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  1. Staples

    A Guide to building a Medieval Village

    Thanks for the great guide!
  2. Staples

    Hello From the USA

    Thanks guys really excited to be a new member
  3. Staples

    Hello From the USA

    Hello Im Staples from Connecticut (CT) USA. For those who don't know Connecticut is pretty close to NYC. Well if you are actually still reading this you must be either extremely bored or you enjoy stocking people :D Just Kidding I joined Euro bricks because I wanted to start building bigger, more detailed, and better MOCs, and so I decided to try to learn other builders techniques and skills so I could achieve the thing... I just said ... I wanted to do...umm.. yeah... I hate writing Yeah so basically I have been building since the age of 2 with those huge Duplo legos, and have always loved legos. So yeah