater. Every seventh day of the week a small group of actors perform a comedy play. In this case a Kaliphlin soldier who has to fight an evil witch.


    This way, the Khaor can contol the entertainment in the city. Circus and other artists have to audience before Throll first before allowed in the city.


    *HSS - Entertainment
    The open air theater is also suited for my MOC of Kashgar



  4. It is a good thing that  Bran keeps a short leach with his family on the other sde of the ocean. The abundance of food that grow in Hemresa, a large island within the borders of Avalonia, is a good trade good versus the high quality clothing that the Khaor supply.

    The Khaor family have a small fleet of trading vessels like the one shown below, that sail to and from Varlyrio and Kashgar almost all seasons of the year.



    The port of Kashgar (WIP 13th Januari 2019)



  5. And the second one...

    As the gnomes are the second largest represented race on Varlyrio, a lot of goods from their factories are exported from the island.
    The gnome called Freckle issued a permit to build a warehouse at the docks to oversee the trade to the mainland. A small and vast
    houses a few dozen square meters of crates and boxes leaving the island with every ship that sails.

    45613877305_1842b58590.jpg 44709976560_6259caab6f.jpg

    Kashgar update with my new builds:


  6. After a few months (got a new born son, and we called him Moos)... finally with x-mas some time to build.

    Kashgar is growing and every day new shipments and tradegoods are unloaded by the many ships that enter the harbour.
    Taxes need to be payed and smuggleware has to be reduced to a minimum, so the Khaor family build a small customs office
    at the end of the docks. The Lionelle called Shimbash leads a small unit of soldiers and officers to ensure no illegal goods
    enter Varlyrio from this port.

    44709977270_1f34cfc776.jpg 31587077637_afe4ebd9ce.jpg

  7. 43212712300_c9123598da_c.jpg

    43212713320_5e21c59c0f.jpg  44112844285_5256c713ee.jpg

    Deep in the dry fields of the Wastelands a selection of skilled hunters started to build a settlement, not far from their native towns. The Sand Orcs decided to make a trading post, which they call Grahark, near the road connecting the mountains on the east with the Gnomish towns on the west coast.


    Walls of stone and wood, tents, housing, chicken farms and storage, all which is needed to successfully build a tribe.

    44112842775_36f3624e0a_n.jpg  44112846485_a3ae4dba16_n.jpg  

    The Khaor family and Bran’s old friend Jacob Nion invested in this settlement by supplying knowledge and materials as well as a helping hand to speed up the process. Throll is dedicated to open up this post by the end of summer, so the new natives can inhabit their homes before the cold winter nights fall.