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  1. Smitty500

    [MOC] UCS Arc Republic Gunship

    I sent one to you Fresh Tomato
  2. Smitty500

    Unique Lego Star Wars Misprint (Worth hundreds?)

    Maybe there are collectors out there that specifically collect misprint. you could list it on ebay and see how much someone is willing to pay.
  3. Yes, I agree with MOM, the use of the pop guns for trees is pretty neat. Did you photoshop their faces grey? looks more like Snape than Kylo.
  4. Smitty500

    MOC simplified full crouching AT-RT

    Neat little build! I like the use of mini ball joints and animal feet. It does truly "low crouch" I don't know how long those hinge plates will last though. they seem to use their stability over time.
  5. Smitty500

    [MOC] UCS Arc Republic Gunship

    Yes, I have instructions. PM me and we can figure something out!
  6. Smitty500

    Alternative model for the set 75209

    Cool! I didn't think there could be that many pieces to create a small room with some playability. shows how dense models are now. PS. I don't like the train, but I guess you had to do something with them. good stand alone model though.
  7. Smitty500

    [MOC] Porg

    Surprised no ones made a Borg Porg
  8. Smitty500

    AT-TE Mod/MOC

    Now it looks even better. any pictures of the inside?
  9. Smitty500

    AT-TE Mod/MOC

    Looks great! AT-TE is my favorite walker. The shape is spot on, I don't think it is too hunch backed. The only thing I would improve on is making the feet shorter by 1 stud, to keep it closer to the ground and 2 more toes. That's all ascetics. But for a mod, it's a vast improvement. 7675 was was a decent set, but it was too long, and I thought it looked funny from above. I wrecked my set, and started form the ground up, while keeping the 7675 color scheme.
  10. Smitty500

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Eta-2 Actis

    nice to see you tackling this again. I've heard this is a very common issue, with the Eta-2s. The droids do not seem to fit the ergonomic style of the ship, nice try Lucasfilms. It looks like the droid in your Arc-170 is a 3x3 head, why not keep that in the same scale? to be consistent.
  11. Smitty500

    V-19 Torrent MOC

    Thanks, I am happy with how it turned out, I believe the scale is pretty close to minifig. I have not owned the official set, but a friend of mine had it, and I thought the wings folding up and down worked fantastically. I think LEGO needs to release a new one to fit in with their $30-$50 dollar range sets.
  12. Smitty500

    V-19 Torrent MOC

    Hello Everyone. I decided to take my Z-95 headhunter set apart and transform it into a V-19 Torrent. My goal was to try and use majority of the pieces from the original set. As the build went on I found out I needed more pieces to supply for the gear mechanism that drives all the wings into landing or take off mode, as well for the middle wing. All the wings fold down together with ease, but are so heavy, they do not make it up as well without assistance, compared to LEGOs official set. They are locked in landing mode with the middle wing via 2x1 clipped hinge. I based this solely on the Tartokovsky Clone Wars, but has bits of The Clone Wars design in it to. Though the Z-95 was a very well design set, I just love the design and functionality of the V-19 over it. Flickr
  13. Looks sweet. Better flow than the official sets. Wow, I had never even thought of it being a cargo pod just for the kessel run, I thought it was some bs they added to retcon the Falcon.
  14. Smitty500

    Did you bricklink 10179? Are you in the US?

    well they were gone within 2 hours when I checked, shoot
  15. Smitty500

    Did you bricklink 10179? Are you in the US?

    Are we talking about the short snap together ladders? or the giant ones that are used on pirate ships? I am only seeing the short snap ones