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  1. BigTonka

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest - Voting thread

    1: # 41 - Blacktron Dark Terminator - jansued 2: # 23 - Solar Surveyor - The Librarian 3: # 14 - Arctic Ascender - JackJonespaw
  2. BigTonka

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest

    Just to be clear, this means that for Classic Space, light bluish gray cannot be use, only light gray?
  3. BigTonka

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Well; about the SW construction figures rumors, maybe they will be more like the Toy Story "Construct-a-Buzz" 7592 and "Construct-a-Zurg" 7591... Who knows.
  4. BigTonka

    Could 2014 Make Lego Fans Bankrupt?

    Difficult topic indeed. This has been a very expensive year for me.. and still is not ended yet: 160.00 - Parisian Restaurant 50.00 - TLG Moto Chase 100.00 - Benny spaceship 100.00 - Mini Cooper 50.00 - Ghostbusters 140.00 - Technic Airplane 220.00 - Volvo front loader * 200.00 - UCS Slave I * 200.00 - UCS Tumbler * 35.00 - Exo suit * TOTAL: $1255.00 (not included taxes and shipping to my country) This Iist came after I decide not to buy a lot of several sets would like to have (Simpsons house, Sea Cow, Triple E, SW stuffs, TLM stuffs, etc...) and this not include purchases made to eBay or Bricklink for out of production sets an parts. So's a lot o money and too many awesome sets at almost the same time: a real nightmare for a lot of us because I believe that most of the AFOLs around the world can't buy all of them, specially several of the same set. So at the end is very frustrating to not have the condition to buy what you want because is expensive and need to rely ant the end of overpriced out of production sets on BL and eBay by scalpers... specially when TLG refuse to ship to forwarders making the scalpers almost your only option to get them even if the set is still in production. Personally I would like to see less expensive D2C releases per year... to me this year was a abuse and I don't want to see the next one...
  5. BigTonka

    BrickLinking a UCS Millennium Falcon

    I decide to start the bricklinking process of this set 3 months ago; I was hesitated to do it specially because o the rumors about a re-release; however I decide to go ahead with the project for several reasons and personal thoughts: 1. The re-release is still an unconfirmed rumor and we still need to wait at least a year to get it... if it is true. Also there are rumors of a re-redesign of the original model and a lot of people are thinking it will be smaller than the 10179. But since this set is so detailed and big I doubts TLG will redesign it; this is - even with its flaws - a masterpiece!!!. An I don't know if they will start to make re-redesign of old UCS models like the X-wing and even if they will start to do it, that one took 13 years to see a new version. 2. The original set was released in 2007 and sold out in 2010 with a $150.00 discount... that make me think that the set (due to it price, size and lack of playability and detailed interior) was not a big seller as many believe. I also don't believe that because there are few people still looking for it (and paying $4000.00) means that a re-release will sell better that the original one. 3. When I start to check the type of parts used on this set, to my surprise most of the parts are common, but in very, very, dark gray... ehhhrrr sorry... large quantities. A new model or re-release will be not different, so maybe it will be more easy to modify the one I'm building to the new one... I will have more that 5100 pieces to do that :D 4. It is more and more difficult to get that amount of parts... trust me... I had to compete with other people doing the same thing and I lost entire lots because I hesitate to make the purchase in bricklink for a couple of minutes. Pick a Brick and Pieces and Parts services help a lot but there are a few parts that are very difficult to get. 5. Last but no least... Can I avoid the opportunity to have the so far most biggest and detailed LEGO version of the "fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy"? We'll.. NOOOOOO!!! Right now I have more that 4900 parts with a investment of $850.00... and that was by making several substitutions and of course without the infamous light bluish gray mast. However I don'd care if a "purist" or a collector will tell me that is not a original one... as far as I know I'm using 100% LEGO bricks (to me, a "set" is an idea of how to assemble some LEGO pieces together...not a collector item that must be sealed to wait for a value increase and reselling...) and due to the hard work invested to get all the pieces to complete it... IMHO this one have more value for me that a set on a box on a shelf. BTW: this topic was one of many that inspired me to start this project and I don't regret it. Since we are forming a LUG in our country (LUG Panama), I expect to have it ready for our first expo since apparently no one have this set in my country. Best regards and may the force be with you
  6. Godo job; I really like your model. TLG should contact you to take your model as the base of their next UCS!!!
  7. BigTonka

    X-Wing 10240 Mods

    Nice... I like it!!!
  8. BigTonka

    LEGO Plan for 2014

    My UPDATED plans: Finish my MOC/MOD trains (a 8 wide "Grand Emerald Night", two 8 wide Maersk trains and a 8 wide TGV mix with the Horizon Express parts) Finish some MODs on several technic flagships and City cars I have Buy the Parisian Restaurant, Technic Cargo Plane, Volvo front loader, "The Simpson" family and the "Guadians of the Galaxy" minifigs, and - if is true - the UCS Slave 1 and the Mini Cooper. Finish to bricklinking the 10174 UCS AT-ST and the 10179 USC Millenium Falcon (despite the rumors abut a re-release of the 10179, to me the one I'm assembling right now have more value because of all the work an sacrifice involved to complete it, an if TLG release a new UCS MF model, I just going to buy the necessary parts to make an upgrade ) Reorganize my "display"... ehhhrrr... "study" room to have space for the new acquisitions Ahhhh... yes; I was forgetting this too: after these projects, control my LEGO spends and save some money...
  9. BigTonka

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Well.. to me that was starting to bricklinking a 10179 his is a really good news ( ) but I understood that if this is true it will be the same model (a "re-release") and not a new version ("re-make"). Maybe I'm wrong, but that is what I believe
  10. Got the complete Serie 4 of the planets.... At 50% discount!!! Yeah!!!
  11. After make the huuuuuuuuge mistake of read several topics about bricklinking the 10179, I spent the last weekend checking my inventory of unused parts and to my surpise I had 25% of the neccesary parts to build it, so I do the same thing with the 10174 and found that I also have 60% too. So I start to purchase the missing parts to complete both of them... what else I can do at this point?
  12. Well; there is indeed another "official" LEGO technic police car... or at leas a "sort of" one, since is based on a model of a Sci-Fi movie police car. The only problem with it is that TLG made only one and give it as a present to the designer of the car: Syd Mead. So here is it: A Technic Police Spinner from Blade Runner... More info: http://gadgets.boing...oneofakind.html http://www.brothers-...echnic-spinner/
  13. I got the 10125 UCS Obi-Wan's Jedi starfighter for $70.00 with 2 free tickets for The LEGO movie!!! :D
  14. I believe he is talking about a proper "digger bucket" like for sets like the 8043 excavator
  15. BigTonka

    LEGO Plan for 2014

    My plans: 1 - finish my MOC trains 2 - finish some MODs on several technic flagships and City cars I have 3 - buy the Parisian Restaurant, Technic Cargo Plane, Technic flagship... and maybe The Simpson house, UCS Slave 1 and - if it's true - the Mini Cooper. 4 - ahhhh... Yes; I was forgetting this too: control my LEGO spends and save some money...