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  1. samthelegoman1

    Decal Wish List

    Roaglaan made some for the ghost. Look for it here
  2. samthelegoman1

    Decal Wish List

    Link please
  3. samthelegoman1

    Decal Wish List

    Hey ya'll! Can someone please make me decals of characters from Fallout 3, like the vault 101 suit (front and back) and the tunnel snakes outfit? or Eulogy Jones
  4. samthelegoman1

    MOC: Popcorn Shop

    A great little addition to any town
  5. samthelegoman1

    Decal Wish List

  6. samthelegoman1

    LEGO Secret Vault Video

    Secret Vault! Better get a GPS, a crowbar, and John Dillinger!
  7. samthelegoman1

    Free Santa Minifig Keychain at TRU (USA)

    So you can just go in, get the keychain and leave!
  8. samthelegoman1

    How many of the LEGOLAND's have you been to?

    Just the one in California
  9. samthelegoman1

    Custom tattoo guy (WIP)

    The hat's good, but the tatoo gun's better
  10. samthelegoman1

    Decal Wish List

    Can someone make me a straitjacket torso design?
  11. samthelegoman1

    Brickmaster Magazine Reveals All

    Wow! so many reveals!
  12. samthelegoman1

    Lego Reggae Band

    Great idea for a MOC. Have you seen this guitar design? Im sure it would fit in your scene
  13. samthelegoman1

    VW Bulli

    I love it! Nice work on the front.
  14. samthelegoman1

    MOC: Department Store - Modular Standard

    A wonderful piece of architecture!
  15. samthelegoman1

    Dick Tracy Villains

    Sweet decals! Are they already scaled to a minifig?