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  1. Rocky

    Emperor's Hand Battle Pack

    It was just a obvious statement for a topic not being in the right forum not a command. Don't take any offense. I feel like I'm walking around on egg shells.
  2. Rocky

    Best SW set in the 10 years of Lego Star Wars

    I would have to say Ewok Attack. I recieved my forth one yesterday. I also bought Jango Fett's Slave 1 a few days ago and I think it is simply amazing so it comes pretty close. Other sets like the geonosian fighter, cloud city, bounty hunter pursuit and the original AAT are also close to my favorite.
  3. Rocky

    Emperor's Hand Battle Pack

    This is a great entry and I love the Royal Guards The speeder looks very sleek and I would buy this battle pack for sure. A moderator should move this into Watto's Junkyard.
  4. Rocky

    Watto's Junkyard Discussion

    Hello, I changed my entry so could a moderator please change its title to: Separtists Battle Pack. Here is the link to my entry. Thank you
  5. Rocky

    Geonosian Battle Pack

    No offense taken but when you continued to insult my entry it was a little hard. I didn't mean to be rude Jammiedodger714 it is just that I wanted my battle pack to be the only one of its kind. Your entry is really great though and I wish you the best of luck in the contest.
  6. Hello, I have a quite question about the battle pack contest. If you delete your past entry are you allowed to enter a new one?
  7. I myself don't have many very old bricks. The oldest sets I have are from 1999 because I only collect star wars. I have noticed dust on them so I simply use a swiffer duster from Zellers. I'm not sure what to do about dirt that is stuck on though. I don't play or move my lego at all. I think that washing the bricks in your sink would be the best way to clean them. A wet rag would also work for the larger parts. Remember to use a very soft soap like Dawn while washing lego. Other cleaners can discolor pieces. As Big Cam has stated there are other topics about this subject, you should check out those.
  8. Rocky

    Geonosian Battle Pack

    Well theres another Geonosian battlepack.
  9. Rocky

    Clone BARC Speeder Battle Pack

    This is very close to the first clone battle pack Lego released. The speeder looks almost the same and the figure selection is one off. You might want to have a bit more originality in your entry. I agree that there should be more of these figures in sets. After about 2006 clone wars troopers took their place though. Thank you for sharing and good luck in the contest.
  10. Rocky

    lego starwars figs

    2009 Man you should really care about how you post. It is important that eurobricks stays originized. This topic should be discussed in the Future Star Wars Sets topic. I don't think figures need their own. This is a AFOL (adult fans of lego) website and I'm not sure your acting like one. As a new member remember to read the sites guildlines and rules.
  11. Rocky

    lego starwars figs

    This should be in the star wars section. Isn't there already a topic for this.
  12. Rocky

    Hi everyone!

    Hello TheMan44217, Welcome to eurobricks. You might want to tell us about yourself in your introduction like you favorite theme, other hobbies, if you build any mocs (my own creations), if your a collector of sets, etc. There are many activities and ways to get involved in eurobricks. There are contests, online games, sharing mocs writing reviews and much more. If you enjoy making set reviews you might want to join the reviewers academy. Have fun and enjoy your stay.
  13. Rocky

    Custom Republic Gunship

    I remember seeing this topic way before I became a member. I believe starwars4J and xwingyoda where around at the time. I guess it's been brought back to life. This moc is truly amazing and a work of art though.
  14. Rocky

    Wookie BattlePack

    Good job Torax. Your barricade looks great. The half circle shape and wood pieces really bring it together. The humming bike is good too. The fire-flick missle on the front jets out quite a bit though. I would take that off of the set myself. The figures are great. I love the lego wookie design. I wish they were in more sets. The only problem is that one of them is a over-grown ewok . They must of have kicked him off of Endor. Thank you for sharing and good luck in the contest.
  15. What a mess I just sent a PM to you. I must of have missed that rule. I read over them a few times but I must of have forgotten. I'm very sorry for all of the trouble. My next review will go over a lot more smoothly.