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  1. Frenzy is Awesome? You bet he is!=D

    I actually voice act for him in most Space police series, if you are such a big fan of Space Police I'm almost sure you have already seen mnmtwinz' series on youtube, thanks to which now I am semi-famous, I hope you enjoy the series, if you get around to watching it.


  2. MarcusV3

    WIP: Office Building

    oooooo! Nice! It looks just like an office building Soooo many windows that must have been expensive! lol! And I really like your interior! just like an actual office building!
  3. MarcusV3

    2009 set of the year?

    Yup I'm gonna be another pointless poster who shares the same opinion as everyone else I think the best sets of 2009 would have to be medieval market village and city corner. They where sets that showed TLC could give the community what they wanted Medieval Market Village is a beautiful set with plenty of amazing figures, details, and new elements like the cow and the turkey it was one big beautiful set designed with AFOL's in mind (and what could be better to make the AFOL community happy ) but at the same time it is a beautiful sets for younger people too! I loved the set and my 7 year old cousin loved it too! And City Corner was just what city fans needed too! A relief from the constant emergency services and vehicles to show that TLC could make a great civilian set too Which unfortunately are still rare compared to the hospitals and police stations The set was great to expand the civilian area of your town with two (<insert that tiresome argument> ) buildings, two bikes, and a lovely bus too! However because of the juniorization I believe the set of 2009 is the Medieval Market Village.
  4. Eh, this doesn't really surprise me I mean just think about how many afols you know that live by you and then think about all the kids and I'm sure this site has a lot of members but compared to the numbers of kids who buy lego there's a pretty big difference of course on the other side of the argument I spend about $2000 dollars on lego each year which is a heck of a lot more than most wipper snappers! But maybe afols would be 1% but our large spending makes up for the loss of numbers. Although I would expect it to be more than 5% maybe like 10%
  5. This piece with most things that have a hole in them It can be done sometimes by twisting while pulling but I still have a bunch of them stuck in places thanks to space police!
  6. MarcusV3

    LEGO Hogwarts

    I'm sorry to be a pain and revive an old thread but with all the new harry potter sets coming out are you inspired to continue your project? I'm really looking forward to seeing more parts of hogwarts if you build them
  7. MarcusV3

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    Yeah I saw that! And I'm just like you, little details make the set a lot more interesting for me although I sure hope there's something other than just that behind there
  8. MarcusV3

    Skellie opinions

    Yep, that one and an atlantis set come with the older ones. I think since we're done with undead armies (because of the ending of the fantasy line) Lego is reverting to the older styled skeletons.
  9. MarcusV3

    Harry Potter Minifigs

    Good idea at reviving this thread! Personally I really just want a normal luna, with a normal face and a ravenclaw uniform. But maybe I'll get lucky and she'll have a double sided head!
  10. MarcusV3

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    Hahaha! I was sleepy too when I wrote mine No that makes sense, like Clone O'Patra said, Having giant spiders and generic bad guys would be a lot more versatile and fun to play with than a bunch of french girls not that I wouldn't just love to play with those Beauxbaton ladies
  11. MarcusV3

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    It's strange...why wouldn't they have included pretty much anything from GoF or PoA? I was thinking that maybe it was because whereas the older films haven't got any sets in a while for kids the newer ones did have sets released more recently. But still, if they find it so important to release fire stations every 2 years or so to satisfy newer generations, why wouldn't they want to have some satisfaction for generations that missed out on the sets that were released 4&5 years ago? That seems more important to me, especially with the wide fan base for harry potter! But the fact that it looks like they're trying to take down most of the movies in one wave still scares me for the future of the theme
  12. MarcusV3

    Review: 4720 Knockturn Alley

    Nice review! I remember seeing this as a kid and always regretting that I never got it then I missed out! I love that brain and hand piece! They look really cool, and I like the way the creepiness of the shop is perfectly captured in this set
  13. MarcusV3

    MarcusV3's Trades!

    Haha well I would be interested but I meant for this trade to be more of a trading thread, not buying (hence the name "Marcus V3's trades!") Sorry for any confusion!
  14. MarcusV3

    NEW Furniture Factory Set

    Your post caught me off guard! I thought lego really made an official one But same thing as everyone else nicely designed! but PAB prices are disappointing Those would be perfect for filling up people's Green Grocer's and Cafe Corners!
  15. MarcusV3

    Skellie opinions

    I only have 1 of the older ones and maybe 8 or so of the new ones (I'm not really a castle builder so I haven't had that many opportunity to get them) But I'm looking forward to getting some older skeletons (if TLC really is bringing them back) I love the cute smiley faces and I never got one! All mad or undead