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    [MOC] Kartcross

    Been ages since I've browsed Eurobricks... I stop over, head on to the Town section (duh!) and the first thread I open is this one. What an awesome MOC to greet you back to what feels like a very homey part of the forest! Very much off the beaten path - just the way I like my MOCs :D
  2. MetroiD

    Opening 9V Battery Box

    I recently bought something off of eBay and along with it got a 9V battery box, of the ancient 4-wide variety, which is crucial to the "thing"'s functioning. Unfortunately, despite its perfect appearance, the battery box hasn't exactly been stored properly and battery acid has obviously been allowed to leak into it. I tried cleaning it up a bit and removing some of the acid stains from the connector, which brought back some life to it, as demonstrated by a silent, quickly dying whine when testing the battery with the 9V sound siren. I'd like to take apart the entire battery box, if possible, and try to clean the metal connectors - or even replace them. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a "legitimate" way to do that, so I was wondering whether any one of you guys had any idea and could help. Thanks in advance. P.S.: Just a sidenote: I'm aware of the fact that alcohol should help solve the problem with leaked battery acid, but I'm not sure if that's the only issue here. That's why I'm really looking for ways to actually disassemble the 9V battery box - of course, without permanently damaging it.
  3. Well I finally received my latest eBay bargain, with the package containing 11 straight and 39 curved pieces, as well as every bit of electrical hardware you need to get those babies running and a couple of switches (yeah, of course I'm bragging, you have no idea how long I'd waited for this moment! :P ). That's all neat, but I'm still waiting for my BNSF train to arrive, along with my first (and only) 9V engine sometime next month. In the meantime, I thought I'd take out the tracks and have a good look at them and boy, was I in for a surprise... Since those babies are second hand, some of them are in a downright dirrrrty condition - the switches especially seem to have been fully garnished with dust & stuff. Seeing as I really don't have any experience with those pieces and they're electric, I don't want to spoil anything while cleaning them or render them useless in some way. So before I get started, I'd be extremely grateful if you guys could give me any basic guidelines regarding the cleaning of 9V tracks - what to do and what not to. I guess a damp cloth, some kind of cleaning solution for the really dirty spots and a lot of drying out after the cleaning process would suffice, but I'd still rather ask before ruining 50+ pieces :) Thanks in advance!
  4. Great game everyone. Congratulations all round, especially: - the Town block for teaming together in what seemed like no time and making sure that the focus would be retained regardless of who dies during the night. Darth, Hinck and Tama did a great job, but I’m sure all of the rest of you guys who were ‘in’ must have been equally awesome in your work behind the scenes. I’m sorry for not really contributing effectively an awful lot and, generally, being pretty useless throughout the game. - the scum team for working extra hard given the circumstances. I sincerely hope there’s no grudges at the end of the day, I really didn’t mean to offend anyone and if I was pressing too much in the Day threads, it’s because it actually helped me be a bit more certain about my own course of action considering my general cluelessness. As to my pm quote. If the rules had been different, I probably should have been killed, and I accept that. But they weren’t. Then again, if the rules had been different, there would have been an awful lot less metagaming in this Mafia game and people would have been actively advised against it – which in turn would have made the whole alter-ego game mechanic much harder to utilize in Town’s favour as it was. But, once again, they weren’t. The pm quote itself took place at a time where I was actively trying to work with Hinckley, not convince him I’m Townie – it was a result of my attempt to focus on the way TK had communicated our alter-egos initially – i.e. without even mentioning the element of alter-egos and instead using the term “role”. That “role” word was the whole point of the pm quote and as far as I can tell, I was right in stating mid-game that this action, stupid as it was, would have no effect on the game whatsoever. I know that for a fact because I was (obviously) suspected by numerous Townies up until the very end. Which, on the other hand, once again goes to show how ineffective I’ve been. If I’d have one piece of recommendation to our wonderful host, that would be to make sure that all players are made fully aware of the game mechanics before the game actually commences, as well as not to rely on people having played or read specific previous mafia games. At no point in my “role pm” was I made aware of the existence of alter-egos, or of the fact that the monsters were, actually, town. And while TK realized the latter soon and publicly stated who’s who in the game, the initial confusion could have been avoided if a bit more precise info had been provided to begin with. In my instance, upon receiving my pm, I thought I was the Scum Ninja – as in, not-being-seen-targeting-anyone-during-the-night ninja, who supposedly needs to have a power role. Only thing is, I didn’t have an actual night action. Realizing I was actually town didn’t help much; it was only after people started discussing alter-egos that it actually dawned on me. I’m slow, I know. Either way, rant over. Once again, thanks for all the fish and everything :)
  5. MetroiD

    CMF Mafia 2 - Day 5 - Film-y

    But you haven't. SKs, neutrals, etc... interesting concoctions and attempts to pull at straws, but at the end of the day here's how I look at it: Your alter-ego is what it is. The only reason this whole alter-ego thing has worked for us so far is because scumsters have been caught lying about it and getting caught up in metagaming it. I see more of the same here. Precisely. You played around with the idea of being a miller, then allegedly dropped it, then considered it worthy enough to share it with the person who puts you on the line. Guilty conscience?
  6. MetroiD

    CMF Mafia 2 - Day 5 - Film-y

    Your brief and rather unconvincing response has actually made me feel more convinced about following our Monarch's lead / hunch. The main point of my observations was your focus not on Town prevailing, but on you being covered, just in case. Oops, wait, I meant to say - _you_. As in, considering your possible-but-rather-unfeasible role, needing to explain your alter-ego, etc. As to the second part of your response, it doesn't even make sense to me considering my initial comments. What it does though is prove that a guilty conscience needs no accuser.
  7. MetroiD

    CMF Mafia 2 - Day 5 - Film-y

    Dr. Jekyll (or is it Mr. Hide?) is here now so I hope we'll soong have the opportunity to hear what (s)he has to say on this. I must say though, from the onset something does not feel quite right about that PM exchange, and it's not even the "let's go lynch some other townie that's not me" part. What gets me really is why would a vanilla Townie need to start theorizing about millers and what not when at the end of the day the ultimate purpose of vanillas, same as all the other townies, is just to push hard and try to achieve victory for Town with minimal collateral Townie damage - at least that's the way I see things. If you want to help, well help, don't ry to cover your own megablocks. Once again, I was saying - victory for Town. Not just for one person. Trying to arrange things in a way that would leave you in the position of the last man standing, on the other hand, could probably qualify as a prerequisite for victorious scum. Just like trying to come up with a smart way of making sure you stay "vanilla" even if the cop has investigated you. I don't buy this and as of right now, I really don't have a very good feeling about your brushes, Pamela. I'll refrain from voting until I hear your response, but I'm pretty sure where my vote will be going tonight. Double post but: hmmm, well it seems as though Pamela has decided to grace us with her presence, stay a while and disappear. I'm starting to like this less and less so here goes: Vote: Pamela Fettucini (Peanuts).
  8. MetroiD

    CMF Mafia 2 - Day 5 - Film-y

    Well shit. Just as I thought this council deal was over. I'm definitely gonna miss Helen, but I hope we've still got more aces up our sleeve...
  9. MetroiD

    CMF Mafia - Day 4 - Fluffy

    Hipster Monster. Not being privvy to any of this behind-the-scenes info, I must say I'm once again resorting to following the lead. This time, though, it's already been proven as being pretty reliable and trustworthy, so here goes nothing... My prime suspect was actually someone else entirely, as I already stated earlier today. Regardless, a potentially (but not too likely) neutral player is as good an option to lynch as any. Vote: Jeffrey Norris (jamesn)
  10. MetroiD

    CMF Mafia - Day 4 - Fluffy

    Dear Mikatta, an honest and complete reply to your question would require the incorporation of elements and tales from beyond our world of monsters and councilors, which is why I believe it would be best if we left that discussion for the afterlife where we're all headed at one point or another. At this stage though, suffice it to say that yesterday's events were never a part of a stunt and had definitely not been planned as a "move" of sorts. What happened was instead a mere attempt to make the best and most useful thing for Town out of a stupid situation. As you've all undoubtedly noticed by now, it was admittedly neither too useful, nor did it change our situation substantially. Back to the current events though - it's nice to see that Pamela is once again able to use her words as well as her brush, I was looking forward to that and it would surely help having as many vocal participants around here as possible, especially considering how Helen will be trying to catch up on her sleeping throughout this day. But I'm still the go-to person around here when it comes to brushes.
  11. MetroiD

    CMF Mafia - Day 4 - Fluffy

    Yeah, I'm, er, gonna have to retract my comments about Helen's daffodilly, but none too suspicious (at this point) butt. It's obviously been doing a pretty good job, after all. It's really good to know that the right people's efforts and work behind the scenes are paying off. Having an actual pattern to follow is _tres_ nice. Let's see if it also coincides with the observations that we lay(wo)men have made so far. Speaking of which - I agree with Peter once again; Giovanni also tops my list as of right now, mostly due to the fact that he was all too willing to try and provide exculpation (albeit implausible) for the dead scumsters' claims. It'd be interesting to see / hear if he is in fact the last stripe in the pattern. Oh and - of course, you may feel free to start a lynchmob against me for sharing someone else's opinion - on more than one occasion.
  12. MetroiD

    Class 55 Deltic, Class 37 and Class 27

    Carl, thank you so much for posting these online. As usual, I'm spending hours upon hours just inspecting your models and trying to 'decipher' your great brick solutions. This time though, I'm equally amazed by the fact that you've also managed to incorporate the full line-up of DCC functions. You've given me so much inspiration to try and potentially also look into fitting DCC into LEGO models!
  13. That's because you're a conformist.
  14. IRC Chat. For a pub of sorts. Greenies go there.
  15. Helen, your endless thrashing around is helping no one. And if you don't trust me now, you won't trust me - _ever_. The thing is though, I can't trust you either anymore. Apparently, in my case it's all the same anyway since I'm a useless vanilla townie, as Sally aptly put it (and yet, still voted against a townie). But the fact that after I've worked so hard to try and help Town, you are now comfortably laying the foundations for a vote against me tomorrow if I actually survive, speaks tons. By the way, you should be way more familiar with scum writeboards, metamaster, and following your logic, how can we be sure that this entire tennis match between yourself and Sally in terms of message and in-thread accusations is not just a cover? I'd vote against you right now if I wasn't pretty sure that no one would really consider following. The town has put all its faith in you right now, let's see where that leads first - and that's also what I'm choosing to do. Oh, and Mikatta - yes. Consider me tongueless, since I really can't be bothered with your drivel.
  16. Once again - what makes you and Sally think that I've quoted to Helen. Furthermore, the pm quote was in no way related to proving my role or allegiance, it was actually an attempt to analyse the wording used therein.
  17. Once again, great commenting, Townie. If I'm "cheating" and it's in favour of Town, why would you need to get so worked up over it? Furthermore, my "cheating" will have no further consequences on the general gameplay. The rules clearly define a penalty for what I've done, and I've accepted that as soon as I realized what I'd done. If God decides that the penalty is insufficient, I might just as well die tonight. But what's _your_ huge problem with all of that? The way I see things, you say you have a power role. So if you are Town - and that's a huge IF - you are responsible, and you alone, for the fact that Town now has no leads to work with it and has to resort to such stupid moves. And, sorry for having so many questions but... why the hell would a vanilla or a power-role townie have to die tonight? If you'd used your moves smartly, wouldn't we have been able to lynch a scumster tonight? But wait - we actually might just be doing that... which is the reason why you got so worked up in the first place.
  18. Oh, and while Sally's pondering what her retort should be, one more question: Townies should normally be more less relieved about my (admittedly ill-advised) role pm quote. The way I see it, a scumster wouldn't need to share their role pm to anyone, and if I've done so, that means I'm trying hard to get things going in terms of figuring what means what. However, your first reaction is -- to point out that I need to be modkilled!? Because that would help Town so much... Great input, Townie - it does, after all, seem that my stupid move has been beneficial in some way. And if I'm a Scumster trying hard to appear Town... I guess there should be easier ways than doing something this stupid. Once again, I reiterate - it was a stupid move that was a consequence of a less-than-nice day of hairdressing (think real life), one that I'm not too proud of and if it leads to me dying overnight, I'll just have to accept that and hope that the Town will forgive me for not having been as useful as I wanted to be. But I had to try and see how it could help. Your reaction to that was... to ask that I be modkilled?
  19. Well ok, lead us in some other direction then?! Fair enough, you think I'm scum, and based on my utter uselessness today, I don't blame you. But then again, you also have a power role, apparently, and its results should have been at least a bit more helpful in deciding what we should focus on next. I'm honestly feeling clueless as to which way to go. Perhaps trusting Helen is a bad decision, if that's the case, I guess we'll have proof of that soon enough. As to me being modkilled - another fair point. If God decides to smite me, at least I'll know I have shared all I could in public. By the way, why do you think I claimed / quoted to Helen?!
  20. Speaking of miscounts. A long overdue explanation. In an outburst of stupidity, I quoted my role PM behind the scenes. Obviously, this is against the rules so I sent a prayer to God confessing my deed and asking whether this would indeed mean I'd be docked 4 votes today. God confirmed and at that point I decided to try and make the best out of a stupid situation. Presuming that it would have been publicly known I'm being docked 4 votes today, I placed a pointless vote early on to give the scum a reason to come after me. I don't suspect Kelly since she's already been cleared by Derek and Helen and I trust them both to be Townies. I also don't have any background info on her either. I was hoping my vote, combined with the fact that only 4 more votes would be needed to effectively get rid of me today, would have made the councilors try hard and get me lynched. It didn't happen since this is the first you've ever heard of my 4-vote penalty - so in effect, it's a strategy I couldn't pursue at all. Getting back to today's events, considering the lack of action I initially felt inclined to place my real vote against the witchy witch. As the day has developed, I have however noticed that Sally's contributions have become more and more frequent. I do believe her to be playing a game and trying to get under the skin of certain Townies - and it's a notion I suggested yesterday as well, albeit in the sense of appearing as though she's following someone else's lead. So in light of Helen's recent revelation, I'm revisiting my Day One vote Vote: Sally Carrotine (Scubacarrot)
  21. I was thinking of lots of things. And none have really worked, apparently. For the time being, I'll just Unvote: Kelly Lester (Kristel)
  22. I never heard back from Tickles after starting a conversation with him regarding alter-egos. You'd expect every Townie to try and gather as much information as possible behind the scenes as possible at this stage. Tickles didn't seem interested. I'm also still unsure about Mikatta, among other people. And why has the wannabe mermaid gone so silent all of a sudden!? Vote: Kelly Lester (Kristel) mainly because I think she has / should have something to share and this should serve as good incentive.
  23. In what way has your new approach been helping so far? I mean, I see why you'd think your previous contributions have not been very useful, but trying to throw everyone off as you are right now is much more useful to the scumsters than to the Monsters. Your 'findings' that I've been in touch with Peter and Helen are something I've already publicly stated before. And the same goes for Derek as well. I've also given my motives on why I believe there's reason to follow Peter's suspicions regarding Kelly. As to copying Helen... you shoot, you miss. The least you could have done is consider my voting, which you should have, bearing in mind how you've been reading up on previous Day threads. The fact that you seem to be trying to get people off randomly and yet are leaving stuff out when summing up your suspicions on them makes you look the most suspicious. Also, weirdly enough, you didn't vote on either occasion. Lacey didn't vote on Day One either. Coincidence? Nice plan? Trying not to draw too much attention? Fair enough, the same could be said about me, but then again I gave my reasons about voting against Sally on Day One pretty clearly (on numerous occasions) and then refrained from voting against Bleeb due to the fact that I was in no way convinced he was scum. In fact, if I'd had the time (busy hairdressing!), I would have followed Peter's vote and voted against Kristel. In short - you have not voted on either occasion so far. You've just been throwing around fluff. And now all of a sudden you're trying to judge other people, claiming you're changing your approach when in fact you're still throwing around fluff... Care to elaborate?
  24. That does sound smart indeed. Why would scum 2 be automatically confirmed though? If we base our votes and suspicions on actions, voting, etc., there should be a tell as to who's scum of the hypothetical two. I stand corrected, my bad. That gives some more credibility to the witch's claim. Which, in turn, is countereffected by pretty much everything she's been saying. In her case, I think we're witnessing another bout of button pushing here. Witchy business and I'm not sure I like it. Combined with all her random shooting in all directions from the off today, that makes her one of the prime suspects to me.