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    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    OH MY GOD GUYS IT'S HAPPENING!!! Is it like, 4 classic space minifig and a robot??
  2. Thanks to the open source SunFlow rendering system, i'm able to present: Bluerender A rendering engine for Lego Digital Designer. How it works: You just open the LXF file with Bluerender and click the big Render button. Optionally, you can choose an output png file and do a "preview" render: it will render the model in wireframe (useful for testing and framing your model). A set of default settings is provided that should looks good for most renders, but you can tinker with the scene description to use the full power of SunFlow. Rendering is fast, a 1024x768 image usually take no more than five minutes on average pc. This project came about as an experiment when i discovered that i could integrate SunFlow into Blueprint code with minimal effort. It's by no mean a competitor to Povray, which is slow but ultra-high quality, professional renderer. Features: Renders models, even big ones (tested on 12k piece models) Completely customizable scene Use camera settings from lxf file, so you can just frame your model in LDD. Support for LDD decorations and decoration substitution Limitations: many :P Documentation: A wiki is available with plenty of documentation. Using the renderer with default settings is quite simple. If you want to customize light, materials etc, you can change the scene description, simply edit the included file. The syntax of the scene description is that of Sunflow and should be easy, there are some examples inside. Anyway some documentation is available here (note: it may be a little outdated at times). You can optionally have a custom scene file for each model: simply copy the file and name it like your lxf model (for example, if you have spaceship.lxf, create the file, in the same folder of course). You can override LDD decoration with your own adding lines like this in your scene file (the number is the decoration ID): ##CHANGEDECOR 59879 c:\path\to\custom\mydecor.png Issue Tracker: Have any bug or feature request? Be a good fellow and report it in our shiny issue tracker. Requirements: Java8 (revision 8u40 or better) Lego Digital Designer Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, i decline any responsability for anything that may happen to you using the program. Download: You can download Bluerender vers. 0005 here. Flickr Group: You can add your renders to the official Bluerender Lego Rendering group. Running on Mac: Some people were able to run Bluerender on Mac. Try the following instructions: Remove all java installations Install Java, but not from Oracle, from Homebrew instead. What's HomeBrew? I've no idea, but you can try following these instruction. Open a command prompt/shell/terminal, cd to the folder where you unzipped Bluerender Enter the following command: java -cp "bin/*" bluerender.BlueRender If the program manage to start, it will ask you to locate the db.lif file, you should find it here: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/LEGO Company/LEGO Digital Designer/db.lif Special thanks: to Bublible for his help with the renderer. to Jackalope for his help testing the app on Mac. to Fabrizio for his precious time as beta tester. Screenshot: Example Output: (these models are taken from the web, not mine) More examples can be found here. Here you can find a 3027x2304 render of a 12000 parts model, took about 30 minutes. Changelog: 0005: Black is now real black #93 Glass is now lighter #82 (thanks to bublible) Implemented bublible chrome materials #73 (thanks to bublible) Corrected NPE with invalid color codes (default to white) #86 Implemented aliases parsing and caching #81, #68 360° rotation renders #71 can now place light with transform{} blocks #72 (thanks to bublible) overwrite and other options are now persisted #64 basic parameters are now in the app #65 changed default background to white 0004: Janino shaders now work Automatic aspect ratio Overwrite without asking checkbox No longer "forget" some flexible elements Correct background color reflection for mirrors (no more black) 0003: Model loading is fast again (even faster!) Some textured glass support (not perfect yet) Clickable scene label (opens the scene file) Self adjusting plane height Search file in db folder beside db.lif Bugfixes 0002: remembers last used folder ask before overwrite use a single file instead of three files for setup, materials, lights scene files are not shown on the program anymore (was more confusion than anything) optional per-model scene file LDD decoration support custom decoration support 0001: initial release
  3. Here we are! After some more tweaking on the program, i feel it's stable enough to be usable. So i hereby present: Blueprint A building instruction generator for Lego Digital Designer. How it works: You import an LXF in the program. The program will generate a default serie of building steps (taking into account LDD group definitions). You then refine building steps by moving parts around, creating steps, submodels and callouts and organizing stuff as you prefer. When you're done, you can move to the "Page layout" and generate the illustrations, that you can adjust as you prefer. Note that this is still beta software, it may crash or explode without warning taking everything you hold dear with it. Many of the features are there but are awkward to use (see model rotation), waiting for a better user interface. Many of the comforts of mature software are completely missing. Features: Handle callouts and unlimited submodels Per-model and per-step orientation Easy drag-and-drop steps definition interface placed part highlighting Treat LDD groups and subgroups as submodels Unlimited Undo/Redo Flexible part support Stickers support Multiple export format etc Limitations: no stickers flexible part are rendered unflexed multipart pieces may or may not work no "undo" may rough edges on the interface no alert on exit many more... Documentation: A tutorial is available here. A wiki is available with plenty of documentation. Issue Tracker: Have any bug or feature request? Be a good fellow and report it in our shiny issue tracker. Requirements: Java8 (revision 8u40 or better) Opengl capabilities, version 3.2 or better (if you have a semi-recent graphic card, you should be ok) Lego Digital Designer Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, i decline any responsability for anything that may happen to you using the program. Donation: Should you like the program and you feel like, you can donate any amount of money here: thanks in advance! Download: You can download Blueprint version 0026 for Windows here. Mac version courtesy of @Malou here Screenshot: Example Output: Changelog: 0026: part lengths for technic parts (customizable) working arrows and custom texts support align right/bottom 0025: You can now set custom colors on pages. There's no UI, you have to change the config file at C:\Users\[you]\AppData\Roaming\blueprint.ini and set properties like this: page.color.0=#d5ecf9 The color is in RGB and the index is the submodel depth (0 main model, 1 first level submodel etc) There's a new function Merge design: you can now open a model and then merge a second model in it. It's useful if you have some illegal connection: you can split your model into two legal models and then handle it in Blueprint (which of course doesn't have collision detection and such). 0024: Added an "Add Page" command on the layout. Solved the CTRL-S bug that unintendedly rotated the step. 0023: it's now impossible to delete last step of a submodel (should make it impossible to incour into the "ghost submodel" problem, even if not the most user friendly solution) steps can now be selected by clicking on an image (CTRL+click to select multiple, no shift click sorry), this is necessary for... selected model can be rotated by keyboard with WASD keys, all selected model will be rotated together. new steps inherit the rotation of the "sibiling" step (uh i lot track a little here) 0019: Compatibility with latest LDD update 0018: Delete page on canvas Lighting and shading option in renderer Bugfix in page setup when loading a model Image export now reset the counter and pad the numbers Resizable text element (step num and part counters) Very very crude first implementation of BOM pages 0017: Uhm i've forgot to update the page, i'm sure there were many great stuff https://bitbucket.or...milestone=P0017 0016: Removed some bug on outlining for multisurface parts Copy/paste submodel command to move submodels around Unwrap submodel command to move all steps in a submodel to the parent Pink highlight now optional Avoid generating page on lxf import (just a waste of time) Pdf/cbr/zip export Drag-select for page layout Page layout is now flat, not hierarchical Much improved memory usage (just a single page is now kept in memory) Textured parts support Update modified LXF without making a new blueprint file 0015: unlimited undo/redo. This may still have a couple of little bugs but usually works perfectly. Feels much more like a professional program now! better memory management. Turns out i was.. ehm.. wasting quite a lot of memory by keeping all the geometries in memory in different formats.. uh.. multiple times.. but hey enough details, the program should be faster and use much less memory now. There is probably more margin to save but that's enought for now. flexible part support! Chain, tubes, hoses etc should render correctly in most cases now. Page setup is now available in program (before it was only limitedly available from the settings file). You can specify page size and separate zoom value for assemblies and part lists. better import of LXF files: no more empty submodels and now it supports subgroups small bug fixing
  4. Hi there! First of all thanks everybody for the kind words :) I like to make building instructions for my models (the best on at least) just to preserve the models, i hate the idea of losing them forever when i finally dismount them. Having BI makes it possible for me to reconstruct them exacly as they were, "immortalizing" them if you will. And when i build a model, either mine or of others, i simply find BI to be far better than other options like video instructions, photo sequences and raw LDD files (even on Rebrickable i only try models with BI). I used LDraw and Lpub for quite some time but the modelling experience on LDD was just better. I felt it lacked a good BI capability and just gave a try to make one. Finding a good, productive workflow was not easy, expecially since the BI editor is not integrated with Model editor, and i had to work with a "finished product" with no "building hints" watsoever (except maybe groups) :) Unfortunately being LDD a closed platform makes everything much harder. Some years ago i had the opportunity to meet with some TLG folks to discuss about lego modelling software, and i took a chance to push forward the cause of an open platform, but i don't think they really considered it :) I rekon that after a while, making building instructions with blueprint can feel like a job, boring and repetitive. I had a change to work as a paid "BI designer" for models of others, and i definitely can feel it. But it's the same with any other software with similar functionalities, it definitely was for LPub for example. I think that people should simply do them until they get bored, since it's just an hobby. Every hobby has a boring part (for example, sorting lego kills me :P). Also, i don't think that other kind of instructions really are much less work. In the end, you can use or not use Blueprint, it doesn't really change for me since i don't get money :P, and if you have different tools that you find more comfortable with, by all means just go ahead and use them :) I'm happy to see that's the software is appreciated by most, i love randomly finding BI made with it on the internet, and i know of at least a book that was made using blueprint. Sorry everybody for the lack of updates, i wish i could do more but it's not always possible :)
  5. i'm pretty sure the software doesn't contain malware, it's just that the libraries i'm using (lwjgl) are known to give some false alarm. If you want, you can replace the dll i'm shipping with some from the official distribution (i'm using version 3.1.0 but should work with any 3.1.x). You can find it here under "/lwjgl/release/3.1.0/windows". Lwjgl is used by hundreds of projects so i'm sure it's safe to use.
  6. @knigtonwheels have you ran the program at least one? the ini files is created by Blueprint when first run. You can find it on C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming
  7. Here it is, nothing beside the known stuff: directory.export directory.input page.background page.color.X page.width page.height db.location
  8. Uhm i guess more grouping would help, i don't know an exact number but scrolling a Lego instruction booklet should give an idea :) Just remember that the default steps in Blueprint are generated with a simple algorithm and are to be considered a "starting point". Then you have to manually adjust and distribute parts on steps. That's the stuff that we cannot automate yet :) Btw the "simple algorithm" is simply taking the pieces from the bottom up, IIRC it picks the middle point of a part as reference, so probably the pins come before the beams if the beams are somehow vertical.
  9. yes no, it's a false alarm caused by Lwjgl, a library that is used to interface with Opengl yes yes and no, i'm still retouching it now and then. I know that people want more regular updates, but the project is quite big now and most of the stuff is dull maintenance, of which i do enought at work. Since i'm not getting paid i prefer to use what little free time i have on more exciting projects :) Still, i'm doing some updates now and then. Anyway, the program is stable enought to be used, and looking around the net it's used by a lot of people :)
  10. Hi there, thanks you :) I'm not actually working on it but sometimes i pick it up again and fix something.. The Mac version was more or less hammered into working (mostly thanks to Malou and others), i've never own a mac and actually only see it run on a mac once :) I'm not surprising something doesn't work.. Unfortunately i'm not planning to fix those issues. I hope it's still usable :) Thanks! Uh no, there's not, but i'll see if i can extract one. Thank you very much! Indeed it looks like a problem with Java9 (or more problably, with me using some API that i was not supposed to use). I see if i can fix it, in the meanwhile i'm afraid you need to use Java8.
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    [OL - FB] New Directions

    hi there, i'm still alive and kicking :P Bluerender is my software, BUSUFL is from another user, Bublible, he was once on eurobrick but left for some reason. They use the same rendering engine, so the output looks similar.
  12. Installing java beside the program in the USB key should be very doable. Check around for "jre bundle" or "portable java" or something like this. It could be possible to just copy the jre on the stick and adjust the path to java.exe
  13. perhaps it's an outdated format, try to open the file in LDD and save it anew
  14. Hi! Thanks RB! As kokkie20 said, there's a little hack that does just that, but only for callouts. One way to do that is making two submodels with the same set of pieces (make one nice and clean and the other just throw stuff in). Now each box should have a x2 below it. Select the ugly one and move it outside of the page :P done! For regular non-callout submodels you can't do that, but you can use the "add label" command on the layout page. PS great youtube channel you have! :) Thanks! Currently there's no way to export pictures. See kookie20 for some hack. no, you should delete them in LDD before the merge
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    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    A monorail set with two rails? :)
  16. msx80

    70922 The Joker Manor

    oh god the rollercoaster! finally some official pieces to build one! I'm looking forward to play with those, see what kind of connections can be made etc.
  17. hi there, indeed it should be useful, i'll see if i can add the next time i touch the program.
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    LEGO Sci-Fi 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    i don't know.. They should have minifig, a common "ground" (if not story), and usually creator sets don't have these things
  19. msx80

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    It would be awesome, but i'm pretty sure they're not doing it. They would be too plain and too little interesting for kids of today. If any space theme comes out, it will have the Good vs Bad setup like anything published in later years. But a nice, "branded" theme would be great too. "Branded" like in Galaxy Squad, which I mantain was a very underrated theme
  20. uhm the only thing that comes to mind: perhaps your Layout view is not zoomed at 100% ? I remember there was a bug that if you export stuff while zoomed in or out, he do some scaling and degrade quality Hi and welcome! Blueprint is not compatible with uses LDraw library while Blueprint uses LDD's. There are conversion tools but i suggest to stick with a single side. Thanks! :) Hi, as others said, you should find db.lif in folder C:\Users\yourusename\AppData\Roaming\LEGO Company\LEGO Digital Designer in a PC with LDD installed. Copy it and, on the new PC, force the path on the C:\Users\yourusename\AppData\Roaming\\blueprint.ini with something like db.location=C:\myfolder\db.lif
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    LEGO Sci-Fi 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    i even checked it before asking but somehow missed the post :P Some cool stuff indeed, definitely blacktron vibe and definitely an improvement over the second wave of NK. I also like the good guys tank
  22. msx80

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    uh are there pictures available to see somewhere?
  23. Thanks, great to hear! :) Thanks! I've tried some of those programs in the past, but they have their share of issues, in the end it's just better to let user install their JVMs Yeah that would be an idea. If you want to try something similar now, you could use some unicode character such as ?, combined with high text zoom. They should scale based on "Text field zoom" value in Settings. Uh, i'm afraid there's no way around, either put the pieces into separated steps or turn off highlighting :) I can't see the video now, something like that probably can be done. I'll have to experiment a little. It should be possible by setting all pages color to white.
  24. From (another) rib of Blueprint, another program was born! I hereby offer you: BrickyFab upload your LDD models to Sketchfab. How it works: Just open the program, load an LDD model , enter your Sketchfab API, add some descriptions and tags and click Upload. Features: Single click interface, remembers your key and tags. Share your models around with Sketchfab fine embedded visualizer (works in Facebook too!) etc Requirements: Java8 (revision 8u40 or better) A Sketchfab account Lego Digital Designer Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, i decline any responsability for anything that may happen to you using the program. Donation: Should you like the program and you feel like, you can donate any amount of money here: thanks in advance! Download: Download the latest version here! Screenshot: See some 3d models here! Changelog: 0001: first release!
  25. Awesome models! :) I like a little less 3d effects on mine but they're supercool nonetheless :P The error probably regards unsupported format, i think it only eats jpg and/or png. I need to test it but i'm pretty sure BrickyFab support custom decals just like Blueprint.