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  1. Hello fellow EBers. I have recently picked up an interest in the 10177 Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I know there's one on sale already, but mint and MISB seems a bit out of my price range. I'm looking into used, but it must be in good condition(not bite marks, stickers intact, etc). I'm aiming more towards a trade, but will also consider buying. To trade I have mostly SW figs and a few Castle figs. On top of that I have a few Collectable Minifigs I can also trade. Thanks. *EDIT* I know it's supposed to be 787, as opposed to 747. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. A big + to Diabloiij please! Parts came in very fast...(Like the next day )
  3. KinGanon

    In Need of Some PoP and Indi figs

    I'm also looking for an Admiral Ackbar. Does anyone have him to trade?
  4. Well, I'm in need of the following: Admiral Ackbar Indiana Jones figs: Temple Guard 1 - Temple Guard 2 - Open-shirt Indy - Grey suit Indy - Grail Guardian - Prince of Persia: Figs: Nizam - Hassansin Leader - Parts: Gold Dagger - Hand Dagger - To trade I have the following SW: Rebel Troopers(from BP) Zev Senesca Captain Rex CW Clone Pilots ARC-170 Pilot(not Jag) CW Anakin Skywalker Ashoka Rotta Obi-Wan(Hyperdrive Ring) Promotional Chrome Stormtrooper(polybagged, NOT the magnet) Han w/ Parka(fleshie) Chewbacca Slave Leia(fleshie) I also have some Town figs and Fantasy Era Castle figs as well. So if you're interested, shoot me a PM! Thanks!
  5. +1 to Seijitai please! Great communication, fast shipping, and items arrived in great condition. Thanks again!
  6. KinGanon

    Arealight for Sale/Trade

    Just a little update: Ithorian has been traded away, the Neyo is still up for grabs. PM me if you want it.
  7. Yes I would recommend picking it up really soon. This is arguably one of the best CW sets, and getting it at an aftermarket value will be painful. So long story short, next RGS you see get it!
  8. KinGanon

    Arealight for Sale/Trade

    I guess I could sell these, but I am more intersted in trading at the moment. If you want to work something out, PM me.
  9. Well I'm in need of some figs so I decided to part with my beloved Arealight parts. Here is what I have for trade: I am currently looking for: Obi-Wan(CW) Clone Pilots(CW) Plo Koon Captain Rex Commander Fox Commander Cody Asajj Ventress Battle droids(B1, not Supers) Astromech droids Bariss Offee Kit Fisto Clone Pilot/Captain Jag(8088 ARC-170) Chrome Stormtrooper(Promotional, not magnet) If you're interested shoot me a PM!
  10. KinGanon

    Small leg suggestions

    Ahh yes... fixed it..(should work now)
  11. KinGanon

    Small leg suggestions

    Well I made a MIDI AT-TE a while back entirely out of the pieces of 7675. I don't know if it'll be any help, but here's the link regardless.
  12. KinGanon

    Clones Needed

    Sorry no Stormtroopers to trade at the moment...
  13. KinGanon

    Clones Needed

    Alright I am on the lookout for a good amount of clones. If you have any, in any amount to trade I am interested. I have SW, Castle, and Pirates to trade. If you're interested shoot me a PM.Thanks. Also I am still on the lookout for a 7676 RGS w/o minifigs. If you have one, don't hesitate to message me!
  14. KinGanon

    Car Talk

    Quite honestly Posades, I would skip Hyundai altogether. Hyundais are cheap from the start and but you'll waste more time(and money) on maintenance than anything else. Hyundais are notorious for their poor quality. I mean for the price they're selling at, what can you expect? Also one of the biggest draws for you is the 10 Year/100,000 mile warranty. I heard somewhere that even if you change your oil at some place other than a Hyundai dealer, it voids it. So if I didn't get my point across: Avoid Hyundai at all costs
  15. KinGanon

    VBBN sale topic

    I'm still interested in that RGS. Maybe we can work something out?