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  1. iBrix Lego wireless lights

    I'm gonna plug this one again... it looks like they'll make the funding goal, but it can't hurt to have extra backers and meet some stretch goals! Remember that they ship to Europe now! I, for one, look forward to lighting my haunted house, jack-o-lanterns, basement laboratory, etc.
  2. iBrix Lego wireless lights

    I'm thrilled to see it back on kickstarter! In for an XL set.
  3. Adventures End

    You are quite right! KUNGALOOSH!
  4. Adventures End

    I love, love love love, this scene. Anyone remember the Adventurers Club from Pleasure Island (Disney World)? Ah, nostalgia.
  5. Nexo Knights 2016

    Between the name (Miles?) Vorkosigan and pic from HoMM III, and obvious interest in LEGO, we would be good friends.
  6. Mariachis in black suits with silver embroidery - I would buy so many sets of three. Let us give the Amigos salute!
  7. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    Instant support from me! Holmes is the best. Nice design as well!
  8. Brickworld Fort Wayne

    I am bringing the family for our third BW Fort Wayne! Excited as always... Saw that the USS Missouri will be on display.
  9. iBrix Lego wireless lights

    I discovered this project too late... I would love to buy a ton of these for my various holiday displays (inside the new Jack-o-Lanterns and Haunted House, Santa's Workshop and WV Cottage, etc.)... I hope to hear about the release when it happens!
  10. Nuclear Science Centre

    As someone who works in a nuclear research laboratory, I admire your work and how much prettier it is than ours. Of course, our inside is the prettiest part to a physicist!
  11. Third-Party Religious LEGO Products

    There were definitely LEGO-compatible sets at the Family Christian bookstore - a nativity and at least one other.
  12. Modified Set 21110 Research Institute

    I've build a small linear accelerator to expand my Research Institute (modeled after one in our lab: National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University)
  13. Brickworld Fort Wayne 2014

    I will see you all there on Saturday afternoon! We look forward to that show all year.
  14. I do love #9464 Vampyre Hearse, and always use it in my Halloween setup. I got to wondering - how about an old-school hearse carriage? Should have taken a picture of them side-by-side... maybe next week!
  15. My CMF display

    Beautiful. Clever way to make the Medusa fit on there!