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    MOC: A Tribute to the Toa

    OH NOSTALGIA ! This is amazing.
  2. Phaz-Ing

    Bionicle Visual Dictionary

    That's not funny man! :(
  3. Phaz-Ing

    Romans or Greeks/Spartans

    Romans would work a lot better--I want any Emperor mini-fig. or maybe, a Senator mini-fig. A whole room of senators assassinating Caesar! :D
  4. Phaz-Ing

    Minifigures never die!

    And in the alternate universe that splits if Ogel wins against the knights places him as the first emperor of the Britannian Empire; and a few thousand years later, Lelouch inherits a Geass like Ogel, except on the other eye:
  5. Phaz-Ing

    2008 Picture thread

    7754 Home One ™ Mon Calamari Star Cruiser ™ Pieces: ? Price: ? EUR / ? USD / ? GBP Minifigs: ? Release: Summer 2009 I guess the vote had the Home One overwhelmingly in favor. YES HOMEONE. Ackbar and a ton of his wonderful crew. Maybe even a holographic death star! I'm so excited!!
  6. In the movie Maid in Manhattan, the girl's son plays with Kopaka and a Bohrok--there's this extended 10 second period just him playing with it! its pretty neat.
  7. Phaz-Ing

    Did Bionicle 2008 Fail?

    Not really--I think because bionicle 2008 was so interconnected with bionicle 2001~2008, its fair to say that it didn't fail as an ending. As a set-year, I think the Nuva designs were dissapointing. I was expecting a redesign of the loved 2002 Nuva.
  8. Phaz-Ing

    Molded Creatures

    Is there any particular reason why Lego's 'horse' mold has been the same throughout the last two decades? I mean--its a good design, but it would be better if they redesigned it like they redesigned the dragons. Perhaps the horses would work really well if they allowed it more articulation than just its head.
  9. Phaz-Ing

    Castle sets 2008/2009

    Siege machines are awesome if you can get your hands on a large amount of them...and a large amount of castles too. I wish i had more siege machines.
  10. Phaz-Ing

    Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2008

    I'm confused--sorry haha where do we sign up for this?
  11. Phaz-Ing

    Bionicle 2009 Images and Discussion

    great find! i don't think that was unintentional--it might have been a real deep hidden hint for it.
  12. Phaz-Ing

    Mystery FREE Raffle!

    Sign me in thanks!
  13. I think the technic usage in system sets is the ideal that LEGO should strive for. Technic is for 'experts' but, to be honest, it loses that 'artwork' charm of the system sets. The Hybrid is what makes the best sets work really well. Consider the V19 Torrent starfighter--i have to argue that (although I haven't built/opened it yet) it appears to be the best lego ever built (that i have bought). Its a beauty of both engineering and artwork. DROOL So yes, technic usage in system sets is very good.
  14. Phaz-Ing

    Advanced Building Techniques

    I disagree with some of the advanced techniques (sorry) -- I'm specifically talking about the ToPLES technique (where you put a plate between two studs). Even though it was official, i'm still very hesitant to use that kind of technique. I tried implementing it in LDD, and it didn't allow it. Ah well, maybe its just my taste. Otherwise this list is super-great!
  15. Phaz-Ing

    Review: Mini V-19 Torrent set 8031

    I think the middle wing is too long. but is a nice little ship any way. I found Chris Deck's to be more accurate though...