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  1. Anybody may post here! Confirmation | Day One | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 "Well, I don't know what to say..." Mercutio sighs. "You've managed to get all of the councilmen. Congratulations." Everybody lets out a sigh of relief and begins to cheer. "Pamela Fettucini (Peanuts) had no remains, but we did find this top hat, and hidden under the brim were the notes we found at the death scenes of Helen and Caitie." "Fluffy's also grown his horn! Congratulate him!" Mercutio applauds as he and his assistants shed their suits. "You may now reveal yourself." The suits come off, and everybody is happy, and the monsters plan their next reign of terror. 10 Years Later.. "Are you ready, Fluffy?" Mercutio Robertson asks as the pair walks up to the Hotel de Booticcio. Thanks for playing everybody! Congratulations to our surviving winners! Tickles (TinyPiesRUs - Zombie - Vigilante), Monarch Timothy III (Tamamono - Magician - Faith Healer), Carl Nemoss (Captain Nemo - Evil Mech - Vanilla), Mikatta (Mencot - Witch - Vanilla), Clarissa Maplesby (CallMePie - Crazy Scientist - Faith Healer), Peter Desmund (Piratedave84 - Werewolf - Vanilla), Melinda Dugan (MetroiD - Ninja- Vanilla), and Kelly Lester (Kristel - The Monster - Vanilla) Special Mentions to our deceased winners! L-R: Caitie Levanne (Cecilie - Vampire - Watcher/Tracker combo), Kingsley of the Starfish (KingoftheZempk - Scarecrow - Blocker), Derek Polanes (DarthPotato - Fortune Teller - Cop), Helen Inkling (Hinckley - Mummy - Vanilla), Bleeb (Bob - Classic Alien - Vanilla), and Giovanni Cappani (Captain Genaro - Bandit - Vanilla)! And another big thank you to our scum team! Jeffrey Norris (jamesn - Constable - Role Cop), Dragonishki (Darkdragon - Tiki Warrior - Prankster), Sally Carrotine (Scubacarrot - Roman Commander - Godfather), Lacey Davis (LegoDad - Mermaid - Blocker), and Pamela Fettucini (Peanuts - Mr. Good and Evil - Traitor, later inherited kill) The Cast of Collectible Minifigures Mafia 2 The Players (10) Mercutio Robertson - Played by TrumpetKing - NPC Kelly Lester - Played by Kristel - Wannabe Mermaid Clarissa Maplesby - Played by CallMePie - Expert People Trampler Peter Desmund - Played by Piratedave84 - Most likely to eat your face Carl Nemoss​ - Played by Captain Nemo - Hottie McHotterson Monarch Timothy III - Played by Tamamono - Probably wants you beheaded Tickles - Played by TinyPiesRUs - Wants your kids to se the lions Mikatta - Played by Mencot - Forest Witch Melinda Dugan - Played by MetroiD - Wants your scalp The Dead Kingsley of the Starfish - Played by KingoftheZempk - Criminal Mastermind - Dissolved Mid-Nap Night One - Monster Caitie Levanne - Played by Cecilie - Creepy Nurse - Beheaded reading mail Night One - Monster Bleeb - Played by Bob - Benevolent Alien Overlord - Gnawed on by a crazy cannibal Day Two - Monster Lacey Davis - Played by LegoDad - Desparate for sex - Ignored creepy sounds while bra stuffing during Night Two - Council Derek Polanes -Played by DarthPotato - Wants your credit card number - Blazed Night Two - Monster Sally Carrotine - Played by Scubacarrot - Child Arson - Fluffied Day Three - Council Dragonishki - Played by Darkdragon -Somehow came from a comic book - Eaten Night Three - Council Jeffrey Norris -Played by jamesn - Corrupt Conquistador - Hung Day Four - Council Helen Inkling - Played by Hinckley - "Would you like a nice glass of wine?" - Crashed Night Four- Monster Giovanni Capanni - Played by Captain Genaro - Hitman with a hint of class - Snacked on Night Four - Monster Pamela Fettucini - Played by Peanuts - Badass Mom - Disappeared due to clownish antics Day Five - Council Role PM's Town Scum