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  2. 1. No, they are all very impressive, much more than the "Architecture" sets 2. The whole series 3. A lot of good previous ideas: Kremlin, Sydney Opera House, Colosseum, Big Ben, Golden Gate, Empire State Building, Chrisler Building, Tower of Pisa, Parthenon, Mont Rushmore, White House, Sphinx, San Pietro in Vaticano 4a. A serie of busts from famous actors / character (as the Darth Maul Bust 10018) like Harrison ford / Indiana Jones, Carrie Fisher / Leia, Johnny Depp / Jack Sparrow, ... 4b. An Art serie : La Joconde in Mosaïc, Michelangelo David Sculpture, Bust of Tutankhamun, ... 5. A system to illuminate a model with many LED for a reasonable price
  3. Ashe999

    BrickArms First Wave 2009 Now Available!

    There's a lot - too much ?- of news about weapons these last weeks.