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  1. "Possible" re-release of rare parts

    THat is the risk you run while working the second hand market of LEGO. It is all gambling. We don't even know what this set looks like or what parts it holds. I am not a UCS collector myself. But if I were to get into it now, I would just go straight for the new set, assuming it is improved over the previous version. I am not sure how other collectors feel. Some may want every single set out there, while others may want just the nicest/updated version of it.
  2. [REVIEW] 75172 Y-Wing Starfighter

    Great Review! It's been bothering me that you have the 2x2 flipped in the wrong direction on the nose!
  3. Republic Gunship

    This is very good scaled down version. You captured the the rounded edges and a lot of the details that the ship has. I really like the nose, as that is always the hardest part to design. and you got the doors to close perfectly together to make a seamless fit. Very nice, I wonder if I had added any inspiration??
  4. Mystery MOC

    WOOT WOOT! I don't even have the set, but I have the older one with the stand! This was a really fun guessing game. How do I claim my prize?
  5. Mystery MOC

    I am thinking it is for some small star fighter. It does not look sturdy enough for larger ships. But I can't tell if it's for something that already has a stand or not. Honestly most things benefit from a display stand. hmmm. All I can think of is either a B-Wing or old school Slave I fitting in there. Because those are the only ships that look the best when displayed upright/.
  6. [MOC] Millennium Falcon (40th Anniversary)

    This is a great rendition of the Falcon. Very smooth and the proportions look perfect. With all the details in the model, could you take more close ups of it? I love looking at the interior details. Could use a little more light as well.

    Well I haven't done any big mocs like what you want to accomplish. But all I can think of what you need to start with is a good frame to hold the entire thing together. a good foundation is what is needed, then fill in your interior where you can and modify your structure. Are you working with real bricks or in a program? I would hope DTS would come in a and comment, since he is the one that has the experience with the thing. Good luck, this project will be a big challenge. I have seen many people say they are building one but never follow through.
  8. Lego Force Ghosts

    I love to 3D print. and these turned out pretty good as far as 3d printing goes. But as actual minifigs they kind of look like horrific/scary force ghosts. lol. Though these are a cheap solution to fill the void. Personally I would try to mold transparent minifigs. It's a good start though to custom figs.
  9. Review: 1999 LEGO Star Wars Speeder Bikes (7128)

    Back when sets were simple and easy to build and not afraid to disassemble because they could easily be built back. Very fond memories with this set, an easy army builder. Has anyone else's leaves completely broken off?
  10. Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    I just looked through your instructions, I really like this build. Maybe someday I will attempt this. It's funny, all you basically did was double the size of the set to be a more accurate scale. Can I ask, how you made your instructions?
  11. [MOC] Droideka at Minifig Scale

    I'll admit, I am not a fan of a bunch of tiny pieces crammed into a small MOC , with all the illegal techniques and custom parts. But I suppose it is it's own art form. Droideka is the coolest CIS droid, and you captured all the detail. I really like the upside down helmet (that is new). and your background to showcase it is stunning!
  12. [MOC] Toola The Frozen Tundra

    they look like a custom mold. Reminds me of wuzzupbobs customs. Very well done figs regardless
  13. [MOC] Kenner MTV-7

    Wow that is one ugly toy! you did a good job of recreating it in lego form!
  14. [MOC] Senate Duel -- Help needed!

    This is easy. I like the start you have. One play feature I would want to see in this set would be the pods be attached to a wall/structure, and pulling a lever/pushing a button to eject the pod as if it's being flung at Yoda, I think Palpatines podium should be included as well. Some Minifigs Such as Royal Guards I think would be a great addition.
  15. Welcome to the forums! This looks awesome! I love the mostly SNOT design, Millennium Falcon looks a lot better without studs. and using the System scale cockpit helps bring it full circle. I like how the radar dish and other protrusions are neatly sculpted around with plates, just fits seamlessly. I feel the plates that go around the top need to slope a bit more rounded to give it that disk shape. but other than that the model is perfect. I would like to do a build like this someday. I don't feel your brass pieces are too far out of line from being a purist model, as long as they act the same a lego piece in it's place, though you did solder some together. Being a display only model, it's not like LEGO has never used metal in their displays for structure. Great work, Do you have a Flickr or something to visit?