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  1. Sweet, the wings on the Hyena Bomber are spot on!
  2. Smitty500

    Resistance Starfighters

    It's a neat concept, it was kind of explored in the Clone Wars Series, where a kid reprogrammed droids for his personal slaves. Unfortunately I doubt they will ever put anything like this any future timelines. Ever Since the Last Jedi, Rian Johnson made it perfectly clear in the movie that they are "Killing the past"
  3. Smitty500

    A-Wing of my childhood... with instructions!

    it's always neat to see MOCs people built before LEGO acquired the Star Wars License. old school techniques and limited parts to create the shapes of the odd vessels. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Can we not also praise technical detail in each photo? there is so much going on to keep a child's, and even an adults eyes searching around for hours. I would love to see the process in which they took these photos and built the back drops/props for it. Something that is really lacking in modern lego ads. Gosh, I would love to recreate something like this using modern sets.
  5. Smitty500

    HiRes pictures of Watto wanted

    what are you trying to accomplish?
  6. Smitty500

    [MOC] AT-TE v2!

    yup, Just PM me!
  7. Smitty500

    New acquisition

    Come on guys, just congratulate him on getting such a rarity. Congrats RedBird Can I ask how much you were able obtain it for?
  8. Smitty500

    [MOC] AT-TE v2!

    PM Sent your way Neat. Have any photos off the LAAT/i?
  9. Smitty500

    [MOC] MF scale Clone Wars Republic Gunship

    Nice build, Republic gunship is my favorite ship. According to the source images, you matched the same size compared to minifigs. The only thing that stands out, is the size of the rocket launchers on top, should be 3 studs diameter, not 4. I am guessing you only used parts from the set itself. I would argue that the TCW changed the dimensions of ship because they're dingbats. Oops, I mean Because artistic style the initial movie, and as the TV Series progressed, they slowly changed the style to become less cartoony and more "realistic". Unfortunately, the ships design did not carry over to the realistic realm, to match the size of theatrical movie dimensions.
  10. Smitty500

    Lego Star Wars Helmets

    Where are you keeping your troopers? in a hot attic? an oven?
  11. Smitty500

    [MOC] UCS Arc Republic Gunship

    I sent one to you Fresh Tomato
  12. Smitty500

    Unique Lego Star Wars Misprint (Worth hundreds?)

    Maybe there are collectors out there that specifically collect misprint. you could list it on ebay and see how much someone is willing to pay.
  13. Yes, I agree with MOM, the use of the pop guns for trees is pretty neat. Did you photoshop their faces grey? looks more like Snape than Kylo.
  14. Smitty500

    MOC simplified full crouching AT-RT

    Neat little build! I like the use of mini ball joints and animal feet. It does truly "low crouch" I don't know how long those hinge plates will last though. they seem to use their stability over time.
  15. Smitty500

    [MOC] UCS Arc Republic Gunship

    Yes, I have instructions. PM me and we can figure something out!