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  1. Hi! After a long break without Lego's I come back with new model: Trailed Potato Harvester for 42054 Claas Xerion 5000 Potato / beet harvesters are divided into 2 categories: self propelled (often with haulm topper, up to 4 rows at once) and trailed (smaller with less functions, maximum 2 rows). In this nomenclature my harvester is single row trailed potato harvester with bunker (collection container). There are many brands that make this kind of harvesters. Most known are Grimme, DeWulf, AVR or ROPA. Construction visually is based on Grimme products but it’s not an exact copy of any particular model. My goal was to design a harvester that will suit Claas in shape and also looking like official set (for example ¾ pins on conveyor belts are in tan colour, main propulsion shafts are yellow, there are no illegal connections etc.). But to make it more real I’ve added couple stickers (some of them are original like side warning flags or computer controls - rest I’ve made myself). And so Grimme logo transformed into Harvester logo intentionally maintaining its original shape, other stickers stayed unchanged (like yellow warning signs). I didn’t want to use any additional engines inside harvester. Instead this I used tractor PTO for delivering power to all conveyor belts. And it works. But to achieve overall sufficient performance of harvester I had to make 2 changes in Claas. Firstly I’ve added one more clutch onto PTO shaft to increase force needed to make them slip, secondly M engine is replaced by L (with no additional bricks used). Another problem was how to transfer motion from tractor providing full freedom of movement. I decided to go with BALL JOINT which is mostly used in suspensions. To provide a fast and easy connection I’ve also built a special mount for Claas. It’s compact, versatile and lets you connect any type of attachments which use ball joint connection. Overall dimensions of harvester are: 450mm length, 323mm width, 214mm height. It weights almost 2kg. Estimated part count: 2300. From Claas PTO power goes to gearbox which splits movement into 2 directions – for moving main and sorting conveyor belt (simultaneously), and unloading belt. For main belt overall gear ratio is 1:4,68, sorting 1:14,1 and unloading 1:18,75. To control which conveyor belts should be moving there is a lever on the right side of harvester. Turning it left engages main and sorting belts, turning right – unloading belt. Additionally right lever puts main belt into transport mode. Every moving part is secured by clutches inside tractor. The most challenging part was finding a “sweet spot” for main conveyor belt and brushes to make “potatoes” collecting possible. Lowest point (tiles) is around 1mm above the ground which means that harvesting is possible only on flat, smooth surfaces like table or floor. Maybe 1x1 round bricks would look better as potatoes instead 2x2 but in this configuration they are too small for this. After passing brushes main conveyor belt transports bricks to the top where originally is stone and earth separator. As it is only a Lego model and it uses single motor I didn’t want to decrease power by adding more brushes or moving parts so I’ve simplified this a little bit. Next stop is sorting belt. Now it’s a time for human workers. Even there is a separator it may happen that bigger stone (simulated by gray bricks) came through. Their task is to take it and put into ejector that is located at the end of harvester. After that clean and inspected “potatoes” land into collecting container called bunker. When work is done it’s time to unload yields. To do that simply switch lever to right and potatoes will unload itself. On this occasion I’ve made a “slightly” modified trailer from 8063 set which I’ll describe later in separate topic. When there is a need to transport harvester, main conveyor belt can be raised and lock about 5mm above ground by switching second lever. In addition I made here a blockade. When main conveyor belt is in transport mode it’s impossible to turn it on. Only unloading belt can be engaged. It works in both ways so when main belt is moving it can be raised but can’t be locked. More additional photos: Okay, more or less I’ve described how it works and why it looks like this. Of course best experience beside looking at pictures (especially for Technic MOCs) is to watch a video. Inside it basically there is everything which I described above so if you didn’t read it all is not lost :) Feel free to comment and ask questions. Thanks!
  2. Around 4 months ago I built alternative model of 42035 Mining Truck but I just found some spare time to take pictures, film and describe it. So, using only parts from one 42035 set (including spares) two models were created: single engine Airplane and Tug. In total I used 347 parts from original 364. Mostly long axles and connectors has left. AIRPLANE This one has been built first. First off when I saw tapered panels I thought – “they’ll fit perfectly as an airplane wings!”. So I had no doubts what kind of alternative I’d like to do. Alpha version was created in 3 evenings and didn’t differ that much from the final product but still many parts left, including 4 wheels. I thought that it’s too much waste of bricks and I have to think out something else, best if this “something” would fit existing model. And so, second model appeared - Airport Tug, but about it in a minute. Airplane consist of 208 elements. It has moving single piston engine and propeller at front. Movement comes from rear wheels which are made out of T16 entwined with a chain. Plane has also movable rear loading ramp and ruder. From visual site there are pair of landing lights and side exhaust. Cockpit and 4 windows for passengers were highlighted too. TUG As I mentioned earlier after building airplane lots of parts left and I’ve made second vehicle – tug. It consist of 139 parts and has 2 functions – driving and retracting rear tow bar with hitch. In this model you can detect 2 similarities to mining truck – front grill and steering system. As there were quite limited amount of bricks left, probably nothing better than this, which has been already made, was possible to create. As in original truck there is also HOG steering. Tow bar mounting point is exactly at the end of frame. To fold and unfold it there is T8 gearwheel placed just behind driving wheel. At its end there is a hitch for airplane front wheel that can moves freely in any direction. After hooking it up propeller doesn’t touch any part of tow bar. Thanks to short wheelbase and overall compact dimensions even with hooked up airplane, maneuverability is really good. Everything due to limited amount of bricks is outlined in shape of tug but whole construction is resistant for intensitive play. Unfortunately visual attractions and details almost doesn’t exist beside front grill, mentioned earlier, and headlights. Bearing in mind that there are only around 360 bricks to use I think that models are not that bad. Both of them had to go on compromise but more attention and parts I spent on airplane. VIDEO: INSTRUCTION: It is true that making instructions is not my strong point but this time due to fact that many of you has 42035 set, I decided to made a LDD model. You can download it along with automatically generated instruction by clicking: DOWNLOAD Before building note that LDD interpret "axles with stop" incorrectly, so it's sometimes impossible to place it like instruction suggest. Keep it in mind when building. Thanks
  3. Thanks, glad that you liked it @Didumos69, could you tell what do you mean by grouping steps in LDD files? @sirslayer, yeah I know that such a small planes doesn't need a tug to move but if does, they're operated by hand like pallet jack. But in this particular situation I wanted both models to complement each other and fit scale. Making tug in one scale and kind of a big airliner (but few times smaller than tug) would make no sense so I decided to do alter reality a little bit
  4. I'm glad guys that you liked it . Unfortunately making an instruction for me is a pain in butt and takes sometimes more time than actual model (yeah, once I've made in Ldraw 250 pieces model, and oh boy...). I'd rather spend this time on making something new than instruction.
  5. Hello everyone It’s good to have some spare time but better that sitting on the couch is to present one of my last MOCs – Front Loaded Garbage Truck. The truck was made almost three months ago (but I done it from scratch in 8 days!) for our local LUG contest. The goal was to made something up to 2000 pieces and maximum of 4 engines. I thought that front loaded garbage truck could be a nice playable model and I haven’t seen much of them made from Lego. The truck of course fit to rules so it has a four remote functions like: - driving and steering - lifting arms - moving front forks In addition to electric functions there are two pneumatic (with manual pump) – dumping the whole body and opening tailgate. If you want more accurate specification: Weight: 1700g Dimensions: 19 studs wide, 22 studs high, 53 studs long (15.2x17.6x42.4cm) Parts: almost 1900 The truck is designed to emptying big waste bins. Whole process don’t take much time. Lifting functions are motorized so you don’t have to even touch a truck to dump wastes into body. Lifting the arms are operated by L motor connected to two big linear actuators. For moving forks I used a M motor and built a long shaft through arm to connect small LA’s. Each small linear actuator is driven by 6 universal joints. Maybe it don’t sound good but I have to say that everything works fast and fine. First you have to do is drive up to waste bin. Then lift it above body using arms. Meanwhile flap mounted on top of body opens itself and then you roll over waste bin with front forks. When bin is empty simply lower arms and put it onto ground. For driving I used XL motor with total gear reduction 1:1.4 That ratio gives you an opportunity to push truck by hand (and engine will turn). Steering is simply operated by PF Servo. As I said at the beginning there are two pneumatic functions. For opening tailgate I used one small pneumatic cylinder and for lifting body – two big cylinders. Lowering body and tailgate is done by gravity – there is no need to use air pressure. For more playability I made two waste bins – green and red. Maybe this is not a masterpiece but it had to be light. So what say more? I think that movie will say everything that possibly I forgot to write :)
  6. Hello, I’s been a long time ago Since I presented something here so it’s time to change it Few months ago there were a competition on our local LugPol forum where the goal was to remake a Technic set made before 2000 into studless model. I decided to take on workshop 8858 Rebel Wrecker. Beside my creation there were other two Rebels submitted. You can check all participants here: http://www.lugpol.pl...pic.php?t=26707 After all my remake of 8858 won in the category of more than 200, but less than 500 pieces. I have to say that it is not so easy to recreate a set into studless version. I told myself to keep all important points where things like suspension are mounded in the same place as in original set. So almost all dimensions stayed unchanged (e.g wheelbase, hood length, etc.) The main difference between original and my version is width. Old sets had even number of studs in wide, nowadays it’s an odd number. So my Rebel is 1 stud wider. When it comes to overall appearance I tried to make it as close as possible to the original but stay into modern style using liftarms instead of plates and bricks. Of course I had to change some kind of colours so for example Light Gray is replaced by LBG. One thing that I keep unchanged is front steering system. Yes, the small gear rack is present but for example 8048 which was released few years ago still has the same solution so I think that it’s fine to use it as well. Of course functionality of the model is the same as studfull, so working V6 engine and self locking rear winch is present. I am quite happy about this model. I made everything as I wanted, everything works, it took a first place so what to want more Below there is a video, and link to BS gallery. http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=561705 Greetings, Patrick.
  7. It's nice to hear guys that you liked it. @LXF - I tried to emphasize the world Rebel, and as all of us know that Russians are some kind of rebels The "Kremlin" font done it's job
  8. @Timoonn Did you know that there is some super secret trade catalogue which was released about 2 months ago and there are pictures of (almost) all sets :)?
  9. Volvo - yes yellow and black Class - more like black, lime and red and log picker crane BWE - yellow and (dark?) blue.
  10. Nope, Class is as is, only tractor itself with motorized crane at back. To be specific about wheels there are truly new including rims And the BWE uses only one motor so we can expect some gearboxes.
  11. Looking at those sets and this price list, one conclusion is coming to my head: it doesn't make sense. At all.
  12. Looking at past licensed sets, every of them had licensed B model as well. So Ondra, you might have right about B model :)
  13. Waler is just collecting all information together and draws a conclusion :) It is obvious that sets with "higher" number are bigger in part count. But I see some people could argue with that
  14. It's hard to tell, I have no idea how many parts are in sets. Nowadays models which are not super-big (look at Arocs) have a many, many parts. On the other hand set like Silver Champion is wider and longer that mentioned Mercedes but there are about half of parts compare to those in MB.
  15. +1. I don't like it too. Of course it is something new that we had not yet but it's going to be be first big set from a long time which I especially don't want to have. But Class . Looks delicious. At this time I can't tell anything more. You have to wait for Toy Fair . But I think it is worth to wait and see
  16. Nope. It's the smallest one. Bigger is Class and the biggest is BWE :)
  17. Not mentioned - like fire truck. So two options - canceled or some kind of exclusive.
  18. @nguyengiangoc Trust me, this is right order :)
  19. Volvo -> Class ->BWE. That is the right size order
  20. Pictures and pictures... Everybody knows that they are still "preliminary" so noone can post it :). But for sure it is worth to wait ;)
  21. Me? Of course not... Just saying that someone propably saw them already
  22. Sure there are pictures for 2H... in super secret trade catalogue
  23. And what about, if you are wrong in every single word you have written here ?
  24. Waler

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    The same in Poland. You can get 8421, complete with box and instruction for around $140, and no one bid it :) . Comparing to Arocs it's about half price so here there is no chance to exchange it for brand new Mercedes!
  25. Waler

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    @Kiwi_Builder Sure they are new. Some time ago Barman made even a virtual model of it: