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    Lisbon, Portugal(if i'm not on a galactic campain ... or vacation)
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    Funny bats and TV dinners are my favorite things... of course the TV's are hard to digest...
    A tomato once turned to the other and said:"nice weather we are having"
    the other one looked at him and said:"AAAAAAAAHH!!!! A TALKING TOMATO!!!!!!"
    a man walks into a bar and starts behaving like a bastard, the bartender turned to him and said:"I'd like you to get out right now!"
    the bastard turned to him and replied:"That's what she said..."
    P.s: Currently developing a mafia game called:"Gotham Underground" currently the instructions state that there can only be 24 players, no more, no less(to try and make it simpler, even though it's complex as hell with deaths, abilities, obligations, jobs and extra abilities(including my favorite the "Lazarus pit")), if you wish to help or get involved then feel free to.
    Signed- the man who laughs... but not during the shower since shampoo tastes bad...

    -Crazy enough for ya'?


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  1. blhc11

    Professor Slughorn's Classroom

    Oh how I love to pop by at random ocassions and look up your most recent MOCs As always I love your set designing, mainly since you're one of the few brickfilmers who cares about it, and these are good to the point of being stand-alone MOCs so that adds to your films, appearence wise. Again, this is a fantastic MOC and even though you could have added more interesting design methods, the little details you have in there make up for it, leaving it far from a bland construction. Cheers.
  2. blhc11

    Batman coming back

    I just found out now, I was on youtube and saw lego posted this on their channel: I started speculating a long time ago and yesterday night they uploaded the original batman videos from 06 so I KNEW this was coming. I'm going to buy probably all batman sets that are released. Blhc11 AWAY!



  6. WOW! Nothing better than returning to eurobricks after a while(not sure how long) and seeing 3 batches! I'm not sure about the last one's method of organization, I couldn't be given the work of reading all that so I just skipped it... sorry :C Also, I really like the fact Zorro is in here, because, believe it or not, if not for Zorro Batman would have never been created.(The things I learn with my comic book obsesed grandfather, who complains about the current batman being nothing like the one he read about) I also have been gaining interest in the POTC sets, I've seen all the films again(saw Curse of The Black Pearl on film school and got hooked), have played the LPOTC game Demo and am modifying my Jabba's Sail Barge, so we could say I'm more than excited about the sets, I may just snag one or two on my next visit to TRU.(Also going to the premiere of the new movie). Sorry for that 5th paragraph of randomness, but I feel we need to catch up, so I'll make sure to shoot you a PM. Bottom Line, great figs and great use of new parts. Keep up the good work.
  7. blhc11

    MOC: Where does he get those wonderful toys?

    I prefer my more comic-y approach to the grappling gun, I just use a revolver and add a 1x1 cilinder piece to it's bottom, batman olds it by the gunbarrel, it reminds me of hush. this, though is impressive, simple and easy, I might use it if I make MOCs inspired in the 89 or 92 movies.
  8. yeah, it's just too pink for me(litterally, my eyes can't stand reddish colors, they cna stand dark red and purple, that's the only reds they stand, the bright reds(and pink) literally make my eyes burn... fail from my part) I think I saw something about Batman having nightmares about it, if I know batman, he'll woop scarecrow's butt, bellville must be his doing. Cheers. By: The same dude who doesn't feel like writting his signature.
  9. I expected you out of all people to know this, Pengui. They changed robin's hairpiece so it would fit inside the cockpit... I have both Robins(and didn't buy the Batcave :O nor did I buy the individual character, but this'll forever be my secret >=D). I do take pride in knowing everything I can about lego batman, heck that's why I visit all yer posts(except the bellville review, bleh). P.s: If yer wondering about the use of "yer" I'm considering becoming a pirate 'cause I was in aa fight and got injured in the right eye so I need to use a patch... I rule. Cheers. By: Some guy who doesn't feel like signatures >=C
  10. Ah, this set, so many memories, the batman set I got by surprise. I remember getting this one from my parents, they went to Holand on a business trip and brought it for me, my dad didn't get it for the design, for him, the best batman set was the batwing(my first) and this one couldn't be compared to it. Still he bought it for one simple reason, the batman minifigure. He found the set hidden behind a few others in the store, and he wasn't going to take it untill he saw the figure, the Batman from the Hush series. The very first batman comic I bought was the fourth of the five issues of Hush, and it was what got me into batman. He brought the set and soon after assembly we started hitting the comic book stores searching for the other issues of hush. Currently I have the entire series and Hush is my second favorite villain, all because of this set. Thank you for reviewing this Pengui, the memories are apreciated :)
  11. Very, VERY, good job, Pengui, especially on the russian Henchman. That last custom by your nephew reminds me of a few of my customs, mainly 'cause I'm a purist. Have you considered making Oracle? One of the best works of art by the wonderful clown. I'm so evil >=D Cheers and keep up the good work.
  12. Don't be so sure I understood that.

  13. Hello there, Al Freddo.

    My Name is Henri and I noticed you're from Portugal.

    Just out of curiosity, are you a part of PLUG?(Se falas Português, o que é provável, peço perdão por ter feito esta figura triste.)